Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c29

1-3-6 (Today weather is sunny with a bit of rain.)

The morning in the Imperial Guard was early.

Before the battle begins, the logistics office would get all kind of jobs.

“The human force has made contact in the Kalesh Area!”

“How is the current situation?”

“We determined that the Highvar base as the front. Currently, the 114 Human Cavalry Regiment, and the 550 Infantry regiment are at war, but the enemy showed to be a dominant force. We have a request for a reinforcement!”

It was convenient that the Demon race had magic such as ‘thought wave’ that could transmit information from far away instantaneously.

However, although the speed of communication was fast, the speed of the military power was yet to improve, and the supply was also obvious.

That was why, without proper planning, the troops would run out of supply fast.

“I understand. Call the imperial guard, we will immediately dispatch toward Highvar base! Akira!”

This time, Her Majesty called out my name. I’m already prepared.

“Understood. I’ve issued a warning to the neighboring base. We will request an interchange of supplies…”

Although there was another who could use storage magic like Daunish-san, we should not depend on it too much.

Of course, I myself think that when necessary we should use it, but I felt it would be a shame to use the limited magic powers for storage which did not directly affect the battlefield.

And besides, the Logistics Department existed precisely for that.

“This is not a request, but an ‘edict.'”

“Understood. – I will also inform the real and blast base…”

“I will leave it to you. Well then, let us head out!”

“May the fortune of war be with you!”

While seeing off her majesty, I contacted my people.

I personally could not use thought wave magic.

And I don’t know how to make a radio, a telephone? What was that? Can I eat it?

There were people in the logistics department that could not use the thought wave magic for communication just like me.

Therefore, we introduced a communication magic tool developed by the Development Department. I’ve wanted to introduce it as soon as possible but, it took some time to get the high-quality one.

I immediately contacted those on the real and blast base.

That an edict to deliver supplies to Highvar had been given.

And edict for transportation of goods meant that Her Highness herself had sortied.

“Blast base has confirmed the edict and will execute it. Which supplies should we sent?”

“True red stones for Golems are lacking. And there was a little shortage of medical supplies. Do you have extra stock?”

“Though it was not that much, we do still have some room to spare. ”

“Thank you! As soon as possible please transport the goods to point 357 and join the imperial guard. Since this was an emergency, we will do the documented procedure later.”

“Understood, we will transport it immediately/ End of communication.”

Indeed everyone seems to understand the situation since no one seems to complain that I’m a human when the case already this bad. Both position obediently responded to the request.

“… Behind the real and blast bases, there should be a Gaiale supply base. … Sofia-san, please send supplies to the Gaiale supply base.”

“Understood. I will do it immediately.”

“Eri-san! Please contact Gaiale supply base to inform them about it.”

“Yes, sir.”

「Next, what I need to do is…」


“H-Hyes?! D-Do you need me for something, Director-sama?”

“You don’t have to be that panic… Well anyway. How is the situation with the new transport warehouse?”

“We have information from three days ago here…”

“Thank you very much. ,,, The amount of wheat has been decreasing huh?”

“Well, recently, the human force offensive move had increased, causing the supplies to decrease quickly…”

Geez, they seem being serious lately…

Well, nothing will happen even if I complained.

“Yurie-san. Your duty…”

“Ou! Leave it to me! I will negotiate the price down to half!”

“That is fine, but please don’t mistake wheat with rye?”

“Director, you’re the only one who would mistake something like that you know?”


“What do you mean by ‘huh?’, Akira-sama? More important than that, we’ve got contact from Wiesel supply base apparently.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I will attend to it immediately…”

Two days later, the human army offensive met deadlock due to Her Majesty imperial guard action.

… Or so that was what supposed to happen.

Because without being given the time to taste victory, the human race was again on the offensive.

Moreover, it was an offensive different from Highvar direction, it came from Gellaga direction.

It was requested for imperial guard reinforcement, but because it came from a completely different direction the frontline fell.

However, not even room for grieving was given, with no wasting time, the human force advanced once again.

This time a re-offensive move on Highvar happen.

The offensive was extremely harsh, and it didn’t end even after a few days, despite having Her Majesty imperial guard there.

“… A wave attack?”

At that time, I received the report from the supply division of the Demon King Castle.

As expected, it was unusual to have such a large-scale offensive three times in a short period of time.

Even on earth, it caused large countries to vomit blood whenever they make a large-scale offensive.

But that being said, I was not a tactical expert.

And no one in the logistics department had such expertise. Sofia-san even didn’t have such knowledge. If she didn’t, then no one did.

However, looking at the logistics movement, we can predict it to some extent.

“I don’t know why they do this kind of wave large scale attack, but this kind of massive offensive movement won’t last long. Some logistics problem will come along shortly…”

“Then Akira-sama, you think this is something temporary?”

“To know that, we need to examine the human force a bit more… But, I do know that right now the human force is dealing with logistics problem…”

“Are you trying to be reliable or not, be firm…”

No no, thinking about strategies of the enemy was not the job of the logistics department.

Anyway, it was also true that we have to deal with the problem we were facing right now.

“Sofia-san. How is the Imperial Guard situation?”

“They still maintain defense at Highvar, but due to the fatigue, it seems they were in quite a disadvantages. If this continues, maybe the base will be abandoned…”

“Which mean, our work will be the postprocessing after they decide to withdraw. Re-examining supply route and planning to raise supply by maintaining the frontline…”

When I said that, Sofia-san face stiffened.

I’ve seen that expression a few times.

She showed that kind of expression whenever something urgent happens.

And usually, it caused me the headache.

I didn’t have thought wave magic; thus I didn’t know the news, but everyone who did show a troubled expression.

I could say that this was unusual.

  • But then again, I still didn’t understand what was going on…

Everyone had an expression that I didn’t believe they could have.

When I asked her, Sofia-san spoke with a trembling voice.

“Her Majesty—…”

The weather at Demon King Capital City – Glass Stadt was cloudy…