Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c24

1-3-1 (Let’s talk about the past)



I will never forget that day.

The day when my family was still present.

It was days filled with peaceful everyday life.

“Hei Elena, hurry up get up!”

“Hnn… Another five minutes…”

“We’re going to have breakfast! If you don’t wake up, I will eat your portions!”


Back then, I was still a child.

In a small village in the mountain, I lived there with my parents and my sisters.

We’re not rich, but we’re happy. I didn’t know that the demons kind were fighting against the humans kind, I lived while watching the bright future and the sky.

And, I thought such life would last forever.

One day, my strong mother unusually got cold.

“Mother, are you okay?”

“I’m alright, Elena. I’m strong after all…”

“Uuuh, I’m worried…”

My sister, Elena, was very much like my mother.

She always stayed by my mother side, help my mother, listens to my mother’s story, and sleep while listening to my mother bedtime story.

Looking at Elena who had such a life, who was very clingy to my mother, it made me worry about her future.

“Elena, don’t disturb your mother! Besides, do you want to catch a cold too?”

“If that would make mother get better then, please pass it to me!”

“Oh my, oh my…”

As her older sister, I always watching Elena closely.

Back then I was young, and always get swayed by my younger sister. At such time, my mother always offered some help…

“Mother doesn’t want Elena to catch a cold you know…”


When that didn’t work, my father will also participate.

“Come on, Elena. Don’t trouble your Mother. Let her rest.”

My father was a kind of official who works under the village chief.

However , since we’re living in a small village, expression of a government official was kind of excessive, that was why a hunter might sound more appropriate for him. His job was hunting some animals while helping the village chief protecting the village.

Well, anyway, this was a small village, thus not much work could be done, to begin with.

“Ah right, Elena. How about you go with your sister to Aunt Kania? I will be looking after mother.”

Kania was the name of our auntie who lived in the same village as us. She was someone who likes to make delicious sweets.

Thus if Elena goes there, she could eat sweets as much as she wanted.

“… Understand. I’ll be going, mother!’

It was Elena being sucked up by my father ploy, but I also have no intention to speak about it either.

Ah, how nice for you, Elena… Being spoiled by many people…

Did I jealous of her, I wonder?

Although I was a child as well, I was always the one who was asked to look after my little sister Elena. I want my mother to spoil me once in a while too…

Such thought passed inside my juvenile mind.

Then I came up with something.

“Aunt Kaina. I need to go out for a bit…”

“…Hmm? Where are you going?”

“I just remember that I have an appointment with a friend.”

“Ah… Then, go ahead. One must protect a promise.”

Of course, it was just a lie of mine. I have no appointment.

“Onee-chan, the sweets, I will eat them all you know?”

“You can eat them all… If you want to become fat!”

“I won’t get fat!”

“Bweee,” toward my sister who had stuck out her tongue, I was about to flick her forehead, but remember my mother I decided not to do it.


“If you overeat, you won’t be able to eat supper then? Father would be angry you know?”

“Then, I will give the food to onee-chan! Instead of that, I will eat the sweets!”

“…You definitely going to get fat…”

“I won’t! Anyway, onee-chan, where are you going?”

“I said it before no? I have an appointment with my friend.”

“Then, please bring me some souvenir!”

“Yes yes…”

Leaving my sister, I left my aunt’s house.

I went outside to enter the forest.

I knew that there was a vegetable, fruits, and herbs inside the forest surrounding the villages. Since my father often times bring them as a souvenir when he went out hunting.

At that time, I also saw he brought herbal medicine which was good to treat a cold. –

If I manage to bring that back, they must be pleased.

With such naive thought, I entered the forest. It was my first adventure in my life, and also, the last adventure…

“I never thought it would be hard to find it… Should I go a little further?”

Although I might encounter harmful animals, I still decided to enter deeper.

I aimed to find the fruit, medical herb, and vegetables. I just simply want to make mother happy.

Of course, as soon as I met a harmful animal, I would immediately run away. I never thought that as a child, when that time comes, it might be too late already.

Fortunately, I didn’t meet such animals that day. Far from meeting them, I saw birds and wild rabbits instead.

I thought it was weird back then, but I brush it off…

Instead, feeling pleased with that day’s luck, I stepped forward.

Before I noticed, the sun was about to set without me being able to find the herb and wild plants…

“… What should I do…”

I was unable to find what I was looking for. If I returned like this, I was sure I would be yelled at.

I don’t know what kind of face I should make in front of Elena as well. But I also understood, staying for longer would be more dangerous.

The fear of my parents angry at me and the fear of the night weighed in the balance.

I thought about which should I weight on, but I could not find a conclusion.

Because I heard a sound, that I’ve never heard before.

“… What was that?”

If I had the vocabulary I had learned now, I would have said…

[Ah, was that the sound of explosion just now…]

Something like that…