Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c2

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Request supplies must be done by handing over official documents.

Support notification documents will be sent to each department and various fields.

However, that didn’t mean the whole army need to move the moment notification was given. 3 months grace period shall be given since the notification being published.

Meanwhile, Sofia-san and I made necessary preparation.

First of all, what kind of goods the front line needs.

“Goblins and Orcs are not superior when it comes to magic, but instead they had muscle strength several stronger than the humans. For that reason, they were mainly assigned to the engineering corps and transportation corps.”

“Eeeh~, I have the image that they are suitable for frontline battle, but is it different here?”

“Excellent Orcs and Goblins may fight on the front line. However, in the age where magic warfare is superior, those who had no talent for magic arts are not popular for front-line duty.”

In a battle where magic arts were the main weapon, they had a small role.

And this might sound bad but, their general intelligence was also quite low. Thus, they were regarded as just barbarians.

But that was natural.

The current demon lord army had adopted a doctrine that emphasizes the use of magic arts, while the humans had adopted a doctrine that emphasizes the use of mechanical weapons.

There was no place for muscle strength there…

However, they still did their best carrying their duty within the combat engineering corps and transportation corps. That was why I cannot really call them barbarians.

In fact, I think they were great creatures. Let us believe in that.

“How about the other races? Is there other Beastmen or Elf?”

“Yes. But I’m not expert in these regards, here we better ask an expert for an answer, that is what I think…”

After saying that, Sofia-san guided me to the place of a said expert.

The Logistic department office that Sofia-san and I worked in was located within the Demon lord castle.

The demon lord castle was a uselessly large building built at the center of the demon lord capital city, Gloz Stadt, where the demon army headquarters also established.

However, the specialist or expert headquarters was not located in the same place.

And right now I’m heading toward a department named the demon army development department where the specialist stationed, it was located near the demon lord castle…

It was separated from the general headquarter, and I had a bad feeling from Sofia-san who had come to accompany me…

As soon as I was standing in front of the development department, there was a great incongruity just by looking at the door. Despite the door being new, the tag written with development department looked raggedly bad…

“… This is that woman house…”

I don’t know what woman you’re talking about, but this was supposedly not a house.

In the meantime, I don’t have a choice to knock on the door.

Somehow, this felt like the room of the last boss…

I wanted to save before entering but… This world had no such easy mode installed…


No reply… It seems this was just a normal door too…

However, if I put my ear close to the door, I could hear voices and sounds. Did my knocking too small? Or I should call out instead? Maybe I can just waltz in without asking first?

“— This is bad!”


The door opened with brutal force.

Or more accurately with violent sounds.

Together with the voice of a woman that sound tense, the door was opened…



Together with the woman shriek, a sound of an explosion can be heard which caused my eardrums felt like it would break.

Although I’ve prepared myself when I was going to came here, I never imagined that I would be bombarded like this…

Not to mention that in addition to the blast, a woman body flew toward me from the front. Of course, I was unable to support such impact and fell backward…

“~~~ Gwahk!”

Dear me…

It felt like my body was being crushed and almost exploded because of it. I hit my head on the ground and due to the impact, air flew out of my lungs.

Although it was questionable if it was good news, the cat-eared woman with mysterious hairstyle who flew toward me was uninjured.

“Ouch, ouch! That was hurt… Ah, I guess that is failure huh? Eh? Who are you? Wait, Aren’t you human? Which means, Intelligence Spy! W-What should I do… I guess I need to kill him to seal his mouth—”

Wait wait… Somehow I entered crisis more severe than the explosion accident just now.

Not to mention, I felt all of my body hurt.

I need to exert all of my strength just to clear the misunderstanding…

“W-Wait… I’m…”

“Uhuh, since you’ve infiltrated us until this far… Normally I need to integrate you regarding what you know before killing…”

No no, before that, listen to me first!

I mean, please move away from the top of my body.

Because she thought I was a spy, she straddles my body.

Due to the pain and her weight that cause me unable to move, I could not feel happy despite the situation I was in.

“Ah, I have a good idea…”

Ah, this girl, she was a bad news…

“Fufufu… I shall kill you by using the assassination technique that I had developed, using magic I will accelerate your lifespan by 30 million that will bring sure kill! Then I will just have to find a suitable place, and bury you! With that I solve this problem, I’m Genius!”

Please stop…

Three hundred thousand times of accelerated lifespan? If I calculated correctly 1 year would be over in 1 second.

In case of human such as me, I would become an old man within 1 minute! Please stop! I don’t want to be old in my mid-twenties!

I don’t want to be bald at this age! I don’t want white hair either!

“Now now, don’t try to run! I might miss fire if you act violently you know!”

“Of course I would go ramp- Guhak!”

Ah, impossible… I cannot speak my voice…

From her hand, a light began to shoot, I’m convinced that she had used her magic…

“Huh? Are~?”

Nothing happened…

“Failed? No, I did use my magic normally, but there’s no effect… Why?”

Even if you asked me that, like hell, I could know the answer…

Or rather, I think her majesty told me already about this… If I’m sure…

“H-Her Majesty Hell Arche had bestowed me with magic that freezes my lifespan…”

When I said that, she turned into a panic…

“Huh? W-Wait a moment!”

From her hand, emitted a different kind of light from before.

I was kind of impressed that different magic had different light but, right now it was not the time for that kind of thought.

“It’s the truth… This is indeed her majesty magic…”

“I-I’m happy if you understand that…”

But, can you move away for a bit, please?