Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c30

1-3-7 (Rain of Steel)

At that time, Demon Lord Hell Arche was on the battlefield.

Without going back to the castle at Glass Stadt, she used all her might at Highvar base where there was a rain of steel.

“— Go to hell… ‘Genocide Burn’ !”

With Demon King Hell Arche movement, the Earth Burn.

Detonation and Blast covered the human force, causing them to stop moving for a moment. However, they started to move again and didn’t stop attacking.

“Your Majesty!”


A lump of iron was falling from the direction the imperial guard pointed.

Akira called them ‘Artillery Shell’…

The shell landed a few meters in front of Demon Lord Hell Arche.

The Imperial Guard immediately use defensive magic, but they could not do anything more than that.

The power of the shell was too strong.

“Your Majesty, if we continue this… I suggest we retreat!”

“I guess you’re right. Having two bases fell was bad, but it was indeed better than us dying here. Abandon the Highvar base !”


But still, the human force attack was too fierce.

Just like the Imperial Guard personnel said, the situation had gotten worse.

However, it takes time to withdraw. If they could not buy time, the damage would not be more than abandoning the base.

“Jinza, you deal with the right wing. Kreutzer, you deal with the left wing. Rozen, you with me. Watch the gap, and stop the enemy movement.”

“””Yes, ma’am!”””

Hell Arche directly commands the unit to make sure she had the opportunity to hit the enemy with all of her magic.

However, human force comes attacking from beyond the horizon.

Using the so-called ‘Artillery.’ A revolutionary weapon that has the range exceeding 10 kilometers, and delivers 5 to 6 shells per minutes, which high-level magician find it hard to deal with.

Even with the Imperial Guard, it was barely possible to deal with it.

Moreover, defense magic cannot prevent the blast completely.

And even if they can, they should not do that, because it will completely seal the supply of oxygen. Although in the first place oxygen burns along with the rain of the shells.

“Damn it! Such hellfire of hell shot that thing! ‘Fire Shot’!”

Demon Army Imperial Guard magic could hit the upcoming attack, but they could not hit the enemy that they could not see.

“This is impossible… The Human race army is coward! Come out and fight!”

When Hell Arche said that, a different kind of enemy reflected on her eyes.

However, she didn’t consider it a threat.

It was an iron dragon, fly over the sky, Akira called it ‘Airplane,’ but more finely, they were ‘Reconnaissance Plane’…

The Demon Army didn’t understand it, but riding that iron dragon, it was a person who ‘observe’ and ‘corrects’ the landing error of the long distance artillery shooting.

It was actually a significant threat.

“This is Merlin 03, confirmed close landing near the Demon Lord. It is judged within the margin of error. The opponent decides to stop and deploy their defensive magic. No need any calibration, the next shot should be effective.”

“This is Kolberg 08. Roger that, we will carry out our mission. The next shot will be done next 120 seconds. Beware of stray bullets.”

“Merlin 03, Roger”

Hell Arche didn’t notice that the aircraft in the sky had retreated.

Of course, the Demon Army didn’t understand that that means a heavy rain of steel will happen shortly.

“–Damn it!”

After the shockwave, the roar could be heard.

The earth explodes, the black somokes rises, the energy that the explosion released was so great that the defense magic began to crumble.

“Are everyone okay?!”

“This is Jinza Corps. Several subordinates received injuries, but no casualties!”

“This is Kreutzer Corps, no casualties. Two wounded!”

“Understood. Everyone, stay calm!”

But that being said, they cannot do anything under such circumstance.

It would be best for them to hurry up and destroy the artillery, but it would be difficult if the human force had already begun their rain of steel.

In addition, due to fighting for few days without rest, it blunted their judgment ability.

“Your Majesty, we cannot hold this for long. Please retreat!”

“But, there are still allies left!”

From the report come from Highvar base, there were many injured people that could not withdraw immediately.

They say, ‘they cannot withdraw, too much of injured men’…

“But your majesty. If you fell here, no future and child could survive!”

“It will cause the morale of the army fell further if the number one escaped first! Besides, do you think I will die because of this?”

“Worst-case scenario, your majesty!”

While the discussion among imperial guard continues, the 107mm shell continues to rain down on them.

Even if Hell Arche made a move and fought back, the rain of steel won’t stop, and what she got was a pure fact that ‘it was useless to fight back.’

On the other hand, the human army had not suffered any direct attack, just their ammunition being consumed.

However, no person was celebrating.

“This is Merlin 15. Taking over the reconnaissance duty. The target still not moving. No need any calibration.”

“This is Kolberg 07, understood. Continue Shooting.”

A conversation was exchanged between the reconnaissance force and the artillery unit.

After that, Artillery being shot, Reconnaissance being done again, and the demon lord prevents the shot by using witchcraft.

Rain of artillery fell down causing the imperial guard unable to move, and three days had passed since they stuck on that position.

If this continues, just like Akira said, logistics problem would arise due to the lack of fuel and artillery shell.

Though the human force didn’t have anything to replace it, after all, the artillery strike was part of the main pivot of the Orchestra Strategy.

At this time, there was different movement.

The frontline Commanding Post (CP) facing Highvar base.

Inside it, an officer met the commander there to report.

‘First Special Vehicle platoon, ‘Arthur,’ preparation is ready.”

“Thank you for all of your hard work. According to the observation report the target is currently being contained, but they also didn’t suffer any noticeable damage. However, three days have passed since the fire exchanged. Enemy’s fatigue and stress should be at their limit.”

It was clear without even being told.

That was also the aim of the Orchestra Operation.

As the first stage, they would attack two points in a short period of time when the Demon Lord Imperial guard began to move.

After that, we will launch a massive scale offensive as the second stage.

To kill the imperial guard mobility with ample artillery attack. Exhaust them.

All for the humankind desire of demon suppression.

And it half success for now.

Currently, they carried the second stage without a problem.

Reinforcement of the Demon Army was not feasible, Highvar base was almost being abandoned, but the Imperial Guard was unable to retreat correctly.

“Finally, the day has come.”

“Indeed. Call the headquarter, we should begin the third stage. Finally, it is your turn. The Operation start at 1400. For the survival and peace of all mankind, we wish you luck.”


Arthur platoon had already completed their preparations.

And the artillery also ready. There was no hole in the current operation.

“Attention! We will begin the third stage of the operation! Check your equipment! Don’t forget your mask and pam!”

“””Yes, Sir!”””

The weather above Highvar base was average, not cloudy and almost no wind.

It was the best day to carry out the operation.