Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c15

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V1-C2-E4 (Magical Leona Stress Test)

Weapons always have performance evaluation test.

In such a test, one would need to examine how much power the weapon had.

There were various method to do such a test, but each nation would definitely perform it at least once for each weapon. For example, some countries tested their weapon with a situation that resembled the actual battlefield environments, such as mixing impurities in the fuel, irregular terrain, and insufficient maintenance of the weapon– while examining how the weapon performs. But some countries also test weapon with its perfect condition with the ideal environment.

Naturally, the former would show spec that was close to the actual operation while the latter would have a result that deviates from reality.

Of course, I was not sure which test was better, but that was a fact.

Personally speaking however; the one where they showed the actual ability of the weapon in a battlefield was the correct one.

That was why I came to the garrison on the outskirt of the demon lord capital.

“Ne~ Akira-chan, may I ask you a question?”

“What is it, Leona-chan.”

“. . . .”

“Sorry, I won’t call you with a chan anymore…”

“Good… So, Akira-chan. As we discussed last week, you said you wanted to see the enemy’s weapon we captured right?”

“That’s right. That is why we bring out the captured weapon stored inside the development department warehouse and the garrison warehouse.”

Currently, the weapons used by the humans that were captured by the demon army were lined up.

There were howitzer gun, riffles, machine guns, scoops, and some weapons that I didn’t know the use of it. However, I didn’t see any tank or planes. How regrettable…

By the way, some large-scale weapons were stored inside Her Majesty’s item storage magic.

I was surprised that the magic could be used to do something like that…

“But then, why we bring out golems here too?”

“Well, I want to see how effective their weapons against our Golem army, see?”

From among the great variety of Golem within the demon army… We choose eight type of them… which caused me to want to retort. Furthermore, Leona was currently developing two new type of Golems…

After making an arrangement, I’ve asked her majesty to bring out the weapons stored in her storage as well…

“To bring out Golems that was still under development and also top secrets. it was something that was hard to do you know, Akira…”

“I’m sorry for asking you this much, your majesty… I will prepare some special wine later…”

Some high-grade alcohol beverages were stored as unnecessary items that were about to be discarded, with reason as necessary expenses.

Of course, the wine belonged to those who previously committed wrongdoings. I didn’t pay a penny at all…

Ah, I forgot to mention it before, but Her Majesty was also present in this test…

“Forget that! Why am I have to bring out the prototype of the superb ultra-large special Tortoiseshell reinforced Golem and magical special Leona-chan 2 that is under development?”

“I thought about this since a long time ago but, Leona, do something about that naming sense of yours…”

What do you mean by ‘Magical Special, Leona-chan 2’…

Or rather, despite her majesty being close by, her attitude remained the same. But then again, I also didn’t change either…

Currently, the special something Golem was too oversized and being a hindrance, that was why it was stored inside her majesty item storage magic.

It was a secret that I asked her to took it out because I wanted to see the big Golem that was looked like a big robot from certain anime…

“For the time being, we should just call this, Measure 2, I guess?”

“That is so uncool!”

“From the start, that thing has an uncool name!”

Forget it, what did we talk about just now?

Right… It was about evaluation test. As Leona had said, this was to ascertain the performance of the weapons the human had used against our Golems.

From there, I could immediately cut the budget that had poor effectiveness…

“This magical special Leona-chan 2 there is only one of them you know?! Please take care of it carefully alright?! Even if it has a poor performance, you won’t destroy it right?!”

“Don’t worry, if you stop developing, I will only dismantle it. Well then, let us start…”


Of course, I didn’t know how to handle the human weapon of this world, there were no translations, we acquire the procedure by investigating it for many years.

It was the demon army intelligence department who did that. We cooperated this time on condition that I gave them extra budget.

Of course, I will keep my promise. I will increase their budget for this year and request her majesty to reduce their budget for the next fiscal year.

First of all, from the basic Golem, the most used one was the General purpose stone Golem. Since the type VIII had the most operations compared to the latest XI type, we brought both type VIII and XI here.

Other than Leona, we brought in other members of the development department, there were two of them.

One of them was a man with glasses. And the other one was a woman with glasses. Even from a distance, one could see they were not humans, although it was not clear what race they belonged to…

“Come to think of it, Leona. How do you make Golem?”

“… You ask that now?”

Well, I didn’t know how it fundamentally works. And I didn’t know how to operate one either.

Because it was important, I asked now…

Leona then began her teaching with the sound of Golem moving as the BGM.

“There are two ways to make a Golem. Local production, or create the material on the back and send the product to the front line and let the front line assembly the product.”

“… You can produce such a thing locally anywhere?”

“We could. I will explain why…”

Golem was mainly composed of many natural materials that were easy to obtain, such as stone Golem, Mud Golem, Tree Golem, snow Golem, all of these golems could be produced locally…

“The way to make one was, let the magician gather the materials at the site, shapes the material into the shape of Golem by magic, then inserts the core mana stones then you can move it…”

“Surprisingly straightforward…”

“It may sound easy, but in reality, it is quite hard to do. Not only because the magic to create Golem itself is hard, if we create the Golem locally on the battlefield, you will also try to create them under enemy fire too…”

“I see… And because trying to create Golem under such circumstance, the one being created stone Golem ended up not that strong, right.”

“Wait, I didn’t say anything about being a weak product, no?!”

“No well, I think the Golem is pretty weak…”

While looking at it, I pointed at it.

It was there, the figure of Golem type VIII, being shattered easily.


Leona screamed in a frenzy. Calm down Leona, this was just the beginning…

“Can I have a minute? What did the weapon we use to destroy that Golem?”

“…This one.”

It was a small weapon that looked like a small canon that could be carried by a person.

Looking at the shape, it looked like an anti-tank bazooka. However, among the captured weapons many were looking similar as well.

“Your Majesty. Could you investigate the length of that cylinder and the diameter of the hole with magic? I want to know more detail.”

“Alright. Wait…”

The accuracy of identification magic depends on how much magic one possess. This time I wanted to know the detail of the weapon’s barrel in millimeters, that was why I asked her majesty to measure it.

According to her majesty magic, the hole diameter of the gun was 1.45 Inke, and the length of the barrel was 1,809 Inke. Inke was equivalent of Inches on Earth.

In other words, when converted to the metric system, that would be, the barrel length was around 165.5 cm with a diameter of 3.7 cm.

Which mean, by the human it might be called as “45 calibers, 3.7 cm Anti-Golem weapon”.

3.7cm cannon huh? As expected, their technology had advanced similar to that of the Great War on earth.

Still, I didn’t see 8.8cm one yet, which meant their development was still warm, though I could see heavy some heavy artillery here…

“What was the Golem weapon using, was it ammunition?”


“Ah sorry… I named that arbitrarily. What I meant is, what was being inserted into the cylinder?”

Since the demon army didn’t have a cannon, even if I call a thing bullet they won’t understand I guess… Let us put some codename later, including the name of the weapons… Like, Emily, Zeke, or Flanker…

“The moment it touched an object, it exploded. And another one it would explode with a delay after collision…”

“I see… The first was high-explosive ammunition, and the later was armor-piercing ammunition…”


“Ah, please don’t mind me, continue…”

I was a bit depressed that our conversation didn’t flow well, but this was enough for now…

The person who explained to me said that the object would explode the moment it collides with the Golem. In other words, it was similar to that of high-explosive with contact detonation fuse.

And the result of facing such weaponry, the Golems were reduced into dust.

Well, I guess there was no point in testing the armor-piercing shells… I could imagine that it would pierce the Golem and the shell would explode far away…

I guess it cannot be helped, the opponent was just a stone after all. Even poor grenades could destroy them…

I thought of that while looking at stone Golem being shattered.

After this, we should try the less powerful weapons, such as rifles, machine guns, and anti-golem rifles…

“Akira-kun, you idioooooot~ M-My Golem, waaaaaaah~…..”

The problem was actually whether or not the heart of the developers would be broken by the end of this test. Leona cry her eyes out while looking at the destroyed Golems.

“Leona—… We have quite a few of Golems… You will die of dehydration if you start crying now…”