Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c3


1-3 (The situation within the research and development department)


“Ugyaa~, my bad, my bad. I almost killed the human that was being summoned by her majesty.”


After we solved the misunderstanding, she finally let me go, and I stepped my foot into the demon lord army development department.


“This time, tell me your name properly alright?!”


“Eh? We’re the wrong one here?!”


It may be true that we have some fault too, but I think she was also at fault since she didn’t listen when I say something back then…


“Besides, the rumored human that being summoned, I didn’t hear that it’s such a cute boy…”




Somehow as a man, I could not feel happy, despite being praised.


Also, you said ‘the rumored human’, so she had heard about me after all. Well, whatever…


“So, your name?”


“… I think it is the proper courtesy to introduce oneself first before asking other people’s name.”


That was the second time I said that. As expected, I didn’t put much emotion in it since it was the second time.


“You say a similar thing to Her majesty Hell eh?”


“Are you familiar with her majesty?”


“Well, I guess so? She is a famous demon, after all, usually, we introduce our self first to her…”


I see… I somehow obtained a useless information.


“So, my name is it? I’m from cat person race, and my name is Leona. Leona Catsith. Demon army development department director, and magic research officer… I’m someone who studied everything about magic.”


Cat person. I guess since we have a wolf person, we have cat person too… I heard there was also a dog person too? Truly diverse…


“I see… I- No that’s wrong, My name-” <TLN: Here the MC change how he refer himself, from Ore to Watashi.>


“You can speak however you’re comfortable with you know? Since I don’t like the formality, you don’t have to speak using formal words, also, you can just call me Leona with no honorific.”


“U-Understood. Then, let me introduce myself, my name is Akitsu Akira. I’m the director of the newly established demon army logistic department. Nice to meet you.”


“Uhuh. Nice to meet you too. Akira-chan!”


“So you’re going straight for chan?!”


Uh, she’s someone hard to understand. If I had to say it, she was a weird person.


As a researcher, she had a bright personality, that was my first impression.


However, looking at her quad tail hairstyle that looked like it would be hard to take care of, I sensed MAD from there.


In addition, I have the impression that a cat person should be more elegant, but maybe because of the smell of explosion, it gave me the impression of MAD instead.


But, you know, one should never judge a person by its appearance. Let us work first.


Thus, I explained why I’m here to Leona.


I told her regarding the new established logistics department, I also asked her what supplies I need to know, and which department needs which goods.


“I see… For now, I want nothing in particular… Oh right, I want a door…”


“Ah, yes…”


It was confirmed, the first order for our logistic department was a door.


“What else? Do you want to know what kind of supplies does each department needs?”


“Right. I thought the development department would know what race need what, and which unit needs what.”


“I see. Wait a minute okay, I think I have something that might help you around here.”


Around here she said…


What I saw was a room with scattered goods.


The development building itself looked like a laboratory.


But, books, design drawing, and research tools were scattered randomly, even I could see some burning marks here and there.


I’m actually impressed that the whole building didn’t catch a fire yet.


… Furthermore, despite the development building was very wide, I didn’t see anyone other than Leona.


With this much space, it should be not weird to have ten people around.


“Is there any researcher other than Leona? Are they on break?”


I bet there was none, I myself thought of that.


I was asking just in case, but the truth was easily brought to light.


Leona who was still looking for something answered me with her ass pointed at me. And her answer was something I didn’t want to hear.


“Uhun… Most of them voluntarily transferred to another department. That is why, right now, we only have three people.”


“… Well, Leona has strong vigor in term of work after all.” <TLN: This is sarcasm>


“Oh, you can understand?”




Let us leave it at that.


Leona who didn’t mind about the situation of the department was surely MAD. <TLN: No, the author write MAD using an alphabet, but in Japan, MAD = Madness, Everything that is crazy, someone filled with craziness/madness, SAN= Sanity.>


Or rather, since there was only Leone inside the room, the explosive accident just before was also her fault.


In other words, Leona = MAD. QED. <TLN: Quod Erat Demonstrandum>


It was neither, Mutual Assured Destruction, nor Morocco Dirham.


It was definitely not MAD that we usually watch on NimaNima Douga. <TLN: NicoNico Douga>


How should I say it? Despite in a situation where I’m alone in a room with a beautiful woman, yet I didn’t feel happy at all.


Oh, God. I didn’t know if there was a God in the demon army but, Please SAVE ME. I’m being serious here, GOD.


After a few minutes, it seems Leona have found the thing she was looking for. She then brought it to me, from the looks of it, it was an ordinary box.


It was 3×5 square box, on the inside, there were jewels in it.


“What is this?”


“It is a magic stone that needed to move the magic statue.”


Magical statue… In other words, Golem.


If this was the same as fantasy then, it would be a doll made by using metal, stones or dirt. For easy to understand, it was like a robot, but a magic version of it.


And the magic stone was equal to fuels which move the robot.



“Then, let me explain it one by one.”


Then Leona took the magic stone from the box to her hand.


“First of all, this magic stone is the most basic and the most being produced. We call it [Red Stone], it is also known as magic stone with the worse magic power energy conversion. It was mostly used in daily life than military.”


“Where can we get them?”


“Many places. We can get them from stones that gather magic energy or taking it out from monster creatures. Of course, that also includes Demon and Beastmen. If I rip apart my body, we might get this magic stone.”


It was amazing that Leona can say something like that calmly.


Maybe because she realized my feeling or maybe it was her nature, to begin with, she immediately continue the explanation quickly.


“So then, if we perform purification on this Red Stones, and increase its purity, it will become [Pure Red Stone]. See, you can see this one has more beautiful red!”


“Y-Yeah. I guess so… It looks like ruby…”




“In this world, there’s no ruby stone?”


No, maybe the ruby in my world had magic power in it but we didn’t know about it.


“Well, let us continue… Pure red stone is popular for military use. It was used as source power for the general purpose stone magic statue type III and type VI. Next to pure red stone is pure scarlet stone, to create it we need to purify red stone using another method. Production efficiency is lower compared to pure red stone but the stone energy conversion efficiency increased, compared to pure red stone, we need three red stone to just produce one of these.”


“Just like regular gasoline and high-octane gasoline huh?”


“What is that?”


“Ah, please don’t mind me. And the next one?”


“Oh, right… This one is, Black Bloodstone or Bloodstone for short. Many people also call it inferior red stone, this one was the result of failed red stone refining. See, the color is dull right?”


“I see, just like dry blood. So that is why it was called black bloodstone.”


“That’s right. When the magic power inside magic stone is being released, it becomes dark muddy like this. And the last one is Grey Stone, it is just a stone… This stone is the result of magic stone having no magic power left.”


I see. I guess that was good enough.


… The problem was perhaps, there was another variety of each of these stones… I hope that was not the case.


“This one is Jade Stone, it has lower production output compared to red stone, thus the rarity value is quite high. But at the same time, the magic energy power is also higher compared to Red Stone. If we refine this, we will get a pure jade stone, and that magic stone would be the one being used as the power source of the improved tortoiseshell magic statue type III.


“I see…”


Or rather, there were a lot of these magic stones, isn’t it? And there seems a lot of variety of each of them too.


“Next is this one, Emerald. The way to refine and create this stone is known as Emerald Method. You see, the color is much brighter compared to Pure Jade stone right? This is because the magic power inside the stone is being altered. the feature of this stone is that when being used for a magic statue, it produces less heat waste. The latest of Tortoiseshell magic statue type VII is using this stone.”


“… I understand.”


“Next is olive green stone, the nature of this stone is the same as the black bloodstone. However, unlike the black bloodstone, the power inside the stone is enough to be used for general purpose stone magic statue. By the way, if you used up the magic power inside a jade stone, the stone would become Grey Stone.”


She keeps on talking.


“Next is, if we further refine Emerald stone, we will get this Pure Emerald. But the cost-effectiveness is very bad, thus it was not used much. It is used as Improved Tortoiseshell magic statue type V power source. The characteristic of this stone is that this stone is slightly brighter compared to Emerald stone.”


“… Hee.”


“This one is a mix between Red stone and Jadestone. That is why the color is also a mix between those two no? Because to produce this we need to use Sardeglia Misarikov refining method, the stone is commonly also referred to as ‘Misarikov stone’. Because of Jadestone rarity, and Red stone low value, by mixing them, the result is that this stone have higher performance compared to red stone but cheaper compared to Jade stone. It is used as power source for improved stone golem type VII and improved tortoiseshell golem type II.”


“… I see.”


“Next is, if we mix Pure Red stone and Pure jade stone, we will get a Pure Misarikov magic stone. The characteristic is that this stone is slightly transparent compared to regular Misarikov magic stone. The magic power inside this stone is very high, but because the cost to performance value is horrible, it is rarely being used. It is being used as source power of Special Tortoise Shell Golem type I.”




“Now, next is, if we mix Pure Scarlet stone and Emerald. Because to create this we need to use Darius Santanogovis refining method, it ends up being commonly called as ‘Santanogovis stone’… Or so that is what I wanted to say, but unfortunately, many people called this ‘Darius stone’ since a long time ago. Maybe because Pure Scarlet stone and Emerald have good compatibility, I can only describe the magic power inside this stone as enormous. It is planned to be used as power source of the Prototype Ultra Large Special Tortoise Shell Golem. Though due to the development of the power plant, the production was being delayed. Compared to Misarikov stone, or Pure Misarikov stone, this stone brilliance is completely different, see? Look!”


“… I guess so…”


“Right right? Next is, the newly discovered Ocean Stone. As you can see, it is more bluish compared to Jade stone, can you see the difference? The amount of magic power inside this is not much different compared to Red stone. the magic power nature inside this stone is suited for Ice or Snow Golem, Mud Golem or other semi-solid Golem. The problem is we can only get this at the bottom of the ocean or lake.”




“Now, lastly… Last, but this is the most important one! After all, this is the magic stone I’ve developed! The name of the magic stone is Catsith stone! See? Amazing right? To create this we mix Pure Misarikov stone and Ocean stone by heating it at low temperature. After having released heat for a few days, we then mix orichalcum together and heat it again with high temperature, until the magic stone and orichalcum mixed properly. Then we cool it and mold it! I call this method as Leona Catsith Miracle method. The magic power in this stone is several times higher compared to mixing Misarikov and Ocean stone using the normal method. It is somewhat difficult to produce because it uses Orichalcum, but if we use it, we can use it as a power source for the prototype ultra large special improved tortoiseshell Golem! See, it is amazing, right? What do you think?”


“… Well, I guess?”


“Right! Oh, also the characteristic color of this stone is a mixture of Pure Misorikov magic stone with a little yellow. Don’t you think this is cute?”


“Even if you told me that…”


“…Geez, why don’t you understand, I wonder? Well, that is the end of magic stones introduction. Do you have any other questions?”


“Well, I do but…”


“Oh, what is it, what is it? You can ask me anything!”


No, it was not that big of a deal, you don’t have to be that high.


Thought I said it was not a big deal, I think everyone who had gone through the long explanation like me would think the same.


“…You see,  I don’t understand the difference…”


“Didn’t I explained everything in detail just now?! This is why amateur is…”


Even if you said that I still could not understand…


Perhaps if I wrote this on the internet, 648 people would just skip it midway because they don’t understand or didn’t see the difference.


Since Red stone family and Jadestone family are mostly red and blue, it was easy to distinguish.


However, If all Red stone variety were being displayed in front of me, I’m not sure I can differentiate which stone was which. And depending on the room light, It was hard to differentiate between Red stone variety and Jade Stone variety.


Besides, there were many ambiguous alloy-like magic stone, which causes further confusion.


Not to mention the extraordinary amount of Golem form and type with each type need a different kind of magic stone.


“May I ask one more thing?”


“What is it?”


“What happens if you put magic stone that is not supposedly used in certain Golem? For example, if you put a jade stone into Golem that runs on Red stone by mistake?”


“Because the magic power inside each stone is different, if we overload the Golem with more powerful stone, the Golem could explode.”


That was what I thought!


I guess it was like pouring regular gasoline in an airplane. Although in that case, I’m sure it won’t explode, just won’t work properly.


“But, it is fine… I’ve never heard such accident happen after all!”


“Rather than never heard, you have not heard it yet maybe?”


Citizen, please report, if you saw an accident, it was citizen duty to do so.


“But, there’s no one making mistake you know? Or at least, there’s none around me?”


“I guess so…”


After all, that was part of your work.


It was like a military nerd that could distinguish type I destroyer and type II destroyer of the same class. However, general people won’t be able to differentiate it.


After that, I learned about other supplies and equipment that each unit needed from Leona, but the day ended with me being shocked by her machine gun talk and her technical words and also the many useless information.


What was that, you need exclusive tools to repair each type of Golem?


For now, at least I know what I need to do for the next three month.


I thought of that as I returned back. While Leona told me with a smile on her whole face.


“Please come again okay?”


As if! Who would?!


By the way, on the way back to logistics department, I talked about her with Sofia-san, and she said…


“As expected, it would be better for us to not go there…”




It seems her extreme behavior was very famous within the demon army.