Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c5


1-5 (Get rid of the usless meeting to eliminate waste)

The first. Logistic Department meeting!


“A human like you! As if you know what wars are!”


“Someone who cannot use magic like you trying to talk about Golem?!”


“I knew it, you’re a human spy, a spy that is trying to reduce demon army power!”


I want to cry!


Particularly my heart!


Now then, after talking to her majesty Hell Arche regarding the difficulty the logistics department faced, she decided to hold a meeting to improve it.


Well, if it was just some conference and paperwork, then logistics department had no problem since we encounter them every day.


In addition, there were some aspects that were necessary for us, head of every department, to meet and make a connection, as well as making a foothold for our department personnel reinforcement.


Due to her majesty popularity, the meeting was held safely. As for the logistics department, because there were only two of us, Sofia-san and I attended the meeting.


Since it was because of her majesty that we could hold this meeting. I did wish to have some good result but…


Since the time the meeting started, I could not see the path to achieve that.


The reason was as one can see…


“In the first place human beings are our eternal enemies, just because you’ve gained favor from her majesty, acting like a baby, for you being able to create an unknown department such as logistics department and being the director of it is in itself strange.”


That was what the director of the personnel department said.


“On top of all of that, you’re intervened with the Golem development and tried to reduce the type of Golem where Golems are our army main force, not to mention trying to take over the entire management of the magic stones, an important resource. This is a serious offense!”


That was what an Elf defense commander of the capital city said.


“Thanks to the ‘documentation’ that you’ve created. I’ve many reports regarding many troops having trouble with some actions. Our army cannot fight like this. It’s been 18 years since I have my position, but this is the first time I faced something like this…”


That was the vampire from military police said.


“If that is right, then his existence and actions are shameless… His arguments and act only benefit the enemy. Because her majesty is kind, she listened to him, but what he did didn’t benefit us at all.”


That was Dark Elf from military advisers said.


“In the first place, it is doubtful that he is on our side. His personality and him being a human, it is a wonder whether or not he really loyal to her majesty.”


Finally, the Dragon from the information department.


That was all the reason.


You’re asking about the research and development department that MAD belonged to?


The person who supposedly attended this meeting told me in a roundabout way but to put it shortly.


“As if I will do something the human said! I will do things the way I’ve been doing!”


Or so the person said.


Well, I can understand why they didn’t trust me. After all, they’ve been fighting against the human for so many years, thus only recognize human as enemies.


Or rather, even in my eyes, her majesty who trusted me from the beginning looked weird.


Because she was the strongest that might be why she didn’t really worry about betrayal.


As expected of a cheat demon lord. Might as well ask her to make me reborn as a demon.


Even Sofia who had been working alongside me since I was being summoned had strong vigilance against me.


But I knew her attitude since before the meeting, compared to the rest of them.


I must somehow need to brush those feeling aside, ignore my emotion and only penetrate with logic and theory.


By the way, currently, her majesty, the demon lord, didn’t attend the meeting.


The reason was,


[If we are going to have a meeting then I should appear too. With me around, it would be easier for you too.]


Or so that was what she said, but I declined her proposal.


Certainly, with her majesty, Hell Arche, present, the executives would all be silent because of being intimidated by her presence. However, it would be hard for an organization to operate like that.


Since there was a risk that she might take it as an offense, I had told her an excuse as polite as possible, I said to her that “I wish your majesty to refrain attending this meeting since I wish for an open free active discussion.”


But looking at the situation, I regretted a little bit for not having her majesty here.


“You said documentation policy but, I’ve already documented personnel change and operation orders. Won’t it threaten our army mobilization power if we further implement documentation?”


“Furthermore, there was no guarantee that the document is always correct. If we argue about credibility, it was no different than using verbal.”


“It is also impossible to create document right away. We also have a problem regarding the literacy rate, a sudden change might only cause organization dysfunction.”


But looking at it more, there was still honest opinion among them.


“As expected, the human is not really trustworthy. Only has the attitude and mouth, but no proof.”


“They are a creature that could not use magic. Their head is not really noteworthy.’


“In the end, he will betray us. I have no reason to listen to him.”


But, they also say everything without hiding anything too.


They even ignored the fact that some demi-human also could not use magic.


But still, this was not a meeting but a zoo. Did the demon never had a meeting or something?


Certainly, we should omit useless meetings, but it was no good to end a meeting with curse tournament.


First of all, I need to say something as the one who led the meeting…


“… May I start to speak now?”


“How stupid! Do you even have anything to say?!”


How annoying.


Looking at my hesitation, the one sitting next to me opened her mouth for the first time with her usual tone.


“Our logistics department was created by her majesty imperial command, and this meeting was also handed down directly from her majesty. If you have a problem with our logistics department’s existence and this meeting, you may voice your objection to her majesty Hell Arche directly later.”


… What?”


“…Sofia-san. Is it really alright to say something like that?”


“It is fine. I don’t want the meeting to not advance, and I also felt uncomfortable listening to their words.”


“No, that is not it…”




Well, it was unexpected for her to say something, but the way she did it make it like she covered for me who was a human.


“… Are you planning on borrowing her majesty mantle? Did you sell yourself to the human?!”


Naturally, their bad feeling toward me shifted to Sofia-san.


She probably knew that this would be the case. Why did she say that?


However, she had the reputation of not answering the question of my heart, and would often spin the words like usual.


“Now then, if you have an objection regarding this meeting, why not ask her majesty who made the decision?”




“It seems there is no objection? Thus we will start speaking…”


Sofia-san, so amazing, so cool… Hug me!.


“Akira-sama, please talk quick.”


“Ah, Y-Yes. Excuse me then…”


Cool, but also scary.


First I need to talk about personnel increase for the logistics department at this meeting.


Unexpectedly, those who could handle office work were only a few of them exist, since the literacy rate was low, it was also hard to gather them. Thus, it would be faster to ask the leftover personnel from other departments to move.




“We also didn’t have enough manpower, you moron…”


“Did you think we will give our valuable staff to go under the human?”


That was their response. And what was I had expected…


Did I need to once again ask her majesty for this too?


But relying on her majesty all the time will only spread conflict with the other departments. I need to get along with them a little since we share the same fate.


“Of course, I know the circumstance at your place too, and there must be a lot of work there as well. However, the place where logistics department standing, we would need a lot of office workers…”


“Isn’t it better for you to reduce the work needed to be done instead of increasing the workforce? For example, omitting the approval documents policy.”


If we did that, everything would lose meaning.


“That is why I would like the other departments to reduce this work. Other than personnel change, I would also like to reduce the burden on logistics department in relation with Golem related supplies.”


“Golem you said?”




The current situation related to Golem was also a massive problem for the logistics department.


It had too many variations of it, and magic stones as well. Not only that. Other wide varieties of equipment and consumables have also increased the burden on the logistics department.


“Armies that ignored efficiency will only self-destruct someday. I would like each department to make an effort to solve this problem.”


Even if I said the obvious things, I guess it was still impossible.


“What are you saying. Golems are our precious strength. To reduce them is…”


“As expected, you’re a spy! If we reduce the force, we’re the one who will get hurt!”


That was their response.


It was quite painful that my words did not pass because of personal denial against me, and it was quite painful that my logic didn’t pass through.


After that, I presented proposals and compromises from the logistics department, but they refused all of them. As I knew this in advance, that was the present condition of the demon army.


“–Alright then, let us conclude today’s meeting.”


Geez. This seems going to take a long time to work with.


I wonder if stomach medicine also exists in this world.