Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c28

1-3-5 (The Demon Lord’s Army is a cozy place to work)


“It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time, Daunish-sama. I’m the director of the demon army Logistic Department, Akitsu Akira.”

“I’ve heard rumors about you, Director Akira. I’m Gaur Daunish, member of the imperial guard. Thank you for agreeing on a meeting with me.” <TLN: He didn’t say what rank he was…>

Officer Daunish, just like any other elf, he was a man with long blond hair and pointy ears.

Otherwise, he looked like a certain self-proclaimed alien character from a weird adventure manga.<TLN: Level E reference I think…>

“Rumor was it? Though I think it was more than rumor now…”

“It was not something you should feel pessimistic about you know? It is true that because you’re a human being, some rumors were negative, but the rumor I’m interested about is not among those negative rumors…”

No, I think no matter which one, rumors about me would be something not decent.

By the way, the rumors about me that I’ve heard were…

[Akitsu Akira, a humankind traitor who used Her Majesty to make a Harem using public money…]

Such as that.

Had it was 100% false, I would’ve rejected such rumors…

However, the truth was that Her Majesty insisted on me having a Harem despite not asking for it.

Even though the ratio of men started to increase lately in my department, women were still overwhelmingly dominant.

“Let us work hard so that weird rumors don’t spread more than already was…”

“Let us pray for that… Anyway, the imperial guard is interested in the work you’re doing you know?”

“Thank you for your kind words…”

Despite being part of demon army-though technically they were not part of the demon army- he had a soft manner, a good first impression.

After that, I heard a various story about the imperial guard and also magic, while he listened to me when I was talking about Japan and the future of the logistics department.

Rather than probing each other motive we enjoying chatting with one another, and he also a frank person who dislike a roundabout conversation just like most of the demon army member.

“So then, what business do you want with me today?”

I doubt that such a great magic user would meet me just for a fun chat. –

“I came here for a little favor.”

“A favor?”

“That’s right. A favor that I can only ask Logistic Department…”

What now?

If it were about supplies, he wouldn’t have to do all of this…

The imperial guards was a separate organization from the Demon Army.

They were the elite troops to mop up the enemy, directly under Her Majesty command. They have their own chain of command, and that means their own supplies system.

Of course, we from the logistics department also work in tandem with them.

Such as when they need emergency supplies or deployment of transport golems.

“What kind of request do you have?”

“Of course, this is regarding logistics…”

“But if it is about that, the imperial guards’ regiment have their own logistics service no?”

“That’s right… However, some trouble had occurred…”


“Right… The person in charge of supplies within the regiment… No, I guess I should not talk in a roundabout way like this… I’m the one who is in charge of supplies within the regiment… and I have some urgent matter to attend, which in turn make me unable to perform my duty… ”

I heard two amazing things at the same time…

“Daunish-san is in charge of supplies? Which mean, by using storage magic?”

“Ah, as expected, you don’t know it… Well, it cannot be helped, the imperial guard is secretive after all… Yes, I’m the one in charge of supplies within the imperial guard…”

“But then, what kind of urgent matter that requires you to leave?”

When I asked, Daunish-san face turn cloudy for a moment.

It seems I’ve stepped on a land mine. I wonder if it was about a family member being deceased, and he needs to participate in the funeral. If that was the case, then I stepped on a nuclear land mine class…

“… It’s my granddaughter, she’s about to get married…”

Completely off the mark…

Though for Daunish-san, that might not be completely a happy story.

But still, for Daunish-san to have granddaughter despite looking young, the elves were indeed long-lived one…

“… Congratulations, I guess?”

“Please don’t joke… It is one hundred years too early for that child to get married! Furthermore, the partner she chooses is… Ah, I guess, even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand…”

No no, I understand…

No matter what the world, men would always worry when their daughters were about to get married. Though in this case, it was a granddaughter.

“That is how it is, that’s why I asked for time to leave… I will be back as soon as possible, but I won’t be back until one or two weeks. That’s why I need someone to deal with the supplies for the imperial guards in my absence…”

“I see… To lessen your worry, you asked me who work in the same line of work as you to be your temporary replacement…”

“It is good that you immediately understand… I would like it if you immediately give me an answer whether or not you would help me…”

“If that is the case, I would be happy to help. In the first place, the Logistics Department existed for this kind of support work..”

“Thank you very much, and I’m sorry for all the trouble, Akira-kun. I don’t think anything big would happen since the enemy movement is dull lately… But well, once again, thank you. I will return the favor one day…”

“No no, it is alright… This is part of my job after all…”

The Demon Army that could give an immediate holiday for those who have important matters to attend, surprisingly they were a more white company than any white company anywhere, despite being Demons…