Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c25

1-3-2 (Let’s talk about the Human)


Did something happen to mother?

Since father was there, it should be fine I guess?

Elena was also staying at my aunt place, right?

While thinking that, I returned to the way I came.

When I run back desperately, there was an orange light in front of me. But I knew that was not the ray of sun.

I ran for several hours to get back.

It was already night, and the light was a blazing flame.

“… What is this?”

The light was caused by the burning house that happen to most of the village’s houses.

My house was also burning.

Of course, my aunt as well…

The village chief house already burned to the ground.

What visible to me was, the blackness of the night and the red of fire.

“No… No… Noooo~!”

A lot of corpses.



Near my house, my mother and father lying dead.

Near my house, there was also my aunt body, burned by fire…

And Elena…

“Oi, Look at this… It’s still a child!”

“It’s such a waste. It would have been sold at a high price…”

“I rather use her as a birthday present for my son than selling it. But, the corpses alone was worth it isn’t it? Since there’s some strange curiosity, looking at her figure, she’s around five years old?”

“As if I know the age of a dog. But still, their ears do really growing from the head. Disgusting…”

At the time, I didn’t know what they were talking about- What I know was that those who talk were ‘humans.’

The humans took a dead corpse

She had the same hair color as my mother, and she had the body that looked exactly like me.

It was my sister body, Elena…


I was about to shout her name, but I couldn’t…

I was suddenly kicked from behind. I was made not possible to look who it was because my body was being stepped on.


“Oh, one still alive huh…”

A man’s voice speaks something to me who cannot even breath properly.

Looking at my condition, the man’s then laughed by the spectacle.

“Captain, what are you doing? Oi, that…”

“I’m lucky today… Although this village is remote, there’s food and water! Furthermore, look! A female!” <TLN: The man using ‘female’ that is used to referring an animal.>

“Captain, are you someone who lust toward a dog?”

“No, I do not. But you know, if we cut this creepy ear and tail, this thing should look like a human then… After all, this thing is still young, so it still has no magic art resistance…”

“I see! As expected of you captain!”

“Right? Or rather, how long are you going to hold such disgusting thing on your hands?”

“Ah, I’m sorry… I will dispose of it now…”

The moment he said that, Elena’s body was thrown to the ground. Elena body didn’t move at all…

“… Elena…”

My voice that finally came out didn’t reach the man’s ears at all, either because he didn’t understand my languages or he ignores me. Besides, even if he did hear me, he still won’t do anything, that was what I believe.

The man who threw away Elena’s body was rummaging the villages in search for something, while the man was stepping on me just smoking. The ashes fell on my face and back, but I didn’t feel any pain.

“Father, mother… Elana…”

What I felt was only despair.

From then on I thought death would be better.

“Captain, I don’t think there’s another survivor left…”

“Good. Let’s bug off–…”

After that conversation, I was freed from the weight on my back, and the man lifted me by grabbing my hairs.

Despite rough treatment, I didn’t feel any pain anymore.

“Captain, are you really going to bring that home?”

“I’m a poor man. Oi, do you have any rope?”

“We do have some collars used for military dogs, why not use that?”

“Hahahaha, good idea. It’s perfect!”

What was fun in all of this I wonder, and what was so funny…

The smell of burning villages, where was the exciting part of this situation I wonder…

In my dark mind, I wanted this world to be just a dream. But the heat of the flame on my back told me that this was real…

But then, if this was not a dream, someone, please, help me…

“Someone… Someone, please! Help me!”

Even though I knew that my words wouldn’t reach anyone, that was the only thing I could do.

At that time, the hand of the man move to my neck.


The man who was trampling me earlier fell down. There I saw a big hole in his back.


I was puzzled. What was going on?

But the other humans were more puzzled than I did.


“It can’t be, this kid…!”

The panicked humans began to draw weapons.

But that actions were in vain.

The next moment, they began to fell and died on the ground with a lot of bleeding. They didn’t even have time to scream in pain.

Despite the situation, I didn’t think myself being saved.

I thought I was next.

There, I could only stay silent.

I didn’t do anything.

After a few minutes, I heard a woman voice talking to me.

“– Are you alright, little lady? I’m sorry I’m late, I’m here to help.”

The woman was taller than my father, and she was a beautiful woman with ominous horns and long blood colored hairs. She was accompanied by several people which she ordered to explore the area immediately.

“… Who?”

“When you ask someone else name, state yours first…”

She had dignified and insolent loud voice, but strangely I didn’t feel disgusted by it.

“… I’m, my name is Sofia…”

“Sofia… That is a good name… My name is Hel Arche… Pleased to meet you kay?”

Hel Arche.

The name that even I as a child should know.

The name that the human race and demon race fears. The Demon Lord, Hel Arche.

That was the person standing in front of me.

“Your Majesty, Demon Lord?”

“Some called me that…”

Even a child like me knew of her existence.

Demon Lord was someone who could use all Magic Arts that existed in this world. Realizing who I met, I cried…

“Your Majesty! Elena, Please help Elena!”

I cried desperately…

Desperately I cried out the name of my sister. Not my mother, not my father, but my younger sister’s name first…

After all, I was an older sister.

Elder sister should always protect and help the little one.

I hugged my little sister’s body lying near me and shouted my sister’s name. Elena, Elena…

“Elena, wake up! Didn’t you ask me to bring you a souvenir? After pestering to me that much… Come on, wake up! If you don’t wake up, I won’t be able to show you the souvenir…”

Elena’s eyes were physically open.

But, her eyes told me that her eyes didn’t see anything. However, I still cried her name desperately.

“Your majesty, please help Elena! Your Majesty should be able to do it right? After all, father told me that your majesty could do anything. That’s why, your majesty, please, Elena…”

Help, my little sister.

I continue saying those words desperately.

Until her majesty put her hand on my shoulder and closed my sister’s eyelids, then she talked to me gently like a mother.

“…For now, let’s sleep…”

When I heard those words, I could not stop the overflowing tears came out from my eyes…

Because at that moment, finally, I understood, that my sister was really dead.


Afterward, I made tombs for my mother, father, Elena, aunt, my friends, relatives, and everyone who lived in the villages.

I dug hole one by one; my entire body becomes covered with mud, soot, and sadness…

All houses in the village were burnt down, and all that remained was just me and the graves.

“Your majesty. We don’t see any other abnormality in the neighboring areas. It seems the human army had retreated to the Ash pass…”

“I see… Contact all troops using telepathic magic. We’re going to withdraw.”


While Her Majesty and her men exchanged something, I was there sitting in front of my family tombs.

I lost everything. Even the energy to live, I have none…

“Sofia-kun. What are you going to do now?”


I have nothing in mind.

I guess I wanted to die. I have no hope, no energy, no place to live anymore…

And if I died, I might be able to see my sister and family once again. That’s why I wanted to die. However, I couldn’t say that.

“If nothing come to mind, how about come with me?”

I didn’t have any energy left to refuse.

Her Majesty invited me, thus that was the first time I come to the demon capital city, Gloss Stadt.

I was fascinated by the big city I saw for the first time. And Since I have nothing, I lived under Her Majesty care.

‘Only time could heal your heart,’ that was what Her Majesty told me, meanwhile, I would work as apprentice maid in the demon lord castle.

Wearing maid clothes that I was not accustomed to, doing work that I was not familiar with, in the night I would remember my family and cry, training with Her majesty, learn magic arts to protect Her Majesty and myself, day after day I repeated such a thing, until I saw future in front of me once again.

Words of gratitude alone won’t be enough to express how grateful I was toward Her Majesty.

Years passed.

Her Majesty called me.

“Your majesty, do you need something?”

“Ah, Sofia-kun. You should know that I performed summoning ritual today right?”

A summoning ritual to summon Messiah from another world to save the Demon Army.

They had planned to do that since the time before Her Majesty even meet me.

And it was decided that I would be the one who took care and give assistance to those who were summoned.

I wanted to care for Her Majesty instead, but no one could assist the Messiah better than I do, that seems to be the reason.

With Her Majesty words, I accepted the request.

“Yes. And the result?”

“It was half-success… The summoning was successful, but not a savior…”

“Then, who had come?”

Hearing my question, Her Majesty seems to hesitate a little…

“Someone, from another world, a Human.”