Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c14

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“So, Leona. What do you think?”

“Why do you ask me?”

“No well, by a method of elimination, I have no one other than Leona to consult with.”

Even after a few days, the atmosphere between Rina-san and me didn’t change at all, I decided to consult with her because I have no same-gender friend here.

It was impossible to consult with Her Majesty, as of Eri and Yurie, I just met them, and when it comes to consulting to Sofia-san, I’m worried that I would die because of her tongue.

“Which left Leona.”

“… Somehow that makes me angry rather than happy.”

“But I thought there’s no problem if it is you.”

“Well anyway, isn’t it fine? She and you will get used to each other as time went on…”

“Is that how it is in the end?”

“Yep, though I don’t care actually…”


“You know, actually Leona is an irresponsible person except when it comes to research isn’t it?”

She took my words indifferently, she didn’t reduce the magic stones and golem, and she didn’t clean her room, and her clothes looked dirty.

Though she gives the image of never taking a bath, her pretty hairstyle making it feel vague. That was how Leona as a person was.

“… Ah, right. I want a budget to develop a new magic stone…”

“The way you try to divert the topic is just way too shabby! In fact, I did tell you the opposite, no? Reduce them, not increase the type!”

“I think that alone derail our original topic though?”

Well, that’s true. No wait, don’t say that…

“Now then, let us return the topic.”

“You’re the one who changes the topic in the first place…”

“I just want to talk with you more?”


Seriously, I didn’t know what this Mad person thinking.

Or perhaps, I’m someone who was lacking when it comes to understanding a woman’s heart? But there’s no way we would have a ‘huh? Perhaps she loves me?’ moment.

After all, she’s Leona.

“Well then, return to the original topic, I think it is better for you not to think and meddle too much. After all, a woman is a delicate creature…”

“Somehow, when the one who said that is Leona, it lacks persuasive power..”

“What do you think am I?!”

Fanatic magic researcer. Mad Magist, I guess?

“That’s why you’re being hated! Be a little more gentle with girls!”

“It’s fine, I use this attitude only when speaking with Leona. After all, Leona is special…”

“E-Eh? I-Is that so?”

“Sure? Of course, if you don’t agree, then I will change…”

I never said this to her but.

I knew she was far older than I do since she was a long-lived demi-human, but somehow, she felt more like a close friend of mine, whom we had a long relationship already.

Thanks to that, I felt like it was okay to have a casual talk with her, though it might be because of her weird personality.

“N-NO, It is fine. It’s already late for you to be polite all of a sudden…”

“See, it is fine then…”


Ok, this matter is over. –


“..What discussion are we going to talk after my talk about women?”

“Oh please Akira-chan. It about adding extra budget for the research department.”

“Ah, right… What was that for again, developing a new magic stone?”

“That’s right! I thought of a new refining magic stones, but I cannot do it with the current research facilitates, can you increase our budget a little?”

I see… No matter which world, equipment costs money.

“How much money do you need?”

“Well, equipment cost, maintenance cost, and miscellaneous cost…”

Leona tried to calculate the rough estimate of the cost. Also, the currency unit was called ‘Hel.’

And according to Leona, the estimated cost was around 40% of the annual budget of the research and development department.

… Certainly, research costs money. It was hard to decide the research budget because it needs specific cost-effectiveness compared to other departments.

With that being the case, I’ve decided the answer.

“Not a chance.”

“WHY?! Looking at the atmosphere just now, you should accept my proposal!”

“I don’t decide budget by atmosphere…”

“You fiend! Demon!”

“I’m the one who is a human here you know?”

“That is not what I mean!”

Leona heaves heavy breath after shouting.

I wonder why our conversation always turns like this every single time. Compared to talking with Her Majesty, somehow it felt tiresome in a different meaning.

“Leona, what you need to do now is to decrease the number of magic stones and Golem types. If you want to research new magic stones to achieve that, then I will consider increasing your budget…”

“No. Besides, that was something you just thought just now isn’t it?”

“Are you capable of mind reading too?”

“It is easy to know that, just by looking at Akira-chan personality…”

I wonder if I’m really that easy to understand…

“But right now, a request for additional budget application pretty much came from everywhere you know? From the transport department, information department, so on and so forth. Of course, I also want to increase the Logistic department budget as well. However, because of that, I cannot afford to give special treatment to any department…”

Especially the information department.

They need a lot of money for a lot of vague things…

“Just leave them you know… I don’t know the situation with the Transportation Department, but you can leave alone the information department, no?” They regularly used “information gathering” as an excuse to hold a party after all…”

“Oi, wait a moment, what do you mean by that?”


“Oke, I understand. Let us reduce their budget for next year…”

Though one can only cut the temporary extra budget. After all, the decision of the annual budget was the work of the politicians.

“… Ah, right. If I’m not wrong, the research and development department works cooperatively with the information department regarding studying the captured enemy technology, no?”

“Huh? That’s right. didn’t I already told you about that?”

“You never told me!”

To study the enemy’s weapon technology, in a war, was something reasonable.

It was one of the aspects of war, studying the enemy’s weapon weak point. Along with their weakness, we could also know our own weakness…


“Next time, I would like to see the weapon you guys had captured from the enemy.”

“I understand. Now would be inconvenient, how about next week?”

“Very well. Let us organize a plan.”