Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c26

1-3-3 (Operation Orchestra)


Extended Calendar, November 5, 1899. Eastern Federation Standard Time 13:00.


Third meeting room, Pan-Human allied force Joint chief of staff.

“Following the schedule, now we will discuss the feasibility of ‘Winter offensive operation in area VII'”

Following those words, the atmosphere of the meeting room changes slightly.

It can be said that this moment may change human history.

The facilitator was someone with the rank of Colonel insignia on his uniform.

He stands in the center looking at every center figure within the Pan-Human allied force.

The pan-human allied force was a superpower organization where all mankind nation joint force against the common enemy, the demon.

Hence it had a quite diverse composition. White, black, yellow races, men, women, old people, young one.

But of course, all of them were humans.

In their view, non-human species were categorized as Demons, a barbarian race, an enemy of mankind. Therefore, they must be annihilated.

That was the thought of the pan-human allied force, the notion that was borderline as faith, or religion…

“The operation is planned independently by the northern archipelago united kingdom army staff officer office. And I’m here to present the draft to the Joint Chief of Staff. The main purpose of this conference is to discuss the plan, including whether or not it is possible to do.”

The humans still cannot consolidate the nations into a single state even if there was an absolute enemy such as the Demon Lord. Thus they created a dual structure of the military.

But even so, that was enough to unite the will of the entire mankind, and stopping a country to defect.

The northern archipelago united kingdom was one of the oldest countries, and it had a long military history.

Hence, despite the nation itself had a conservative view, history recorded that their army sometimes planned bold strategies and innovative weapons.

And, there was no doubt that the strategy this time would also change the fate of the pan-human Allied force.

“The winter offensive against the demon army in the VII area plan codename ‘Operation Orchestra’ has the final aim of killing the Demon Lord who is the greatest enemy of mankind.”

Among the participant who attended, faint surprise voice could be heard.

It was a matter of fact, that the ultimate goal of the human race force was the conquest of the demon army.

For that purpose, they advance the technology, produces weapons, investigate the Demon Army armament, steadily step by step approaching the Demon Lord capital city, Gloss Stadt where Demon Lord Hel Arche lives.

However, time and time again, the human army still could not defeat the Demon Lord Hel Arche.

Before her absolute power, mankind scientific power was powerless. Therefore, the human race still trying to steadily deal with that.

And the ‘operation orchestra’ supposedly hasten the progress all at once.

After all, the evolution of the human being was not limited to the evolution of science.

In other words, their tactics and strategies against the demon army were also undergoing evolutions.

A solid but innovative strategy created by the united kingdom seems fresh in the eyes of anyone present. While some Generals raises praise, of course, there would also those who have doubt.

“There was no precedent for such strategy. Shouldn’t we discuss the possibility of execution before the possibility of success?”

It was a natural reaction.

Known as the ‘Operation Orchestra,’ it was a strategy that needs all nation collective effort.

Several countries had taken Joint military operations in the past, but this one had an unprecedented scale where almost all of the nations participating countries would need to joint the operations, it was natural if the feasibility of such operations come into question.

However, the staff members of the united kingdom seem to have predicted such reactions.

“As a result of information gathering done in the northern continent, we believe we’re fully capable of executing such operation. This ‘Operation Orchestra’ is innovative, but the underlying part that makes this operation is the accumulations of all operations that we had done. Of course, a small modification is necessary, but that issue is something that low ranked field officer could do…”

The united kingdom army that insists such plan was not just a theory was correct.

Because a strategy assembled by the know-how accumulated from the actual battlefield was far more realistic than a perfect strategy created on the desk based on theory.

In that regard, one could say that the strategy had a high success rate.

And, if it was possible to execute, the possibility of it to success was also high, because the demon army still focused on individual ability.

By that alone, many Generals stood in favor of that strategy.

The ‘Operation Orchestra’ was completed after a little correction, and it was adopted immediately after only a several hours meeting.

Only those nations whose in the past had a conflict with the United Kingdom voiced objection until the last moment.

After the meeting was over, a large scale review meeting by the field officers was being held.

They disbanded the meeting after a few hours knowing that future meeting would be held.

Those who have an objection to the operations could have their opinions being passed during such meetings. Since the meeting was free to speak regardless of nationality and ranks, the meeting was more valued among the low ranked people.

“Your Excellency, may I have your time?”

That was why, it was a little strange for Major Joshua Johnson, an officer belonging to the Federal Army Operation Division called his superior on the way back.

Naturally, his superior told him to voice his opinion during the next strategy meeting, but what Johnson wants was not strategy amendment, but revocation of the entire plan.

In other words, unlike those countries that had a conflict with the united kingdom in the past, he had a decent theory to reject the Orchestra Operation Plan.

“Personally, I think the Orchestra Operation was certainly a great plan. It was a plan that was carefully planned looking at the reality of the battlefield rather than theory. But the field officers think that this plan underestimated the demon army too much…”

He also mentioned that the movement of the demon army in the last few months weird.

Although trivial, it was reported by the front line that there were some changes. However, they point out that such report was a subjectivity of the front line commanding officers, and such report hardly being considered.

“If by any chance, the demon army currently under drastic reform, then the Orchestra Operation would definitely fail.”

However, his superior officer denied his opinion.

It might be due to the major emphasized the front line commanding officer subjectivity report.

Johnson superior still consider his words because he also understands his concern, but those from the other nations would definitely won’t hear it.

And even if some kind of reform happen within the demon army, among the high ranking military officers in each country, inside their brain, this plan was already a success/ The strategy in case of the situation change would be discussed at a later meeting, and there should be no problem they thought.

However, the Major didn’t give up and continue on. He argues that something big was being overlooked.

He said.

“The Orchestra produces completely different sounds whether it was performed inside a theater or outdoor. The difference in the environment also brings a different result.”

It was a sound argument.

The result could be different even if it were the same music score, the same instrument, and the same performer. And that music could be the reference for this war.

It would have been a very useful speech to persuade the senior officers.

However, the superior officer was already part of the joint chief of staff, and inside his head right now was the order of his country ‘to avoid collision with other countries as much as possible.’

If the war against demon army were over, the battle between men would begin, the senior said.

Depending on how much they participate in the Allied force, it would decide whether they could demonstrate their presence in the world order that would be built in the future.

That was why the Federation Army would actively participate in the Orchestra Operation which had a high possibility of success.

One can say it was one of the characteristics of the human society, that politics were sometimes given priority over strategy.

Every argument bounced back, and Major Johnson didn’t utter any more words.

While his superior officer who looked at him arguing without filching given rather high evaluation instead.

However, it was decided that he need to devote himself to the Orchestra Operations, and the personnel department decided that such an evaluation review was a matter for the future.