Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c4


1-4 (Firstly, let us take the first step)

Few days after we visited Leona which caused my head to hurt, I didn’t know whether I should call the current situation of the logistics department as good or bad, gradually the paperwork that Sofia-san and I need to work on gradually increased.


It seems the instruction of providing documents whenever the army wish to request something had spread among the demon army situated in the capital.


As expected, it was impossible to get everyone to do the same.


However, it was also true that the demon army was biased toward oral orders, which provide no evidence. A method that could become a corruption hotbed.


Of course, documents also not perfect, there was the possibility of counterfeiting, but still, it was much better than oral orders in a world where there was no recorder.


With that being the case, I decided to reach as far as I could with documentation even if it was only regarding logistics.


Which unit requested what supplies, which warehouse provided the said supplies, how they transported the supplies, was it arrived at the destination or not, how was the condition of the warehouse stock as the result of the request, so on and so forth.


Although that might sound plain, it was very important, for the sake of the demon army being able to use resources more efficiently. Or so that was what I believed.


If I didn’t think like that, I felt like my will would break when I saw the mountain of documents on top of my desk.


“Sofia-san, how many warehouses are there in the demon lord’s capital city?”


“Within the demon army main headquarters, the research and development department, the capital’s garrison station, and north of the capital city, there is a harbor, in there, there also exists a warehouse, what’s about it?”


“Which mean, there are four of them is it?”


“No, there are three of them within the headquarter, which mean 6 warehouses in total.”


“Why three of them?”


“Who knows?”


Oh, come on…


Was it being divided based on purpose?


For example, food warehouse, magic stones warehouse, equipment warehouse, and so on… But then, the warehouse in the garrison was being counted as one.


“… I guess the fastest way to find out is to see it with my own eyes huh?”


“It is fine to do that, but, who will finish all of this documents if Akira-sama went out?”


“… The demon army has many men-power right?” <TLN: He meant Human Resource, but the kanji could be translated as men-power, and since we talk about the demon side, calling it Human Resource sounds wrong.>


If we didn’t secure a large number of people that could handle office work, we were likely died due to overwork. Even after being transported to another world, I still ended up as a corporate slave…




Ah, for her highness, Hell Arche, who took care of her people, it might sound rude.


However, although It was good to care for each other. Sometimes, I felt like there was a time when we should count people as resources. Or so, a certain elite little girl said that somewhere. <TLN: I’m not sure which anime/show this little girl come from.>


“Well anyway, I will ask her majesty to increase the people who can perform office work in our department…”


“You call me?”




The one who abruptly appeared in the logistics department was her majesty herself.


Looking closely, I could see sand and soot stuck on her clothes.


Apparently, she just returned from a battle. To come here immediately after got back from a battle, by any chance, did she had a lot of free time?


Or so that was what I was going to say, but I endure it.


“It’s not like I’m free. Since it is fun to talk with you, it makes me want to drop by…”


“Like I said, don’t read my mind!”


I think I should learn how to do poker face, like Sofia-san…


“I’m sorry, but what I have here is an iron mask.” <TLN: Instead of a poker face.>


“I haven’t said anything yet?!”


“Reading your mind aside, looking at me it should’ve been obvious, no?”


I guess so, but still…


“*Uhum*. Well, let us put that aside, for now, your majesty, I have something to consult.”


“Tell me anything. I will cooperate as much as possible.”


“Thank you very much. I have two things to consult…”


One was about the increase in personnel. As expected, it would be impossible to run this logistics department with just me and Sofia-san.


Also, I realized something after being taught by the research and development department’s MAD yesterday.


Together with Sofia-san, we’ve investigated the Golem developed by the development department, there was indeed a great variety of them.


The most common golem, the general-purpose golem was available from type I up to type XI, there were also types such as Tortoise Shell type, Special Metal type, reinforced type, water battle type, so on and so forth. Put them all together, there were more than 30 variations of Golem.


Following that, each magic stones was being developed, produced, and used for each type of Golem, despite all that, the supplies communication system was not being created.


It seems they used rough estimation whenever they sent supplies to the front line.


“If we have this many Golem variation, I think it will only create confusion not only for logistics department but also for those on the front line. I think this need to be handled immediately…”


“You might say that but, I do wish to always have a type of Golem that could perform in a certain weather and battlefield. Because we fought across the continent, the battlefield also become diverse…”


“However, this kind of thing will only put pressure on the supply distribution. It took too much of time and effort grasping the Golem each unit used, securing the type of magic stones, and then transported it to the front line.”


“That was why we carry each type to every front line no? After that, the front line could decide which one to use themselves. Besides, magic stones are abundant…”


It seems, the thought of logistics efficiency never crossed their mind because there was plenty of magic stones on the continent.


Like that, despite the sloppy accounting, they had almost guaranteed to get magic stones.


But still, they were fighting against the human force which had a modern army, battle tanks, and aircraft, they should’ve reserved useful resource and try to use them as efficient as possible.


It would be a waste to just throw the unused magic stones away. Or so that was what I thought.


“From now on, the battle against the human force would become more intense. At those times, we might lose just because we have a poor logistics system.”


“I won’t lose you know?”


Her Majesty could think like that because she had supported the front line many times by herself…


“However, the human scientific power has progressed rapidly. The situation might turn terrible in the next 100 years.”


At least as a human, that was what I think.


After all, the Earth human had accomplished just that…


The first time mankind on Earth experienced the modern trench warfare was during the American civil war in the year 1861. <TLN: Knowledge may vary in each country, this is based on Japanese World History education.>


And less than 100 years after that, the human in my world was able to burn an entire city with a nuclear bomb. Looking at it from the historical perspective, 100 years might felt short, but looking at it from demon perspective, it was far shorter.


Could her majesty survive a nuclear bomb?


Although I’m interested in the result, I didn’t want to actually see it.


“One day, they might be able to develop a weapon that on par with your majesty magic, then they might defeat your majesty. If that happens, there will be no future for the demon army.”


“To die on a battlefield, I would be satisfied.”


“Your majesty might be fine with that but. I will definitely get executed for [betraying humanity]”


Perhaps, more terrible fate awaits me… And as expected, I don’t want to experience that.


“… Well, maybe you’re right. Anyway, for me, I also have the obligation to think about the future of those who I left behind. Very well then. Regarding the Golem, let us discuss it further. Let’s see, let us hold a meeting with some of the commanders, and the development department then decides on a concrete plan…”


“Thank you very much, your majesty.”


At least, we have taken the first step I think?