Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c9



1-9 Radical Actions Are Sometimes Necessary.



“– With that being the case, we have the support and approval of the Development department.”


After a hard persuasion, I was able to successfully pass the two subjects to the development department, and I immediately told Sofia-san the news about it.


“Thank you for your good work.”


Surprisingly she replied to me with ‘is that so?’ expression.


“Please be a little bit more excited about it. I had a hard time with this you know?”


“That’s why, I said, thank you for your good work, didn’t I?”


“Well, yeah, but well… Thank you.”


I give up. Sofia-san will always be the cold Sofia-san.


“Well, the reason why she agreed upon my proposal was not an important issue. At least, with this, my logistic reform is advancing.”


The documentation policy is not going well.


And the reason for that is because I have a too little ally. But if I show them support from the development department and transport corps who are in charge of back support, there should be some progress.


“Golem and Magic stones type reduction aside… Is the development of  a new type of transportation necessary and possible to do?”


“I think that is something possible to do For Leona-san that is…”


I have no proof but, for a mad scientist, something like that should be easy.


The development of a new means of transport is important for Logistic reform.


“I want to make some short-term outcomes to push forward and promote my reform.”


“Still Akira-sama, don’t you think you’re being too desperate? Her Majesty said you could do it within 100 years, I think it is better for us to go at it slowly?”


“Of course, it is fine to do it slowly but…”


“But why?”


“Well, the reason is…”


The demon army has a means of communication using magic, and for those who cannot use magic, the development of a magic item for communication was being done. –


However, despite the speed of the communication, there was no high-speed transportation.


The ideal logistic department should be able to perform the transport of supply based on when you need it where you need it precisely.


But if the transport corps mainly only use horses, then the speed would immediately hit a wall. Soon the demon army which had been using rough transportation method and local procurement would hit the limit.


Therefore, the logistic department needs a radical reform and the construction of the supply system.


Specifically creating a division under the logistic department specializing in supply transport, and finally, minimize the time wasted from securing resource and increase the accuracy of the transportation time.


I want all of that to be accomplished as fast as possible.


Her Majesty said to me that I have 100 years of time to perform my job, but for me who knew about modern technology, 100 years is too long.


For the sake of short-term result, we first need a new means of transportation. With that, I will be able to increase my ally, I don’t mind even if my method considered to be forceful.


“In the long run, I want to make this army as tenacious as the human army which is our enemy.”


It can be said that the strength of the armed force of the modern time determined by how efficient their supply division was.


And despite this world looked similar to that of Middle Ages, the art of war in this world itself is already modern.


“This will be a quite considerable rushed. That’s why, Sofia-san, please help me. For Her Majesty, and for us too…”


Securing personnel is hard, thus we could only depend on our self for now.


I lowered my head toward Sofia-san.


But what comes out from Sofia-san mouth are neither, agreement nor objection.


“… Is it fine for me to ask one thing first?”


It is a question instead.


“If Akira-sama makes such effort and that effort is being fulfilled, you will be considered a betrayer of your own kind who kills their own race you know? Don’t you feel guilty for it?”


“… That is a difficult question.”


That’s true, I am a human.


And our enemy is also the human being.


But if I was being asked whether or not I felt guilty, the answer would be half Yes and No.


“Well, even if the situation is reversed, I think I would still feel guilty. After all, I will be a murderer. … But more than that, I just don’t want to see Sofia-san, Leona, and Her Majesty got overrun by the humans and ended up getting killed.”


I honestly think so. Although only a few months have passed since I came here, I understood that these people are good people.


That’s why it is inevitable if I want to protect these women.


“Actually, as a man, I want to go to the front line if possible.”


After all, that is a man romance. For a man to say, I will protect all of you, rest assured. I admire that kind of man.


However, I’m not strong enough to do something like that.


“Is this answer your question?”


I ended up talking something embarrassing to Sofia-san. If possible I want to make it clear as much as possible with just that.


That’s why I wish Sofia-san convinced.


“… Alright. I understand, Akira-sama. As your assistant, as your secretary, I will fully cooperate with you.”


“Thank you very much, Sofia-san.”


Gradually, the logistic department structure grew.





No one will have a hard time if everything will have an immediate result.


“…There is a result but…”


Said, Sofia-san.

One could say that by looking at the considerable improvement of the warehouse transportation and arrangement.

The measure was only by using paint on the box to differentiate the content, but the effect was quite considerable.


“And the draft for soldiers education is also ready. What left is just to meet with various parties but…”


“That is the problem…”


During the meeting, it is hard to propose a reform.

Our department has an insufficient achievement to perform negotiation and only the transportation corps on friendly term with us.



“To begin with, the development department had agreed partly in Golem and Magic stones type reductions, so I think they will attend the next meeting?”


“But, Leona-san is not the one who attended the meeting no?”


“… Well, I guess so?”



Leona the leading mad magical researcher or Mad Magist for short for better or worse is a dedicated person toward research.


And as a result, she didn’t like to attend meetings.



“Who is the de jure leader of the development department?”


“Please wait a moment. According to the data received from the Human Resource Department, the Director of the Development Department have been died since 7 years ago.”


Somehow, I feel something unpleasant?


“A-And the second in command is?”


“… Supposedly the leader of the magical research engineer of the development department, in other words, that Catsith person.”


“Okay, since she is the second in command, so, who is the top executive who done the office work?”




A long silence.


By the way, there are only three people in the development department. Since there is no development director.


And there’s no one among those three who perform office work.


In other words, that Mad Magic Scientist Leona had no breaker…


“God Damn it! No wonder she has that much freedom!”


After I noticed, I hit my desk while crying.


Its hurt, but the demon army condition is far worse!


“Akira-sama! I understand your feeling, but please calm down!”


“There’s no way I could calm down! Damn it!”


Fine, if it comes down to this, I will speak with her majesty.



I want her majesty to be more prudence!

Because she will give budget just because being given cool Golem by those mad scientist, they ended up with too much freedom.


“Sofia-san! Since it comes down to this, I have no more room to pick our method! Please arrange the ‘attack’ material for the next reform meeting!’


“Y-Yes. … But, huh? The attack material?”


“That’s right!”


I have run out of patience.


Since it comes down to this, I will reform the demon army forcefully!