Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c23

1-2-13 (Doctor is not a Butcher)



Though the logistics department started in a snap, after a while, I think it had the appearance of a proper organization now.

Director of the Logistic Department: Akitsu Akira. In another word, me. The one controlling everything.

The secretary of the Director: Sofia Wolff. In other words, my assistant.

Accounting manager: Eri de Riedel. She was responsible for the payment of salary, payment of the material being purchased.

Client liaison officer: Yurie. In charge of procurement of goods from outside of the military and securing land for construction.

And I was planning to make Rina-san as the new Logistic-Transport corps warehouse manager. I think it would be more challenging for her than being the custodian of the documents.

Also, there was a transportation corps, where the commander had become familiar with me.

As for Logistic department, there was still need some necessary rear line support element, such as production, repair, facilities, public relations, legal affairs, welfare programs, education, and medic…

The demon army logistic department was still far from well developed. It was going to be hard…

In the beginning, transportation operations, personnel affairs, development, information gathering were under the jurisdiction of the Military Police, while the frontline had the breadcrumbs and slaughter units, which for now I didn’t have to put my hand on…

Regarding production, leave it to the private sector, and let Yurie negotiate somehow.

As for Golem repairs… I wonder what should I do… Until now, Golem had been in operation, but I didn’t know how credible the situation was…

It would be necessary for me to inspect the front line sometime in the future… Though I’m not saying I would go to the front line of a great battle, I could not stay behind desk all the time either. Ah, I wish to change place with someone…

Next, the facilities…

If we want to build a large base, we can place an order to the private guilds and merchants, which I could leave it to Yurie-san.

In fact, the relocation work of the transportation warehouse was done in such a manner. As for the front line, I think there was no problem since it would be the job of the military engineer for that.

Public Relations and Legal affairs were outside of my field. Thus I didn’t understand well how they worked. I only know some aspect of Public Relations from a certain drama, as for Legal Affairs, I didn’t know how they worked in my previous company.

I guess I should leave them to the expert. Which I hope we could find somewhere…

Welfare program…

Those were the rear line troops that were blessed comparatively to the front line troops. If there was some incompetent hot-blooded soldier who said that the morale would go down if someone took some rest, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

But still, that was the job under the jurisdiction of the Personnel Department.


The military academy, naval academy, each branch need a school. I wonder if they could fall under the jurisdiction of the Logistic Department. We’re only backline support but… When we look at the problems of the literacy rate here, we need to start with education in the framework of a nationwide.

Lastly, Medic…

Because this was a fantasy world, I wonder if there was something like healing magic… The resurrection of the dead maybe?

“Sofia-san, in the demon lord army, what kind of health care do we provide?”


What with that expression as if saying, “Healthcare? What is that?”.

“Health care? What is that?”

Oke—… I forgot, Demon Lord army was a medieval army. Right. Someone, get me Nightingale, please!

Afterward, Sofia-san told me that there was resurrection magic. However, it was regarded as [Taboo] that even Her Majesty could not perform it due to the high difficulty.

In other words, if one died, then it was the end. And there was no coming back. It was also the same for the humans’ side.

Let us get back to the medical treatment topic… But, it was rather miserable…

First, healing magic could only fix injuries, sickness and disease cannot be cured by healing magic. And as for injuries, only several types of them could be cured.

“The healing magic could be used to cure external injuries, as for the one with complicated injuries, it varies. And of course, magicians that were able to heal complex injuries was more difficult to obtain…”

“Do we only have a few of them?”

“Let’s see… There is not many of them. Though the number is not small, with the current condition, we could say we lack them. Her Majesty had made a special school for them now, which make the situation better than before.”

“Still we’re “lack” of them huh?”

“Yes… Since the structure of the body is differs depending on the race, it is also necessary to change the way to treat a certain wound, not to mention that the treatment method also varies depending on the type of the injuries. In the whole army, I think we only have around 100 such expert magician…”

“Ah… I see… Since some have wings, some have horns… But still, it is rather miserable that we only have 100 of them…”

“I agree… If the treatment cannot be done in time, sometimes cutting the injured arm or legs could be called ‘treatment’ as well.” <TLN: Modern world, how I’m glad I’m living in such era…>


I should’ve not asked…

How should I say it, it felt like something a civilized person should not do… Rather than a medic hospital, I felt like that was a butcher house instead.

“How about simple healing magic, one can remember them easily right?”

“Well, relatively speaking…”

Hnn… “Relatively” easy was it?

As far as I heard Sofia-san words, it seems I have to immediately inspect the actual spot itself.

Then, it would be necessary to improve the medical system as well. Should I build it following Nightingale wartime medical system?

Or should I go for modern Japan, disaster relieve medical system…

“This is roughly the summary plan… But let us divide the injured treatment into three stage.”


First of all, treatment of the front line. Relatively light injured soldiers should be healed by simple magic.

This was the so-called ‘Triage’

Treat patients with medical priority. It should be done regardless of social status or race, but military priority should be given.

It was natural that Generals, Staff Officers, and Elite Soldiers should be taken priority over regular soldiers.

“Slightly injured troops should return to the front line as soon as possible, while we should evacuate those who could not do so. Of course, seriously injured one should be evacuated as well. For now, we should ‘preserve the number of soldiers as much as possible’ as the first stage.”

This was only purely military need.

We need medic that could cure small injuries on the front line, rather than a doctor that could perform surgery to heal severed hand.

If necessary, we should set up a field hospital just behind the front line. But that was still putting off the severely injured soldiers.

“Are you saying we should abandon the severely injured person?”

“It is true that it might sound bad but… You can easily imagine that the number of injured people exceeds the number of medic magician if the human force set off for an offensive. In such a situation, how to save more soldiers efficiently and effectively is the priority. Besides, is healing magic the kind that you could perform hundreds of times without problem?”

“… No. There is the problem of magic power. Types of equipment are also limited.”

“If that is the case then, how to use the limited resource is the key. There is no leeway to treat all injured soldiers.”


Sofia-san seems convinced with my theory, but wrinkles can be seen above her eyes.

Even in Japan, Triage was hard to do psychologically. Especially for those who select and screen the injured. Since it can be said as abandoning life efficiently as well.

This was a big problem when a huge disaster occurs as well.

“Of course, it does not mean we should not take any action on the seriously injured. However, we may only perform ‘minimum necessary treatment so as not to die for the time being,’ and possibly carried them back to the hospital in the rear.”

“That is how we going to treat the seriously injured one then?”

“If possible, of course. First of all, treat the wounded soldiers in the field hospitals, then decide whether or not they could return to the front line. As for the seriously injured one, they would need to be removed from the front line, but we will treat them. However, they should also be made aware that recovery might be impossible.”

“… Impossible is it?”

“Yes. Everything depends on what kind of injury…”

We should create a field hospital which did ‘life-saving’ by using simple healing magic on the front line.

The hospital at the rear, on the other hand, was a hospital that treats and accommodates severely injured people from several battle fronts.

Of course, the scale would get bigger. However, with the injured people from each front being concentrated in one place, the doctors would also seem a lot. Though it was delicate whether or not we could manage all of that.

And of course, if we follow Nightingale, we should focus on hygiene in both, field hospital and rear hospital. But still, various limitation existed when it comes to a hospital near a battlefield.

“If even at best time some are unable getting their treatment, then we’re an absolutely lacking medical resource. If ten days had passed since the soldiers suffered severe injury and could not get their treatment from the rear hospital, then here we will move them to the General Hospital.”

“… Because we don’t know if the severely injured person could survive until that ten day is it?”

“That’s right. So at the rear hospital or field hospital, the medic needs to make the decision to ‘abandon those who could not survive within a few days’…”

Even that would be better compared to the current medical system, a war was a truly tragic event.

“… Can’t we live without war I wonder…”

It was just an argument. Some people said it was impossible for a world without wars, but no matter what, it was better for life if there were no wars.

“I agree… But, since this war is a war of survival between humans and the demon race since ancient times, I don’t think we could stop it now… However, I could understand if you think about such a thing. Anyway, this summary. Do you have any question?”

“… Will the logistic department manage the healthcare system?”

“No. As a matter of fact, we’re amateurs when it comes to medical care. Do we have a healing magician specialized unit within the military?”

“Yes, we do… Each division has their own ‘medical corps’…”

“Then let’s propose to Her Majesty to make a department that would oversee the entire medical corps. ‘Demon Army Medical Department’, or ‘Demon Army Medical Corps Overseer”, well the name is not important…”

“Understood. With that we will need a large number of medical supplies and so on would be necessary, will the handling be done by the Logistic Department?”

“Ah, yes… That would be more efficient. And since there would be a lot of equipment that needed extra attention, we need to consult with the transportation corps regarding that. Of course, concerning the newly established medical office as well…”

“Alright then, I will create the document materials, and recommend it to Her Majesty.”

“I will leave it to you then…”