Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c31

(After rain of steels, come rain of smokes.)

Human allied force, time: 1400.

The Demon Lord Hell Arche and her subordinates had realized a certain thing.

It was a change that anybody should’ve noticed.

After all, the rain of iron that had tormented them until now suddenly stopped.

“… What is going on?”

No one knew the exact answer to Hell Arche murmur.

But there was something…

“Maybe the enemy is exhausted? Like us, the enemy might have run out of magic power?”

“As if that could happen…”

Magic was not something unlimited.

Depends on the amount of magic hat individual had, there was a limit to how much magic one can use in a day.

Demon Lord Hell Arche cannot be an exception even for that. It was necessary for her to take some rest. Especially after being assaulted for quite a long time like this occasion.

“Anyway, this is an opportunity for us. Your majesty, let us use this opportunity to move…”

“Indeed, it would be best for us to withdraw immediately. Then let’s move to the rendezvous point and meet up with the flying dragon corps. However, keep in mind that this might be a trap.”


Wait for the enemy to exhaust themselves, and let their guard down. If it was the coward human army, Hell Arche had thought they might’ve pulled that off.

The human army always manages to overthrown her overwhelming force with clever and cunning strategies.

And this time also had the possibility of them doing that. And she was quite sure of it.

However, it didn’t mean the Demon Lord could imagine it accurately either.

Time: 1402.

An object was flying on the sky, it was human armed force reconnaissance ‘Meril 02’.

It was a dangerous mission where they could be shot down by Demon Lord overwhelming power at any time, and their call sign ‘Hero’s Guide’ reflected on that.

“This is Merlin 02. I manage to track the enemy visually. Currently, the target is moving northwest, toward point E38.”

“Arthur 01 to Merlin 02. Can you confirm the enemy’s movement speed?”

“Arthur 01, I cannot accurately tell you the exact speed they are moving due to the distance but, do you still want it?”

“No problem. Give us good estimates.”

“Understood. — The target is moving around 10 kilometers per hour toward the northwest direction.”

“Thank you. If it is that much then we should be able to catch up.”

“I pray for the success of your corps. Communication End.”

Ten kilometers per hour was considered very fast.

Especially for those who had exhausted themselves during the iron rain. And despite not using horse or flying animals, they were running at speed faster than humans.

That was the extraordinary strength of the demon force, but humanity had already trying to overcome that extraordinary.

‘This is Colberg Artillery corps to the reconnaissance aircraft. We’re looking for the target location.”

“This is reconnaissance aircraft, Merlin 02. The target soon will reach point R29.”

“Colberg Artillery, roger that. Try to observe our fire in a few minutes…”

First shot. It was a one-shot for measurement.

The Artillery would then start shooting from the other side of the horizon based on the data provided by the reconnaissance force.

Due to planet rotation, magnetic field, wind direction, wind speed, etc., it often caused the Artillery to missed its target. To overcome that, they needed to calibrate their shot by using information provided by the reconnaissance force.

And just for this time, the artillery and reconnaissance force dispatched this time were among the best.

“From Merlin 02 to Colberg Artillery. I’ve confirmed the impact of the shot, I recognize it as a close shot.”

That news was good news for the Human Army but a piece of bad news for the Demon Lord army.

“What was that just now?”

“It’s not exploding? What’s going on?”

The Demon Lord imperial guard stopped moving due to the object fell near them.

However, nothing happens.

A dud exists no matter what ages.

Defuse that didn’t work at a critical time always plagued those who experienced war.

But this time, it was something that intended to ‘not explode.’

It was something for observation and to make the enemy unable to read their intention.

“Repeat, we confirmed it as close shot. Shift to effective fire, Shift to effective fire!”

“Colberg Artillery, roger that Effective firing using ‘special shell’ will start immediately. Immediately evacuate the observation area.”

“Merlin 02. Roger that. Rising my altitude and evacuate.”

By the time of full artillery fire, the reconnaissance force needs to evacuate themselves in order to avoid friendly fire.

However, evacuation this time was done to the extent that they won’t be affected by the ‘special shell.’

The special shell they’ve created in order to conquer the Demon race.

“Your majesty, they are coming again! And it’s a close one!”

“Damn it. We will protect your majesty! “Magic Shield.””

But for those who received the attack, they might never know about it.

The special shell hit the barrier and exploded.

However, what would happen after that was something which makes the shell ‘special’.

Even though it had exploded, no fire explosion happen. The blast was also small.

It was a strange phenomenon, it was bursting like a balloon being pierced by a needle.

And the smokes appeared was also colored.

“… A smoke screen? What are they planning?”

Hell Arche doubt that the enemy actually uses a smoke screen in this situation.

Under normal circumstance, such perfect surprise, although it won’t cause them fatal injury, they would still suffer injuries.

But the truth was soon revealed itself.

And it was in the worst form possible.

It was imperial guard Rozen that stand next to her who noticed the abnormality first.

He began coughing since the impact happen.

“Rozen, what’s wrong? Did you inhale the smoke?”

“I-I can’t breath, ahk, aaaargh…”

Rozen screamed and fell down on the ground while coughing, spitting out things from his stomach and struggled.

Soon, it was not just Rozen.

Her subordinates, even the elite member such as Jinza and Kreutzer had fallen due to the same symptom one another. It was not possible to confirm the appearance due to the smoke, but the scream was audible.

The only one that seemed fine was the Demon Lord.

“What’s going on? What happens to all of you?”

Demon Lord was shouting at Rozen who fell near her, but he already could not hear anything.

Rozen continues to endure the pain in his throat, eyes, and skin and continues to vomit gastric liquid.

After a while, the wind scatters the smoke.

That moment, the Demon Lord realize, the scene in front of her was a true carnage.

The other member of the imperial guard were looking worse than even the imperial guard.

Everyone around was only able to scream in pain. There were those who fell into a coma while their body continues spasmed.

Hell Arche body trembled, in her mind cross a single word, “Finally…”…

She began to understand the situations.

She understood that there was nothing she could do.

There was only one thing she could do. And that was to inform the others…