Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c8


1-8 As expected, there are too many magic stones.



“Alright, then Leona. Reduce the type of the magic stones…”




“Don’t Eh~ me like that… Also, Reduce the amount of the Golem’s type.”


“No way~…”


“Are you a kid?!”


Currently, we’re talking with Leona-san, the de facto leader of the development department.


“Yesterday, I saw the state of the warehouses, those bunch from the transport corps find it hard to differentiate the stones you know?”


“Eh, that can’t be~… They can’t differentiate them despite it was being such an obvious thing?”


“In the first place, it is indistinguishable!”


I tried to distinguish the difference between Red Stones and Pure red stones which are the most often used stones.


If we leave it like this, it might cause a huge problem in the future. Especially on the explosive meaning.


“If I don’t see any improvement, I will take an extreme measure…”


“… What? Going to report it to Her Majesty? If that the case then I will also say something to Her Majesty.”


“I do, will report it to her majesty, but the content will be different.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, I will ask her to downgrade the Development Department into Development Division and place it under the supervision of the Logistic Department.’


“W-W-Wait What? Seriously, wait a moment!”


When I revealed my extreme measure, Leona’s eyes changed.


That would be natural I guess. After all…


“If that happens, I won’t be able to snatch some budget from Her Majesty anymore?!”


“You’re aware that you’ve been snatching away those budget?!”


That is why.


If I ask her majesty to place the Development Department under us, their budget authority would also be transferred to us.


When that happens. The Development Department won’t be able to create weapons freely anymore.


But then, when I think about it, isn’t that the right way actually?


Certainly having the Development Department full freedom of scientific and magic research would encourage fast scientific and magic advancement, but all of that research won’t be free.


I think it is much better to transfer the budget authority to a higher level department and only makes weapons that meet the demand of the demon army.


If I have to speak my mind, actually I find it compelling to giving this mad scientist abundant budget.


For a reason, perhaps, they might end up making Gun*am one day if we do that.


Or rather, I think those special type Golem is already entering the domain of Gun*am. As a man, I want to realize that romance, but, I don’t have room for that right now.


“Isn’t that mean I can’t propose budget loosely to Her Majesty and do whatever I want with it anymore?! Absolutely No!”


“Hearing you say that I want to ask some other question instead, didn’t you swore allegiance to her Majesty?!”


“Of course! Since she will give budget just by telling her the romance of the weapon being developed, I swore my allegiance and full respect to Her Majesty!”


“At least try to hide your real intention!”


Also Her Majesty, please prioritize practicality rather than romance! No matter how much I look at it, this is too loose.


After a long discussion that more like a quarrel, the sun finally set.


Naturally, Leona won’t back down.


“Geeez, I wonder, why Akira-chan flares up at me that much…”


“First, please stop calling me Akira-chan.”


At least, please call me without honorific instead.


“Well, I got this job from Her Majesty after all.”


“… But, Akira-chan is a pure human, no? You should have no duty to be that loyal to Her Majesty, yes?”


“No way, I would be dead if I don’t work…”


I was summoned by a magic ceremony that was being prepared using a lot of time, 30 years to be exact. –


“For Her Majesty, 30 years and 1 day have no different you know?”


“Is that how it is? For me, that is a long time.”


“Well, that is obvious. Even with your best effort, Human being won’t be able to live more than 100 years. Even for me, I already 86 years you know?”




Well, Sofia-san said Beast men have a long life expectancy.


If that the case then, Sofia-san must be also already a gra… no, let’s forget about it.


“If you seriously beg to her, I think Her Majesty will release you. Or rather, my co-worker here are also being transferred after they cried and beg Her Majesty for it.”


“Well, that is more because of you.”


“What do you mean because of me?! I just want to research!”


I think your ‘just want to research’ is too strong.


“That’s why, I think if you asked her majesty for it, you even could make this girl your partner.”


“Isn’t 86 years already passed the age of being a girl?”


“Don’t you know? I could do something else other than sucking other people live?”


“Please forgive my rudeness!”


I immediately fell prostrated on the spot. I think the floor is a tad too cold.


“Geez… Let’s continue our talk, you know I think her majesty would be okay even if you failed with your job.”




Certainly, Her Majesty Hell Arche is a generous person.


Otherwise, she won’t simply welcome a race that is the opponent of her own race.


I guess I have to lower my head and ask Her Majesty a favor huh? … No, that is not the problem here…


“As expected, I will definitely make this work.”


“… Why?”


“Well, It’s hard to explain but… I feel like it is something that is badly needed.”


In modern Japan, I was only one part among the many of social gear. I worked hard in a company where labor law was treated like ‘is that something delicious? can I eat it?’.


Despite such an unfair environment, I was unable to change anything, and I was unable to do anything, then I died after I ran out of luck.


Then I was being summoned to this place, at that time, I felt like it was absolutely necessary to change my life here.


“But still, the other guys also rejected you no?”


“Oh? You knew about it?”


“Well, I can at least see that coming even without doing anything.”


“I guess that is obvious huh? … Certainly, many people are like that. But, even though there are many people like that, Her Majesty still tried to find a place for me and shows that she needs me… I also have Sofia-san who work together with me. When I thought of that… It makes me think that everything I do is worth it.”


“Even if you ended up with troublesome guys as a co-worker?”


“You realize that you’re troublesome?”


“Huh? That’s not about me you know?”




Uwaaah, she didn’t even realize?


“… Well, I at least find it not disagreeable to have a conversation with Leona-san like this…”


“… Weird.”




Certainly, Leona is a mad scientist and our talk didn’t advance much, but despite the talk didn’t advance much, it is fun to talk with her.


Of course, I don’t have the time to talk forever, thus I need to find a compromise quickly.




“How about this?”


“… I’m not fully convinced… But, I guess I’m satisfied with that.”


“That is good then.”


I’m glad.


Though. I feel like nothing is progressing.


W-Wait, maybe Leona-san purposely derailed our talk?! I need to return our talk back!


“So, like we talk earlier, please cooperate with me to improve the logistic of the army for the sake of my purpose in life. Even just a little bit is fine!’


“Hnn~… I guess it can’t be helped, fine.”


“Khu, damn it, as expected you won’t–, huh? Eh?”


What did she say just now?


“Somehow, I heard something that I didn’t expect to come out from a cat person like you?”


“Akira-chan, what do you think a cat person was?”


Well, at least it doesn’t seem to be people who speak with Nyan Ryan.


“Let’s leave that aside. I said I will cooperate with you.”


“Huh? W-Why?”


That was unexpected.


Looking at our talk, I thought Leona would refuse me with all of her strength.


“… I guess as thanks for the good talk?”


I don’t understand even more.


I don’t know about her much, but the behavior of Leona the cat person was too bizarre.


But wait, if she said that then, the story won’t end here. I almost leave the place just like this due to my emotion.


“Also, there’s something that logistics department want you to do…”


“Eh~, there’s more?”


I never thought that my request for reducing the Golem type and Magic stones type would be accepted, thus I decided to propose something else. Though now, it seems that those two would become the main subject now.


Of course, I won’t ask her to stop development.


But that also didn’t mean she could research however she liked.