Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c16

1-2-6 (As I said, Destroy Everything)


I feel I have a brain cramp after hearing how bad cost to performance Measure 2 had… What was that? Did we have some kind of flying in the sky national budget or something?

Seeing my face, Leona immediately tried to explain it to me.

“That’s okay! We can create mithril using purification method that only Dwarfs using it to purify Isildin Ore.”

I see it was like making aluminium.

… In the middle ages, it was aluminium that was worth more than a diamond.

“Leona, The development of Measure 2 will be canceled…”

“Why?! it’s strong no?”

“You used plenty of rare material if it was not strong then I will hit your head instead…”

It was reasonable to be strong.

After all, it was made by using a lot of rare materials.

“Listen, Leona. We need to develop a weapon that anyone can use anytime, anywhere, other than that, it would make no sense. How are we going to use this one thing?”

Like a certain battleship which ended up only floating on some harbor, because it would be a waste if it were sunk… <TLN: Battleship Yamato.>

“T-Then mass-produce them…”

“Well, let us assume we will do that. Leona, how much money do you think we need to spent to prepare the facilities to produce it? Not to mention facilities to fix them in case of damage? Also, how long it would take to create one?”

“… A-About the facilities and money, I have not yet calculated it but… ”

“Then, how long do you need to produce one of this?”

Even human of my world could not make this thing in a short time.

I can guess we could not make one monthly.



“… 3 years…”





“We will cancel the development…”

After a long silence.

“… Don’t wanna.”

As expected she answered like that. Of course, with watery eyes as well.

“I won’t give you anything even if you cry…”

“… Uu, please… This is my dream you know?!”

“We cannot win a war with dream alone you know?!”

“… Uhhh…”

“I won’t give you anything even if you show me upturned eyes.”

I was about to yield, but I manage to restrain myself.

“If that the case then… I won’t develop the transportation machine… I won’t cooperate at reducing Golem and magic stones as well!

“Are you a kid?!”

Are you a kid playing truant because you don’t want to finish your homework?

“Then I will let another person develop something…”

“… Another person, there’s someone like that?”

“Of course there are?”


When I thought of that, someone denied my thought…

“No, probably no one could help you?”

“… huh?”

Her Majesty told me that while crossing her arms.

“Golems are Leona inventions… Other than her, no one could develop Golems…”

“… Huh?”

Was Leona such amazing person?

But then, how troubling… That means the logistic department and development department were not standing equal. It was no good to monopolize something like that. If there were no moderate competition, it would be bad…

“Leona, are you going to use that indispensable attitude of yours every time something like this happen?”

“I’m not that childish you know…”

With how spiteful her attitude just now, she somehow lacks persuasive power.

“Still, that thing cost too much money… And the enemy won’t wait for us…”

“I won’t complain anymore if you let me develop 2-chan! I will listen to anything you say!”


Anything she said?

“Hey Akira, your face is bad you know?”

“Oh, please Your Majesty, don’t joke like that…”

I forgot there was a master of mind-reading by my side right now. I have to do my best not to think something weird.

“… You won’t complain anymore?”

“I won’t! As long you let me develop 2-chan!”



“Do you swear to God?”

“I swear to Her Majesty because God does not exist!”

“Fumu… That is what she said, Your Majesty…”

“So I heard… Leona-kun, keep your promise understood?”

“Of course!”

Alright… She had sworn under Her Majesty’s name,  It was more reliable compared to swear to God that had questionable existence.

“I guess there’s no helping it. Fine, I will let you continue the development of magical-something-whatever. However, that didn’t mean I will let you waste money as if it was water, do it within the budget, understood?”

Anyway, we’ve done it like this from the start. Let us admit that I’m also a victim of vested privileges.

And if because of continuing the development of a single robo-thing we manage to gain something, at least we can regard it as necessary expenses.

Yap, we can go like that.


“Thank you, Akira-chan as well, keep your promise alright?”

“Sure. I swear to Her majesty name, I will keep my promise…”

When I swear like that, Leona showed a beautiful smile that I never have seen before.

Geez, I wonder who profited the most this time…

“Whatever, For the time being, at least we have the direction where the development of Golems would go. I guess we should withdraw for today…”

“Understood! Then, Golem-chan, let us clean things up and go back!”

“No, wait, if we use Her Majesty magic then…”

I was about to finish my words, but then an idea struck my mind.

Why not use the Golems as transportation machine?

Since I had never seen it before I never thought of it, I thought of creating cars or trains, but here we already have Golems…

“Leona… Sorry for asking this late but, why not use the Golem as a transportation machine?”

Not a carriage, we might be able to create a Golem Car…

Whatever it was fine, using Golem to power the train might also good…

“… For transportation?”

“Oi, what’s up with that face that is saying ‘I never thought of that before’…”

“But you know, Golem is something we made for battle… The power required for battle and transport use was different, it cannot be easily changed, and if we use Golem as a transportation machine, we will reduce the amount of Battle golem production no?”

“I guess, I understand what you want to say…”

But anyway,

In the first place, the Golem was helpless when facing human force…

“Besides transportation can be left to horse carriage no? And right now we have no substitute for battle Golems.”

“I see…… But there’s also advantages the Golem had over horse-carriage you know?”

We need to feed horses, not to mention letting them rest after a long journey…

But the story was different for Golems.

They didn’t feel fatigue, can be operated remotely or automatically, and we only need magic stones as a replacement for Food and Drink…

We might need to prepare repair parts and tools, but Golems were also had higher horses power, and unlike horses, they didn’t need rest…

“Of course, I understand that it is hard to convert battle golems into transportation golems… That is why, I will make a formal request, as a logistic department director. I want you to develop Golems for transportations…”

“Golem for transportation huh… It might take time since I never done it before…”

“I will expect it… If you succeed at making it… I will increase the budget for Measure 2 development…”

“I will do it!”

Uhuh, how easy…

In that way, finally, we can solve two major problems the logistic department had…

In various ways, we will decrease the amount of Golems type…

And the other would be the establishment of highly efficient transportation…

I guess I could regard measure 2 as necessary expenses now…

Tentatively speaking, we took one step forward…