Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c7




There are three logistics warehouses in the Demon lord castle.


There first is a warehouse that is easy to understand, belong to the transport corps. Known as “Transport Corps Warehouse”.


The second is a warehouse of the Demon King royal guard, which often move individually. Known as “The royal guard warehouse”.


The third one is a warehouse belonged to the information department, that often time move independently in a different meaning from the Royal Guard. Known as, “The information department warehouse”.



“Isn’t it troublesome to leave it like that?”


“Also, the military police had made a petition to make their own warehouse here… They are still unable to secure the place yet, but…”


“Let us immediately make a recommendation to Her Majesty not to make anymore… Or else, the management would be a nightmare.”



Today, I’m checking the warehouse system in the demon lord castle with Sofia-san.


It was confirmed that the warehouse belonged to the Transport corps was the biggest.


Taking the opportunity we’re also met with the Transport corps. Since in the other day meeting, the transport corps didn’t participate.


The reason why the transport corps have the biggest warehouse was that the demon army stationed in the capital suburb also placed their supplies here.


However, The Royal Guard have their own warehouse… As expected, how troublesome.




“I’m Uruk, the commander of the transportation corps. Nice to meet you, the rumored human.”


“It is pleasure to meet you, Commander Uruk. My name is Akitsu Akira, Demon Army Logistic Department Director. I’ll be in your care today.”



Commander Uruk, because he was a commander, his atmosphere was different compared to the Goblin and Orc.


And looking at a pile of books placed on his desk, I can guess that he is able to read and possibly write. But well, without that ability, he won’t be a Commander then.


But still, other than having slightly green skin and sharp fangs, he looks like an ordinary stern human. And the way he deals with me who is a human being is a bit different.





And for some reason, he’s looking at my direction with wondering gaze.


“Is there something on my face?”


“… Ah no… How should I say it? I’m a bit surprised…”


“About what?”


“Well, As an Orc, it has been a long time since I meet with someone else other than Her Majesty.”


Well, I guess that could be expected, considering the discrimination when it comes to Orc.


“Let us stop the boring talk. If I’m not wrong, you want to check the warehouse? You may look at it freely. Let me appoint one of my adjutants to guide you.”



I see it seems not all of the people among the demon army was a bad guy.


It is very messy inside the transport corps warehouse…


Looking at it, the management of the warehouse was quite bad.


“Looking at this, it seems they just pilled up the things they unloaded from the northern port and carried here.”


Sofia-san, answered while watching goblins working inside the warehouse.


They placed the wooden box however they wanted and checked them one by one whenever they need something.


Consequently, because they placed food, and others expendable goods together, they need to carry some out of the warehouse whenever they need something placed on the back.


Furthermore, it is hard to distinguish magic stones.


Probably, it was due to the low literacy rate that this problem arises.


Even if they write the goods name on the wooden box, the goblins who work in this warehouse won’t be able to read it. That was why the way they placed the goods was this messy.


“Perhaps, on the back, some antique items whose storage terms have expired exist…”


“That can’t be…”


I doubted the things Sofia-san said but, after sniffing the warehouse with my own nose, I changed my mind.


“No, you might be right…”


I said that words with a wry smile on my face.


Anyone would think like that if they saw the wooden boxes being stacked carelessly in front of their eyes like this.


If it was liquor, it may mature instead, but what if the goods was something like wheat?


“As expected, the problem is the management system huh? Like this, the reason why there was never a problem happens on the front line, was it because the supplies were abundant, or was it because they were too strong as an army?”


Somehow, I feel like the answer is all of that.


When I asked about the manager, the adjutant said that the manager of this warehouse has not yet been decided.


In the meantime, the one who manages the warehouse is the transport corps commander, Uruk. But since he is a commander, he might have no time to manage the warehouse himself.


“The solution for this would be introducing warehouse management system to the transport corps. We must reduce the hoarding as much as possible…”


“But, how are we going to teach the goblins and orcs about that?”


“Uhuh, that could be fixed with the long-term education for soldiers policy, but the problem for us is we need an immediate measure for this…”


The way to deal with those who cannot read… If I’m not wrong, this kind of things also happens in my world. Using other than letters to pass information.


In other words, we should be able to use something visual. If one cannot read it, then at least one could judge the meaning from the shape.


“Sofia-san, could you procure us some colored paint?”


“As long it is not blue then we could get them easily.”


“It’s hard to get blue color in this world too? Then, please get us some paint with, red, yellow, green, black, and white color…”


We could use the color to divide the goods criteria and use X and O symbol to describe the content.


It is a simple method but very effective. Then we could display what each color represent by using illustration placed on the wall or the door of the warehouse.


I want to be able to understand the shelf life but, since they could not read letters yet, I could only suggest simple things such as place the new things on the back.


As for the expired goods which right now placed on the back, well…


I guess I will let them decide what to do with it…


“Education as the long-term measures. And, after that, we need to establish bureau specialized in the warehouse management. Let tell commander Uruk our plan…”


“What are we going to do with our lack of personnel?”


“… For now, we can make some draft to see how much personnel we’re going to need, then from there, we can decide the necessary staff… I hope, when that time comes, I’ve come to terms with the other departments though…”


“How haphazard of you.”


“Let us call it flexibility, flexibility…”