Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c20

1-2-10 (Rationality is not the main element of people)


“The fact that the logistics department had only a few people, of course currently in the military we have small rear-force, but this time, we can attribute it to the personnel department who simply work slow…”

“Ah, I don’t understand… The salary payment last time was also getting delayed.”

While ordering some snack, to relish the slander from the newcomer and other departments, Sofia-san drank the alcohol like a glass of water.

Yet her face was only slightly getting red. Her alcohol tolerance seems to be quite high.

Perhaps, Sofia-san was an excellent magician? Why did she choose to be placed behind the desk if she had such a high spec?

“The delay in getting paid is a matter of life and death… Maybe we should ask Her Majesty to separate the accounting from the Personnel Department management, and place someone like Eri-san as the head…”

“I think that is a good idea. The personnel department management had to do a lot of jobs already, from recruitment, relocation, promotion, demotion, etc…”

Time had passed since we entered the tavern, but we only talked about work all the time.

I’ve been together with her for a long time, but I don’t know much about her.

Well, I guess I have not much to ask about to begin with, but…

“But, if we do that, we will have to find some recruit again then…”

“We’ve gathered a good amount of executive already, so this time I think of lowering the requirement. The worst, I will accept those who are being able to read, write, and simple calculation as a requirement. After that, we can only hope with the new education system…”

“I guess so… Ah but, since the logistic department would only grow from now on, I think we can just separate the recruitment into two, one for an executive candidate and one for the general staff…”

“But then, that is the job of the personnel department, no?”

“… No matter what world, a necessary expense is needed…”

They can ask some convenience when it comes to distribution of ‘unnecessary extra goods’ from the transportation corps warehouse which was recently being placed under the Logistic Department.

It was bad to depend on Her Majesty all the time after all.

“In other words, a ‘bribe’ ?”

“Call it ‘Necessary Expense’…”

“… I can’t believe hearing that from someone who accused other department doing corruption during imperial council.”

“It doesn’t mean I’m a perfectionist, besides I only did that to advance things more smoothly.”

Besides, when it comes to accusing frauds, it was the job of the Military Police.

“… I’m deceived.”

“Deceived you said… Do you think I’m a virtuous human?”

“I thought of all humanity as a cunning creature so… I misjudged a little…”

“Well, sorry about that…”

Although she said that, Sofia-san didn’t look angry. Or rather, she smiled looked satisfied.

“If you’re planning on doing that, then why not doing it from the beginning?”

“Which mean?”

“What I mean is, the efficiency would be better if you used that method to those whom weakness you hold no?”

Ah, I see…

Certainly, that would be more efficient. With their weakness in my hand, I could increase the numbers of ally I had, and I won’t have to worry about any weird things to happen behind my back. Though that might work, I didn’t do it for two reasons.

“Two reasons?”

“Yes. First, I don’t want to betray Her Majesty.”

“… Huh?”

Well, it was a simple thing.

Her Majesty was that kind of person. Though it was not appropriate to say it, She was the kind of person that won’t admit that there was massive corruption.

I cannot be silent to such Her Majesty, and increase my ally in the process…

“My logistic reform is tied to the Demon Army reform. Sooner or later, we had to condemn the big corruption…”

“… I see. Well, I don’t think that is a good idea though…”

Leave me be…

” So, the second reason is?”

“Ah, the second reason is more simple.”

“What is it?”

“… I’m afraid that someone might stab me in the back because I hold many people weakness, that was what I thought.”

That development usually happens in the detective manga I read. People who held other’s weakness usually getting killed. Which mean, I might end up with the same fate!


Sofia-san, your cold stare, its hurt.

“Emm… Akira-sama.”


“That second reason, it was your main reason isn’t it?”

“Did you read my mind again?”

“Why did you think I won’t find out about it?”

I guess she was right. That’s true… But then, I wonder if Sofia-san was actually able to read someone mind.

Let’s change the topic. If I don’t escape when the grave hole still shallow, I might fall into a deeper hole.

“By the way, why Sofia-san in the Demon Army?”

“… ‘in’ the demon army?”

EEEK, her eyes turn scary…

“Ah no, I don’t mind it a rude way…”

There was no deep meaning to it, just a curious question.

As anyone could see, Sofia-san was someone with a high spec.

There were many elite jobs in the capital that give more reward compared to being in the military.

And the office work in this world paid a high amount of salary, not to mention, she was also someone who works closely with Her Majesty, which should make her get paid more if she wanted to work in some merchants firm or Guild

And since those who could do office work was hard to obtain, the excellent one was very precious.

“I just thought, isn’t it better for you to be hired by those firm in the demon lord capital city. See, there are also many restrictions in the army as well no?”

“Well, I guess so. Certainly, I think it is better to work in a firm located in the demon capital.”

“Then why? Is it because of your allegiance to Her Majesty?”

“… Well, that is some part of it.”

After saying that words, Sofia-san alcohol intake increased.

I thought heavy drinker still have limits, but Sofia-san keeps drinking and drinking until finally, she was knocked out cold…

Saying she’s sleepy, and then slept like a log.

“Well, whether you’re human or demons, I guess everyone still has to remember…”

Drink moderately…