Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c13


V1-C2-E3 (Daily Respite of the Logistic Department)

Thanks to new newcomers, the pilled paperwork began to decrease.

I could say that it was worthwhile to increase our workforce.

“Director, the information department have contacted us, and asked for additional funds…”

“Again? It is fine to spend money on information but, this is too much…”

“I agree. Since military budgets are currently under re-organized, in regard to raising war expenditure, it is possible to ask for more… But as expected, there’s a limit to it…)

Eri-san, not only her personality was like that of a Onee-san, her ability at handling work was quite high as well.

In term of work, I felt there was two Sofia-san, but of course, the two was very different.

Eri-san was someone who was good at calculation and didn’t make any mistake, it was not wrong to make her in charge of accounting.


“What is it, Akira-sama.”

“It’s about the information department accounting…”

On the other hand, Sofia-san had high ability in other fields, one step over Eri.

In particular, her internal information was quite detailed.

I guess Sofia-san was leaned more to comprehensive performance, while Eri specialized in a calculation.

Among the various work Sofia-san worked, I should let Eri handle the accounting and ease her. She worked too much.

“Speaking of information department, the degree of difficulty sending operatives across the front line was quite high, and they are not doing it very actively. And since illusion magic also had very short effect duration, they would soon be found out. I’m not saying it was wasteful, but the result was pretty small…”

“Indeed, then what are we going to do with their budget?”

“I guess we should focus their budget more on POW interrogation or enemy’s weapon investigation in collaboration with the development department.”

“Interrogation… You mean, torture?”

“The interpretation is different.”

“Ah, right…”

Come to think of it, I’ve not yet visited the information department.

Since we’re the same ‘support’ departments, I should go see them soon. And I don’t think it would be bad for me to do that.

While having such thought, the door was being opened with great force without even knocking, and a loud voice of a girl echoed inside the room.

“Director-san~, I’m back!”

“Yurie-san, welcome back. How was your work? Successful?”


Looking at her appearance, no one would’ve thought she was 22 years old.

And as usual, she’s very energetic… Looking at Sofia-san she’s somehow annoyed with her too energetic attitude.

Yurie was a half-ling, despite being 22 years old, she had the body of a child, and furthermore, she was an Orekko. <TLN: Girls who refer themselves with “Ore”>

Her personality was very cheerful, and behave like a child, but compared to the other three, she was not very good at doing office work.

That was why I gave her the duty of salesperson who goes out and negotiates with others, how should I say it, A legal loli salesperson(?)

“In regard to the third warehouse’s surplus goods release, the best choice if we work with Gaiarez Firm. And we will let DilDia demon guild to deal with the unneeded Black Blood Stone and Grey Stone.”

“Greystones, is there something we could use that?”

According to Leona, the Mad magic scientist of the Development department, Greystone was a mana stone which magic had been exhausted and effectively rendered useless. In the modern world of another world, we would refer something like that as industrial waste, but…

“I’m not so sure, but I heard even without magic power, there’s some use to for it.”

“How vague…”

Should I ask Leona again? Thus perhaps we could sell those grey stones cheaply. I guess I need to consider learning the market value and business practice in the capital city.

“Also, this is the report…”

“Ah, thank you–, wait what kind of writing is this?!”

Somehow it looked more like a hieroglyph. Should I consider hiring an archeologist too here?!

“You still can read it, no?!”

“I do can read it, but please be neater! Though, I still accept this report…”

Hearing me said that, Yurie-san returned to her desk to deal with a huge pile of work while sulking. Despite her attitude, she was a diligent person.

And finally, about Rina-san.

“Rina-san. How is your document organizing job?”


“…Err, are you really that scared of me?”

“E-Emm, I’m not that scared!”

That was a lie, no?

Despite the time we spent together, Rina-san still behaves like that. When talking with Sofia-san, Eri-san, Yurie-san, or even her majesty, she looked calmer, but when it comes to me, she looked frightened.

Am I being hated or something?

If so, being hated by a succubus, that would be a very serious situation…

“So then, Rina-san, regarding the warehouse management documents…”

“Ah, right, I’m sorry… T-The documents are here. T-Then, please excuse me, I’m going to reference room! I need to investigate as to how to deal with monsters on the battlefield!”

Saying that Rina-san hurriedly leaves the logistic department while looking nervous. She looked charming when her tail was caught in the closing door.

“Sofia-san, how should I deal with this?”

“Even if you ask me…”

It seems Sofia-san found her hard to understand as well…