Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c17

1-2-7 (When Leona being Serious)

Leona had been doing something for the past week.

After I was told that the prototype for the transportation machine was done, I immediately went to meet her, what I saw there was something entirely out of my expectation.

“Look! This is the result when I’m serious!”

Leona said that while puffing her chest.

On the other hand, I helplessly bent my back.


“Said something already!”

“…No, well… Leona, let me ask you something.”

“Go ahead, ask anything!”

“This, what the heck is this?”

“What do you mean what, this is the prototype of transport Golem machine, the ‘Special Transport Leonachi’…!”

“I see, then let me abbreviate it into ‘stretch’…”

“Don’t go around abbreviating it! that’s uncool!”

“No, you know the name was already uncool even before abbreviation…”

And it was a transportation Golem that was not I imagined…

Because looking at it, this was definitely for battle purpose!

“This special transport Leonachi obtained its enormous energy requirement from the three Catsith magic stones, it has a cruise speed of 50 Maira. Furthermore, by using Orichalcum on the front armor and adopting slant armors, it could withstand weapons human army used—.”

“Wait wait wait! This definitely has the spec for battle! Which part of it is only transportation?!”

“No well, I thought the enemy might attack the transportations…”

“We’re going to use it on the rear only, it would be rarely getting attacked!”

If we transport something to a place where an enemy might hit, we could use some escort.

Damn it, and here I was expecting something, it seems I was too naive…

“But then, you never told me specifically what to make…”

“… I didn’t?”

“You didn’t… Not even a document…”

“If that is the case, it was my fault then…”

“Oh? I didn’t expect you to admit that so fast…”

Well, since I realize I’ve been brashly treating this Mad, and only told her the bare minimum, it was indeed my fault.

I guess I should submit a document with the specific specification that I need later.

“… By the way, can we use this Stretch as a battle Golem?”

“If we discard the transportation function, we might be able to increase the production speed… First of all, reducing the number of Magic stones required…”

“I think it’s better to leave the Catsith magic stones be? I can understand it would be insufficient to remove it and I also understand how much effort you put in this…”

“… True… We’ve already made this after all…”

“Well, how about think up and develop a way to extract used magic stones from abandoned Golems more efficiently?”

Furthermore, the Orichalcum and other moving mechanism were too delicate and need exacerbating maintenance and production cost; thus we end this first transport machine production with just this one.

“I didn’t say that you’re forbidden to added your hobby in it… But, did Leona never thought of people who are going to use it?”

“Of course when I think about my hobby I also thought of the people using it! Look at this, the new magic I’ve created! It can clean the air and create fresh airs! See, since people in the development department likes to smokes. Thus this will make the surrounding more comfortable, no?”

“What a weird way to create air purifier… Before making that, I think you should think of a way to reduce causing explosion every time you try to create something, how many times do you think you’ve ordered new doors?”

“Only 5 times, no?”

“Don’t ‘only 5 times’ me! Thanks to you we even make a spare door as a monthly necessity!”

“Which mean, I can break more?”

“Stop that!”

I’m serious this time… Truly serious…


One week later, Leona did it. And this time, she was serious…

Even it caused the transportation commander, commander Uruk to smile…

“… This is my transportation corps first, transportation device…”

That was not a stretch… –

Before commander Uruk and me, we saw a Golem we never saw before…

“The development department sometimes can do a good job isn’t it?”


We immediately deployed several prototype models to the transport corps.

Though I sent the documents and specification just last week, it was very abnormal that they manage to build it in only one week.

As expected of that Mad.

The demand in the performance of the transportation Golem handed by the logistics department in consultation with the transportation corps was shown as follow…

1. To be able to carry goods 15 hours a day without showing any problems.

2. The cruising capabilities with a full load of goods should be no less than 500 Maira. (About 800 Kilometers).

3. The speed should be equal to or more than the current transportation.

4. Having no problem when marching long distance while pulling heavy objects.

5. Easy to produce, easy to maintain.

6. The magic stones used must be Red Stones or Pure Red Stones…

7. Could be operated by those who didn’t have a magic aptitude.

That was all…

In short, I didn’t demand a small thing.

Or rather, since this was our first attempt, I didn’t think more about it. I just think about what we need, but Leona managed to make it in one week.

Golem prototype for Transport. The primary material was stone. The power used was Pure red stone.

Stone Golem was something that was easy to produce and had good serviceability, easy to repair and could roll around with minor damages…

Though fighting ability was low, but since it was not for fighting, there should be no problems…

In the first place, we don’t need firepower for transportation.

We thought of creating a new cart for it as well but, since we have unfathomable conventional carts, we thought of re-using it instead by making the new Golem compatible with the older carts…

“As we know, since this is a prototype, we do find some deficiency in it… For the time being, we will try of using it for a month, then find out which part we need to improve, after that we could request those improvements to be applied to the development department…”

“Sure, let us do that… However, if we don’t find any trouble with this, this might end the current carriage…”

“I hope that’s true… Well, some technical flaws may come up suddenly, that’s why it might be better for us to keep the current carriage a bit longer until this new method of transportation reliability improves…”

“I guess you’re right. Also, it seems the horse raiders would lose their jobs with this…”

It was a good thing that the transportation corps and the logistic department have an excellent relationship to the point of making a joke like that. Right now, the Demon Army was in the middle of being reborn as a Modern Army.

But the success of that depends on me and every one great effort.

In the meantime, I have to keep an eye on the performance of this prototype.

No matter how excellent things were, there would always be a deficiency.