Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c19

1-2-9 (The Boss, The subordinate, and Something warm)


In the end, I was forced to take some rest. And right now, I’m with Sofia-san.

While Eri-san and Rina san ended up as today on-duty officer. Also, in the end, Yurie-san rejected to take the watch duty.

Well, in the first place, one should not change the shift duty after all. But still, to think that in the end, I pushed the work to that Rina-san…

“Ah, I want to return to the department and work…”

“I think you will be a hindrance if you get back now, Akira-sama.”

“I do think so, but…”

Though not as bad as Sofia-san worded it, I do think I have nothing to do even if I go back.

Or rather, even my bed was next to the office. One might feel envious that my workplace was next to my own room. While sometimes, new staff would come to my room for instruction as well.

Like that, Eri-san suggested, “You both should take a vacation in the city, how about that?”…

Playing games inside one own room were also can be counted as a holiday, no?

In modern Japan, some people didn’t even want to spend their physical strength outside of their room. Thinking that Yurie-san might be able to enjoy that…

But I don’t think Sofia-san could do it…


“… So then, where shall we go?”

“… I wonder…”

We’re in trouble.

This was the result of two indoor people ended up going outside.

As an indoor person, I wanted to dissolve this ‘going out holiday’ immediately, but it would likely end up with us returned to work… Which would defeat the purpose of this holiday…

What did I do in Japan at a time like this I wonder…

The boss and his subordinates. At night, when the work was over…

“… Shall we have some drinks?”

Only that come crossing in my mind.

If Sofia-san refused, we probably going to return and get to work, again…


Later on, I heard from her majesty, that those who have high magical talent seems to be highly tolerant of alcohol.

In other words, those people on Earth that were strong with alcohol had high magical talents?

I wonder if I should write a novel with tittle ‘My alcohol tolerance has risen after being transported to another world.’ Though I’m not sure what kind of story that novel would end up.

Well, the story would definitely far from related to me, since I have no magical talent. Besides, the alcohol I drink was not that strong.

Since this city was a city where many races except human lived.

And because there was also those race with no magical talents, there was also some drink with low alcohol in it.

That’s why I was currently drinking this orange liquor… It tastes unexpectedly excellent…

“Ooh, are you the human the people talking about?! Everyone, come here, look who’s here!”

“Surprisingly he’s normal! I heard from the people of the front line, humans are horrible…”

“Well, of course, they said that, after all, it was the “battlefield,” Look at his body, he looks fragile and weak!”

It seems my existence as the only human inside the demon capital city had become the hot topic even inside this tavern.

I didn’t know if it was because of my serious work, or someone spread the rumors, but I didn’t get thrown a rock when I walked the road.

Surprisingly, the demon was openminded people.

“Of course, after all, you’re her majesty trusted people!”

Such a simple reason…

However, thanks to me being a rare thing, I could not enjoy the drink quietly.

Some ladies’ man also tried to pick up Sofia-san, I wonder if we made the wrong choice.

When I thought of that.

“Oi, you guys! Be quiet a bit!’

The owner who was facing the counter, the master of this bar shouted.

Somehow he was a good looking man.

“Sorry, Human-san. Demons are a fiery creature when they got drunk.”

“No, there’s no problem. Humans are also like that…”

No matter what race you were, they will be noisy when drunk. Sometimes, an excellent politician will hold a press conference in a state of drunkenness. <TLN: Depend on the country, it may vary>

However, despite all the trouble it had caused, many people said alcohol was the friend of humanity. Though of course, some friendship may turn bad…

“Still despite being a man, to drink women drink, does all human like that?”

“…Ah no, I don’t think so.”

They said Russian would drink vodka like a water.

While I don’t think alcohol with 96% percentage was a good thing to drink.

Or rather, the Orange Liqueur in this world had that kind of image? I think it tastes great though, like orange juice.

“Akira-sama is a unique person after all.”

“Wait, Sofia-san, the way you’re saying it make it sound I’m a weird person.”


Wait, what’s with that expression of yours as if saying, ‘You’re not?’.

Am I really that different compared to normal human here?

“Even I don’t drink that kind of liquor…”

“That kind liquor, what do you mean? It’s a good drink, do apologize to the people who made this…”

“No, I don’t think I need to apologize. Many people said a similar thing, so don’t worry about it.”

To say something like that, did your parents the one who makes this? Do you think those rough Orc could make this kind of stylish drink?! How about I make this drink as the alcohol we sent to the front line?!

“Since you said that, what did Sofia-san drink?”


“Furthermore a straight one. You sure know how to drink, Ojou-chan!”

It seems a Russian was sitting next to me.

Somehow I want to have a way of life like Yuria-san.