Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c21

1-2-11 (Please Drink in moderation)


Next day.

I woke up with an unpleasant feeling.

Memory was ambiguous due to excessive drinking. I realized that I probably passed out, which made me felt depressed even more.

I felt terribly gloomy, and I thought of taking some rest.

But, I could not do that. I have a job that I need to do… <TLN: Using Watashi, so this is Sofia POV>

But what kind of face should I have when I meet that person? When I think of that my step grew heavier, and before I realize it I ended up arrived at last minutes.

“… I’m sorry I’m late…”

As I said that, I entered the Logistic department which was already full of staff memebers.

Naturally, Akira-sama who was the director was also there.

But no one said anything about me being late. Akira-sama also works as usual.

I wondered about what to do, but in the end, I resolved myself and talked to him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah… No… Emm, I’m sorry about last night. I might’ve said something strange.”

Perhaps I might’ve said something strange to him last night. Even if I didn’t do that, I must have caused him some trouble. At least, I should apologize was what I thought.


There was no reply from him.

I wonder if I did say something after all…


When I about to ask about it, Akira-sama began talking.

“Because I drink too much yesterday, I don’t remember anything. Was there something happen?”

That was what he said.

With a clear face.

Come to think of it, he was weaker than I am. It would be normal for him to get drunk before I do.

“… Ah, no. It is something not that important, please don’t worry about it.”

“I see, then it’s good. Well, shall we start working now?”

Thanks to Akira-sama’s memory loss, the story of yesterday had ended, and I was able to switch my focus to my work.

But when I was about to work as usual, Akira-sama called to me.

“Sofia-san. Let’s start the discussion about setting up an accounting department…”

Hearing that words, I unintentionally laughed.

Apparently, Akira-sama was not good at lying. Or maybe, he was just an honest person in a good and bad sense.

“… Yes!”

I’m not sure if it was because of the holiday, but I was able to encourage myself with a lighter feeling.

From that day onward, I felt my distance with him had shrank…

“Akira-sama! As I said before, the goblin army shoes and the orc army shoes are different!”

“Ah, right. I’m sorry, I will fix it as soon as possible.”

“This is the 3rd time you know?”

Maybe, I was mistaken…