Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c27

1-3-4 (Breaking into the second year.)

A year had passed since I was being summoned to this world.

The logistic department was fairly a large organization within the Demon Army now.

In regards to that, the document’s policy had been fully implemented nicely, and documents management had become much smoother.

We also manage to separate the accounting department, and complete transfer of transport warehouse authority had gone well, taking advantage of that, the transportation corps also moved to a new base.

Construction of medical system that we had proposed to Her Majesty was still on the way, but for now, the newly established ‘Demon Army Wartime Medical Service’ temporarily took its role.

By the way, the chief officer of that service was a handsome man from Angel tribe. <TLN: Yes no mistake here, the Kanji is “Tenshi” which mean ‘Angelic being/Heavenly Being/Celestial being>

I have no problem in particular, but remembering his face make me wanted to punch him at least once.

If I strike him, I might be able to deform that handsome face which in turn make him fell into ‘standard’ category, see? It was for his own good, definitely not because of my hatred.

Also, this was about that handsome man, Ridwan Gabriel, the Chief Officer of the Demon Army Medical Service, when he came to the logistics department office after the medical service office being established, he said this to me…

” ‘I want the Wartime Medical service not only limited to ‘wartime,’ I want to promote the reform and development of the Medical Service within the Demon Lord domain in general. Specifically, I want to promote the study of medicine and healing magic, by establishing Demon Lord Medical School, then share the knowledge. It was to prepare ahead of time for when we created the Medical Science Department, Nursing Department, and others… But on the other hand, we also wanted to promote the opening of the Hospital as a business. We also plan to share the know-how of medical system reform that is going on within the Demon Army to the Private sector.”

That was what he said…

It was probably because I was the one who recommended the establishment of the Demon Army Medical Service, he thought I was a trustworthy person.

In fact, I was confident of that.

I was able to correctly built my reputations.

In case someone was curious, the office of the Medical Service was near the Logistics Department. Because the Logistics Department hold all distributions including Medical supply, it was very convenient that our officers were close by, it makes it easier in case we need to make an adjustment for the supply.

Anyway, it was fun seeing the Demon Army transforming like this.

Of course, no matter which world, there was no such a thing as smooth sailing.

“Who is responsible for my resupplying?!”

One day– Though I could say it happened almost every day– A land army officer stormed into our office.

“I am, is there any problem??”

“You bitch, a human!”

“Yes indeed. I am a human, so?”

“I knew it! To be unable to do a job properly, as expected of human!”

Currently, I was already used to this kind of criticism, after all this was the demon lord army.

A year had passed since I was being summoned, it was natural that I got used to it.

“Human, what is the meaning of this?!”

The officer took out a red stone from his pocket.

It was indeed a red stone, but the problem was that red stone had many types.

The policy of reducing the number of magic stones type for Golem operations was currently underway.

Because we only focused on producing and limiting the type of Golems, the full policy implementation won’t happen until the current Golems that we had produced previously out of service.

After all, when it comes to the actual site, any kind of a weapon still useful than none at all…

Well, thanks to that it was possible to use up all of the magic stones we had produced and currently being stored in the warehouse, the problem was still the many types the magic stones we had, which often cause confusion for us.

As logistics department director, I cannot make a mistake here.

“Pure red stones is it?”

“That’s right. This is pure red stone!”

Good, I was right.

We sometimes being asked red stones resupply for a heater, but the one that came was pure red stones, due to the amount of mana inside of the pure red stones, it caused the heaters to explode.

That was what I thought he had come to complain about…

“I asked Pure Jade Stones for Tortoise Shell Golem IV operations! How come you guys mistake it, the color is different isn’t it?”

“… I’m sorry…”

It was a problem when we found it hard to distinguish the difference between red stones, but to make a mistake between red and green that would be grave mistakes…

Those who work with magic stones distribution cannot have color blindness and need to have perfect eyes.

After all, just like Leona had said, by a simple mistake, the magic stones could explode if used in the wrong machine.

That was why one must not mistake the color of the magic stones.

That being said, the policy of reducing the magic stones and Golem type was not yet fully implemented.

Thus I think the problem right now was due to the mistakes in paperwork, selection mistakes due to fatigue or personnel insufficient training.

But first of all…

“In order to prevent such things from happening again in the future, we will instruct staff members to implement countermeasures and notify each division how to handle different magic stones. On behalf of the logistics department, I’m sorry for the inconvenience this time…”

Saying that while lowering one head to maintain the other party pride usually would solve the problem peacefully…

Such method was the most peaceful, and besides, I have nothing to lose by doing it…

Of course, there were exceptions…

“Ha?! Do you think sorry is enough for all of this? What are you going to do with the supplies that are already on our hands?!”

The uncle officer showed an angry face with blood vessel appeared on his forehead. Of course, I was scared, but experiencing this almost everyday for the past year, it had become an everyday scene for me.

Or so that was what I thought. In the end, my body was still trembling every time this happens. –

If I could not find a way out of this I would faint—…

“Shut up you piece of shit! Say that again on my face! You’re just an incompetent army officer who relies on her majesty, you fucking salary theft!”

“What did you say, you brat!”

“Who’s the brat here, you incompetent!”

Yurie, a halfling, legal loli, public relation officer, when she intervenes it immediately turned into a brawl, she cursed at the officer and kicked his crotch while pointed her middle finger at him. Furthermore with both hands!

Before long, doctors from the wartime medical service come to take the fainted officer away.

Yurie didn’t care about the other party rank. She might actually still do it even if the other party was a commander in chief.

Naturally, that was something not praiseworthy…

“Yurie-san, you’re under arrest, stay inside your own room for today…”

That being the case, I need to give punishment even if it was merely for form’s sake. Well, personally, I was thankful for her act.

It seems Yurie-san understood my intention too…

“Hurray, a vacation! Please excuse me then!”

She majestically celebrates…

… I was starting to wonder, maybe Yurie-san misunderstood that, the more she pick a quarrel, the more she would get vacations…

However, because of her always retaliated daringly, the amount of those who foolishly came here to pick quarrel had decreased.

Along with that, Yurie-san vacations also start to slowly decline, but together with the vacations decline, her grumbling in the office increased.


“Umm… Pardon me, Director… I-It was my mistake, if only my handling of the documents were better…”

The one who replaces Yurie-san who was under house arrest was Rina who was in charge of the Station Management.

Because the warehouse management was under her jurisdiction, it was indeed her mistakes. However, I could forgive her mistakes, since we’re still new with the warehouse management.

“I won’t say it is fine… But you don’t have to be in low spirit this much just because of this alright? If you reduce your mistakes gradually, there would be no problem…”

“U-Understood, I’m sorry…”

Rina-san bowed her head while apologizing.

“There’s no need to apologize. Please do consider a measure, so that something like that won’t happen again…”


Individual mistakes were reduced by working together…

If one were pursuing individual mistakes and asking responsibility every time, the organization wouldn’t improve. Individual mistakes inside an organization were not a personal responsibility but a joint responsibility… <TLN: Opinion could very>


Rather than that, I was impressed, a few months ago, Rina-san won’t even talk to me, let alone apologize.

I wonder if she finally got used to me… I guess Leona was right?



Someone coughing next to me.

It was the master of the mind reader, Sofia-san.

It would be better for me to change the topic despite I still don’t know the meaning behind her coughing.

Then, the one in charge of accounting, Eri-san, an Elf who can read the air, flashes her glasses and said…

“Still, they were just Demon Army combat force officer, yet they sure have the attitude… A useless group with no military gains…”

What a dangerous thing to say… Please don’t increase our enemy, we already had enough of it…

“Well, if the logistics are stuck, it would interrupt the battlefront… I can understand if they got angry… And military budget is not infinite, while the Logistics department and the Wartime Medical Service are newly established, we still have to scramble for some budget, reducing the other department’s budget… It is reasonable for them to bear some hostility toward us…”

No matter what country, the conflict between Land force, the Navy, and the Air Force was inevitable…

In the case of the Demon Lord army, there was even a stiff conflict between the regular force, the support department, and the independent imperial guard.

The Demon Lord Imperial Regiment, or ‘Imperial Guard,’ it was the personal escort force of the Demon Lord. <TLN: 親衛隊 it could mean “Imperial Guard/Elite Guard/Schutzstaffel”>

However, in recent years, the regiment had turned into an elite force with Her Majesty being the one who leads the force personally, it was an elite force deployed when an emergency occurs, such as when the front line being breached by the Human force.

To put it bluntly, it was thanks to the Demon Lord Imperial Regiment that we could maintain the frontline.

The Demon army was also could not gain dominance on the sea, as for air superiority, let us not even talk about it…

The reason why we still not being overrun on the land, it was because of Her Majesty and the Imperial Guard under her command.

It was not even exaggeration to say that they were the ‘true’ demon lord army.

However, they at most only could block one hole at the front line, the human force gradually keep pushing us back.

… Because of that, the Demon Army Regular troops lost their standing day by day…

“Which remind me… The imperial guards had magnificently criticized the regular troops. They even ended up with a fist fight…”

Yurie-san said that while preparing her ‘vacation’ and threw all of her work to her subordinates.

The next time she came back, I will increase her works and reduce the number of her subordinates, yap, let us do that.

“Are all Demonic beings love to fight?”

“Look at Rina’s face…”

“I guess, individuality is indeed amazing huh?”

“At least said that when you’re looking at her face directly…”

No no no, there was no need for me to see it. Let us not touch something delicate…

“The Imperial Guards huh—… Even I’ve heard something bad about them…”

“Is that so? Her Majesty is pretty good though?”

“I know that, Her Majesty might be someone that everyone acknowledges, but that doesn’t mean her subordinates acknowledges each other, no?”

“Well, yea… I guess so…”

“Come to think of it, there was the time they asked us to lend them something that belongs to our department.”

Sofia-san suddenly said that…

“Huh? Is that so? I didn’t hear anything about this…”

“We decided it was not something I need to report to you. Because the chains of command between the imperial guards and our department are different, I told them to follow the proper procedure, and refused their demand.”

“Thank you for coping with the hierarchy.”

Ah, uncertainty…

It would be bad if friction spread just because of that. Still, I guess I should forgive those imperial guards arrogance for this once.

“Regarding the imperial guards, I don’t know if this related to that matters, but Daunish-sama from the Imperial Guards regiment had asked for meeting with Akira-sama.”


Wait a moment, a meeting with the imperial guard member after we kicked them?

This definitely would go out of hands! I will definitely get killed!

“… if they want supplies, please do follow the procedure and apply the supply request form.”

Anyway, let us run away just like Sofia-san did…

“The meeting is not for supplies request they said. What are you going to do?”

I couldn’t get away…

But if it was not about supply request, then it might be for something totally unrelated.

Besides, one of these days I have to meet at least with them once. I guess this was a good opportunity?

Argh, my stomach hurt…

“What kind of person Daunish-san is?”

“He was an officer belonging to the imperial guard. The so-called, Archmage.”


That meant he was a pretty big shot.

He was one of those archmages that bring around 120 tons of supplies using their storage magic.

Now I’m quite interested.

Without this kind of opportunity, it would be impossible to meet that kind of man.

“Alright then, I will go to that meeting. When is it?”

– –