Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c18

1-2-8 (The Management of Working hours is also the Boss obligation)


“What is the supply status of Gellaga area military force?”

“The amount of Red stones for winter use there is a bit of worrying. Since we saw only a little battle in the southern region of Velonia, which in turn they only consume a little number of magic stones, we could divert it from there…”

“Winter in Gellaga region is a bit tough, and the supply route also weak. Please do arrange everything before the snow falls…”


“Good then… Eri-san, how is the situation concerning the procurement of supplies?”

“Everything is according to plan. As for the details—…”

The logistics department which was a lonely place was not filled with a lively voice now.

The number of people gradually increased. As the documents and desk job increased day by day, we also increased our workforce.

I guess I should be happy about this…

Some people complained because those volunteers and recruits who had superior office workability always ended up in the logistics department, though those complaints were still within acceptable range.

The problem for me was why 80% of the new workers were women.

There was an elf lady, halfling lady, fox lady, Orc lady, dwarf lady, werewolf lady, and even angel lady…

I saw a fair amount of fantasy tribe girls here…

Well, we do have some men here… However, it felt like a girls-only school turns into a co-ed school because of a declining birth rate…

Did you think I felt blessed with this situation? Truthfully I felt a headache…

“I do want to create a logistic department, not actually a harem…”

As usual, Sofia-san who was my adjutant and always being near me immediately given me an answer after listening to my muttering…

“Akira-sama, I thought this was your wish?”

“What kind of a person do you think am I?”

“A weird human being?”

“Please don’t say that with such straight face…”

It hurt a little bit…

As usual, I guess… But, somehow, I felt her words were sharper than usual…

Maybe because of accumulated stress??

Looking outside of the windows the sun was about to set, and it was time for us to end our work for today…

I then looked on the worker duty list placed on the table and check the officers who had watch duty for today, turn out it was Sofia-san and me…

Did we have no problem with a man and a woman spending a night together like this?

Normally that question would be answered with, problems… That was why I wanted to employ some men. And other than me, we have no other male officer.

I’ve asked Her Majesty about this, and she said…

“There was hardly any man who wants to volunteers to work a desk job right now, most of the men want to be sent to the front line and become a hero. That is why there are mostly women who join the logistic department… And as I said before, transferring personnel from other departments is difficult right now… So be patient for a bit…”

That was what she said…

It can’t be helped since I couldn’t do anything to that… –

Well, we do have non-commission officer thus we somehow could avoid having a man and woman alone most of the time…

The problem right now was Sofia-san working hours…

“Well, I guess we should end our work here for today… Everyone may go back home except those who have watch duty. … In that regard, Eri-san, do you have a moment?”

“What is it, Director?”

“Today, are you free?”

“Is this a date invitation?! Of course, I’m free!”

“That’s not it…”


No, that was not how you should answer me, you know? Also, you’re going to agree if it was a date?!

“Akira-sama, please don’t try to seduce our subordinates in front of me…”

“Like I said, that was not it!”

True, if a man asked a woman ‘Are you free today?’ they would think of it as date invitation but, this time I have a proper reason for asking her that question…

“Today watch duty, do you mind change place with Sofia-san?”

This time, it was Sofia-san who was standing right next to me who reacted…

“Akira-sama? I didn’t ask for a day off?”

“No, it would be better if Sofia-san took a day off for today…”

Recently, I felt she overwork herself…

Since the number of people had increased, I have set up a holiday twice a week properly. However, Sofia-san often asked to stay…

I never asked her to work overtime, in truth, I said to her that she could go back home, but most of the time she would answer me with ‘I still have work to do,’ or ‘Do you not want me to be here?’… –

Her answer made me wonder if Sofia-san have the personality that she won’t go back home if she hasn’t finished her job… –

But then, if Sofia-san died due to overwork, it won’t just end up as a bad dream, but rather hell…

Even if I have to be a bit forceful, I need her to not overwork herself.

Besides, recently, Sofia-san’s face looked pale…

“B-By any chance, do you hate me for being here?”

“No, in fact, when Sofia-san is by my side, I feel secure when it comes to our work progress, that’s why I like to have Sofia-san by my side always…”

Sofia-san work processing speed was terrific.

She works several times faster than I did…

“However, if that ended up breaking your body, virtually that would be like losing half of myself…”

Thinking about it, she always by my side since I was stranded in this strange world.

6 month had already passed since the first time I met her… Meanwhile, we’re always working without end…

“That’s why… I want you to take some rest…”

When I turned around, there I saw Sofia-san with blushing red face for some reason.

Huh? Did she catch a cold or something?

“Director, no matter how beautiful Sofia-san is, could you stop seducing her magnificently like that in front of this Onee-san?”

“What do you mean by seducing? I asked Sofia-san to take some rest?!”

I didn’t say anything strange… Or so that was what I thought…

But Eri-san took the situation differently… She pushed up her glasses with cool pose…

“Well, the situation aside… Since I have a lot of breaks because I was a newcomer, I’m fine exchange duty for a day…”

She gives it a go…

I’m glad… I thought she would say no, if that happens, I didn’t know what to do then…

“B-But, Akira-sama… Even if I’m told to take a day off, this is too sudden, what am I supposed to do?”

“Well, you can sleep at home, or maybe have some fun with friends, or drinking some alcohol?”


Even for the Japanese, it would be weird to want to work if they were asked to take some rest.

Eri-san then clasps her hands as if she find some solution to this situation…

“Yurie, you still here?!”

“I do~…”

Brown hand was raised from a desk little away from where we were… Although it was because of her small size, because we could only saw her hand, it felt like a horror movie instead…

“You’re free today right?”

“Please don’t remind me! Yes, I’m free…”


was she going to ask the cheerful Yurie-san to spend the holiday with Sofia-san?

I thought that would be a good idea. However, it seems I was wrong.

“You, can you take the director place for today?”

“”Huh? Why?!””

Me and Yurie-san voice overlapped.

“Eri-san… I didn’t ask for a vacation you know?”

“Eri! I didn’t ask for extra work you know?”

We also said that at the same time…

However, Eri-san ignored Yurie-san and answered my question. Meanwhile, Yurie-san comes closer while complaining…

“Director… To me, just like Sofia-san, you look overworked yourself…”

“Huh? Really?”

“Yes, really… Being a director, overwork is a commonplace, not only your own work, but you also have to assist the newcomer with our job, but recently, you’ve been doing that a lot, no?”

“Well, true, I was a bit busy, but you know, I’m the Director after all…”

Of course, I need the newcomer to have an easy time for starter… If I asked them to work a lot from the start, they might end up wanting to quit immediately…

And besides, I was the one who increased the logistic department work, so I was responsible…

“That is wrong you know? Director, listen… If you don’t take some rest, it would be hard for the subordinates to take some rest as well you know?”


If the Boss didn’t take the initiative, the subordinates wouldn’t move either… Fumu, I should be careful next time…

“But, even so, to ask Yurie-san take my place?”

“Director asked me to take Sofia-san place out of the blue, no?”

“Well, I don’t mind if you refuse it you know? Instead I—”

“No, I don’t mind with the job, please take some rest…”

“Emm, Akira-sama, Eri-san. If that is the case, how about both of you take some rest and I—”

“”Sofia-san please be silent!!””

“This is about me no?”

“Oi, what happened with me taking over Director’s watch duty?!”

“Y-Yurie-chan please calm down… I-If that the case, I-I will also help…!”

“Rina, you’re here? I don’t feel your presence…”