Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c11


Decrease the work, Increase the work hours, increase the workers, or increase the efficiency of our work.

Roughly those 4.

But the workload will only go in one direction, increase, while if we increase the workload, we might die due to overwork.

And there’s a limit in how much we make the work efficient since we don’t have the computer here. And there’s also the possibility that quality would drop if we tried to increase the efficiency too much.

“Sofia-san, is there a magic that could solve office work?”

“… Let see. There’s no magic, but there’s a drug that could solve that. It is a magic drug that the development department had developed a few years ago, a drug that will increase one concertation just by drinking it…”

“Let us end the conversation because I feel something dangerous from it…”

Since the development department was involved, that was definitely something dangerous. I need to take care of myself. –

Anyway, I have no choice, but to increase the worker in our department.

“Should we make a petition to increase our personnel? I did say that before but… This time I need to make sure its success…”

I decided on the safe method.

As I consulted Her Majesty concerning the logistic department personnel, I received an unexpected answer.

“Sure… That is what I wanted to say, but it would be difficult to do that.”

“Why is that?”

“Easy. Because of the corruption, you mentioned during the meeting, we’ve performed a large-scale investigation, those who perform corruption, those who involved, those who pretend not to see. As a result, I have to execute, demote, detention, dismiss those kinds of people, now, we ended up with shorthand.”

“… How do I say this, I’m sorry for all the inconvenience”

That was indeed a problem, I didn’t take a consideration that such a problem would arise.

Though the situation was kind of bad… Her Majesty shook her head.

“No need for you to apologize. Originally it was I who neglected my duty, for me to not take responsibility would be a problem. This is a necessary measure after all.”

“I appreciate your consideration, Your Majesty.”

But, with that being the case, I ended up with a problem now.

Due to large-scale personnel change within the Demon Army, the lack of manpower had become quite severe.  Since the people who succeeded those who were being dismissed were talented people who didn’t involve themselves in corruption, the army ended up with no talented people to spare for other departments.

I think it would right to say that the human resource within the Demon Army at its limit, I wonder, was it because of that that we ended up getting unnecessary work from other departments?

All of that work is impossible for just the two of us.

In other words, there’s only one way out of this.

“… Your Majesty, if that being the case then, I would like permission to appoint people from the private sectors.”

“Private sectors? What do you mean by that?”

“It’s simple. In the Demon Capital city, there is a lot of other organization, from the craftsman Guild to commercial Guild, I would like to move some of them to the Demon Army. With that, we could deal with the talent shortage.”

“But if we do that, won’t the private sector would run short of talent?”

“I agree. But that is something the private sector need to think about themselves. – If Your Majesty wants a countermeasure then… In the long term, I think it would be better for us to improve the education within the demon territory to raise talent. But, for the short-term, we need to head hunting here…”

“… Fumu. I guess you’re right. There’s nothing but that. However, there’s also another problem, how about the salary? What I meant is, won’t they receive much more attractive proposal from their original workplace? How are you going to deal with that?”

“I have no choice regarding that. In a place where talented people in high demand, it is not weird to raise the salary. Nobody would work in a place where the salary is cheap despite the demand is high.”

Just like in modern Japan, the long distance truck/bus operator have the same problem.

They wanted to lower transportation cost. So they lower the driver’s salary and cost-cutting thoroughly. But a long distance driving was very tiring. Since it was overdemanding for supply, one can almost get a job from them. However, since the salary was small, people won’t gather.

That problem was not limited to the long distance driver.

Improve the treatment first before you said “the youth have abandoned this sector”, it was because of those kinds of people who don’t understand simple things that they ended up with that kind of trouble.

The release of slaves by giving them a salary in some part of the world could be attributed to the government who want to increase their consumption ability. And right now, Modern Japan was moving in the opposite direction.

… That story is not relevant right now I guess. I almost speak out about my previous live grudge.

“The important part is we need to increase productivity more than the increase of labor costs. After all, no one could work 24hours a day, all year long.”

“Is that so? Come to think of it, there’s that drug that was being developed by the development department—”

“Let us not talk about that. I mean, let  us stop the development department manufacture that medicine…”

“Eh?Oh, S-Sure… I guess so, let just do that…”

Dangerous. We almost ended up going backward.

“That aside. Let’s recruit people from the private sector. But then, we also need to consider your status as “human”—, Oh don’t get me wrong alright? I believe in you. Though not necessarily true, You might face a hardship during this recruitment time…”

“It is shameful of me but, I do agree with you.”

I would be surrounded the moment I go out. After all, I’m a human being.

It won’t be impossible for them to kill me the moment they see me wandering around their capital city.

Furthermore, since I was practically an unknown being, its also won’t be weird if rebellion happens if an unknown person spoke nonsense such as ‘oi, you have talented people there, send them to my place’.

“If that the case then, let me help you. Despite looking like this, I am the demon lord you know? My face is well known.”

Somehow, I feel some thorn from her Majesty words.

I’m sorry for causing you a lot of trouble… – Please don’t stare at me that hard. I might die because of it.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not angry.”

“… Really?”

“Sure… I’m just a little anxious…”

Isn’t that because you’re angry?

“Well, whatever. Let us recruit some people from the Guild that I acquainted with. Regarding their ability and numbers, do you have any request?”

“Since the scale would only get larger, I would say as much as possible but, if we secured a lot of people all at once, a problem would arise from it. Since there’s also education problem, for now, I’m okay with a couple of people. From there we will increase the number bit by bit.”

“Alright then. If that is the case then the Guild would probably consent. But then, would it be better if we obtain the highest ability? For future executive?”

“Well, I guess that is right. After all, we have to manage with a small number of people for now.”

In the future, the logistics department would be a huge organization with thousands of people as its member.

However, we’ve just started, and there was also the transportation corps as the traditional supply unit. The future aside, for now, we should manage with a small number of people. From there we will build the foundation.

“For the time being, anyone who could handle General affairs is enough. Of course, please make sure they are able to read and write sufficiently. I would like if they have some communication skills too, but at this point in time, I think I was asking too much. I think it is enough as long we could communicate smoothly.”

It would be bad if we get someone who could only speak one word.

Ah also, please choose people who will not beat me up at first sight just because I am a human being.

“If possible it would be better for us to extract people from the sector where the management is no good. After all, usually in that kind of place, the treatment is bad. And that’s where we could improve their morale by showing a better treatment.”

Source, me.

“Oho, I see… Alright then. I should be able to find a few people soon. You should be able to expect some newcomer as early as the day after tomorrow. Do look forward to it.”

“Thank you very much, your majesty.”

As expected, her Majesty hell Arche is the ideal boss.