Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c22

1-2-12 (Moving)

“We need centralized warehouse management…”

“True. In addition, I think we need to relocate the warehouses since the one inside the castle was smaller than what we need…”

The other day, I met with the transportation corps commander, commander Uruk.

I have two things to talk about.

One was to formally transfer the management of the transportation corps’ warehouse to the logistics department, and the other one was to discuss the relocation of the transportation corps warehouse.

Together with the relocation, it will also mark the warehouse under the logistic department control.

I thought of putting the transport corps under the logistic department as well but, the organization was already too large. Thus I give up on it for now…

Also, there was commander Uruk’s position to think about as well.

“Well, it is true that the members of the transportation corps are mostly unable to read letters. Even now the management of the warehouse is done by the people of the Logistic Department. I think this is just some nominal change, no?”

“Yes. However, since I’m going to change the management system little by little, not all would be the same. This might put a little burden on the transportations corps, but…”

“…I would be troubled if you placed too much burden though.”

“Don’t worry about it. This proposal is aimed at strengthening collaboration between the logistics department and the transportation corps, it is not something we create just to burden the transportation corps…”

“Well, I’m glad then. Don’t forget what you said just now.”

“Should we make it official by writing it on the document?’

“Hahahahahaha. That is not necessary. Not all need to be documented.”

“I agree…”

In regard to document penetration, it had penetrated considerably despite the literacy rate of this world.

The communication technology we had was vastly different compared to the human force had, and the production of Golem transport have been speeded up, it had officially going to be deployed without fail.

Although it was still under development and large-scale implementation was underway, the method of medieval transportation was steadily decreased.

“So? Where are you going to relocate the transportation warehouse?”

“I have some candidates, but none of them are near the demon capital city, and of course it is not in demon castle. It will be a very large warehouse.”

The demon lord castle was not convenient for the transportation service.

Or rather, I admire them for being able to do transportation from this place for a long time. However, for the transportation corps personnel, that was not the case…

“It will be not in the demon lord castle? I see we have to commute to work now? Is that the reasonable burden you’re saying?”

That being the said.

Indeed, they might need to commute to work. And since it was not close, it will be a burden for the soldiers who lived in barracks and the capital city.

“First of all, I apologize for all the inconvenience that we’ve created because of this.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about it. I know that this is a necessary process, besides our work had been decreased steadily since the transportation Golem being commissioned.”

“Thank you.”

Later I will send some confectionery to Leona. –

“That’s right, Akira-kun. Where is the candidate for the warehouse relocation? I think you should hear my opinion since I also the main core of this…”

“Ah, I almost forgot. Do you have a map?”

I put three O mark on the map commander Uruk gave me.

The first mark was placed near the harbor located a bit closer to the capital city.

The second mark was along the east highway from the capital city.

The third one was near the capital city defense garrison area.

We could secure large space and narrowed down the candidate until three by considering various conditions such as transportation efficiency. At first, we had eight candidates.

Commander Uruk looked at the map and placed one X mark above one of my suggestion.

“You should not do it near the capital city defense garrison.”

“The reason for that?”

“… If you placed the warehouse there, it would become an easy prey for the enemy, to capture both, the garrison and the warehouses. ”

“I see. Risk dispersion is it…”

Come to think of it, even the defense of capital city only had one garrison.

Let’s propose something at the next meeting. Though I don’t think it would pass…

“If that is the case then it would be better to place it near the north port, or along the highway.”

“Indeed, it is hard to decide which one. Can you do it in between these two?”

“If the place has no highway, we need to start by creating a new highway. The construction time will increase.”

“In the future, the amount of the goods being transported would only increase, no? Then I don’t mind…”

I wonder if it was okay like that. In regard to the budget… Well, I think it was fine. Furthermore, it was not me who suggest that.

“Then, let us place commander Uruk name as the one who proposes it, I will write that on the document.”

“…Unexpectedly you’re a bold one.”

“Well, this is about who should take responsibility problem…”

Hearing that, commander Uruk froze for a moment.

Well, no matter who made the decision, it was important to clarify where the responsibility lies, no?