Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c1

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1-1 Documents Are Important.

In the end, I would be given work supporting the demon army by doing logistic paperwork in the background.

Well, the logistics department was one of the army important office that was outside of the battlefield, thus I should be a bit grateful here.

There was no cut to define the detail but the most important of the department was the supplies unit.

“Prepare the necessary number in necessary places and when such necessary, necessary. That was the work of supply unit, well there’s a saying that ‘one cannot win a war with supply alone. However, without supply, there won’t even be wars’. ”


When I explained about that, Sofia-san didn’t show any reaction at all.

That was why today was my turn to explain this completely.

An army can be compared to a spear.

The spearhead was the combat unit and the part of the handle was the logistics units.

The spearhead had a sharp blade. With such sharp blade, they defeat the enemy. But for a spearhead to became a spear, they needed a ‘handle’ that support the spearhead.

Without it, no one would be able to make use the spearhead to attack the enemy. If one goes attacking without the handle, even if it was a successful attack, the one holding the spearhead directly would be hurt as well.

In other words, the logistics division within the army which support the combat troops secure the ability and boost the survival ability of the troops. Combining the combat troops and the logistics department, that was what made up of an armed force.

On Earth, I heard the United States Marine Corps combat units only account for 20% of the entirety of their Marine Corps,  the remaining 80% were non-combat troops, such as supplies, repair engineer, communication, medic, personnel affairs, and public affairs.

And, as for the demon army logistics situations…

“I’m back, Akira…”

Why Her Majesty Hell Arche came to the logistics department you ask?

I would like to tell her to go back to her own room but, this was the situation I was always in since I was being summoned. Thus I stopped saying that to her… Since I will only get tired…

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Majesty.”

“That’s right, I’m really tired you know? Why are humans never give up…”

Today too, she seemed to have obliterated 2-3 divisions of badly organized human troops. (1 division = 10,000 of troops) In physical meaning. <TLN: That was author explanation, not mine>

Today too, it can be said only the demon lord and her elite force was the only one left capable of guarding the demon lord territory.

“How is your work going, Akira? Have you gotten used yet?”

“Yes… Thanks to your majesty and Sofia-san…”

Sofia-san was a diligent person.

I heard that she was originally the secretary of the demon lord army. Me as well, currently I’ve been regarded as executive staff officer within the demon army. Or should I say in term of value, she works better than I do…

… Maybe, I was not needed in the first place.

Had her majesty didn’t say anything about being wasteful if I got killed then and there, by now I would’ve been traveling to another world in another sense…

“I see, I see… Good then, if that is the case, I don’t have to worry about killing you for now it seems?”

She released a murderous intent for a moment which caused me to sweat. Please stop this, your majesty, that was no joke for me…

“Oh right, Akira… I want to treat my regiment with liquor. Because each of the personnel is a heavy drinker, please keep the moderate amount…”

The result of her threatening me was she demanding liquor. How cunning… But, I’m also a man… So I had to say what I must say…

“Certainly… However, Her Majesty, I have something that I wish to discuss…”

‘What is it?”

I’ve not said anything because she was the demon lord, but I believe something like this would happen every time in the future, thus I better say something about it.

I need to talk with courage… Even when I say I wish “discussion’ Her Majesty eyebrows twitched, I will still say it!.

“Well, I will make today as an exception but… From now on, please do hand over official documents requesting for it…”


This was the current condition of the demon army logistics department.

The demon army, their logistics department was surprisingly very underdeveloped.

They didn’t prepare any documents to request something, mostly they did it via verbal requests.  I did write a memo regarding this, and there was also the existence of paper in this world, but many didn’t follow it…

Had they used proper document requests, it would be easier to understand how much goods and which units need the goods…

“… How troublesome… Isn’t it fine doing it verbally like this?”

Like that, her majesty said something irresponsible, or rather, thanks to that personality of hers, the documents management was in ruin…

Even letter of an order hardly existed… Most of them also done by verbally

Rather than an army… I’m impressed that a country could exist like this… I hardly could imagine how the domestics management work…

“However, for smoother army operation, it is important for your majesty to think about documents more seriously. If your majesty really wanted to blow away the mankind that didn’t want peace. Even if it is troublesome, in the long term, it will benefit your majesty, how is it?”

Then in a few days, we will start using office-like words including the army.

Everyone do you want to work with us? If you apply now, we have a dog-eared lady here, even you might get personal beautiful wolf-kin as secretary. There was no guarantee that you can return back to your original world, thus no transportation fees. <TLN: Random ADs by the author…>



“If we do that documents paperwork you’re talking about, we will be able to move the army smoother, is that the truth?”

Scary, scary… Her eyes were scary…

“Half yes, Half no… We won’t be able to see the effect immediately. The officer working on it mostly done by only Sofia-san and me, furthermore, I have to create the organization from zero, with the aim for long-term so…”

“I don’t need to hear your long-winded explanations… Let’s say it clearly…. When can we see the effect?”

Her majesty brings her face closer…

She struck her hand on the desk and her face move close enough that I even could feel her breath… I guess, indeed a demon king…

“… At the minimum… 10 Years…”

I think it was practically impossible to finish creating a government organization within 10 years, but if I said more than that, I had the feeling she would say, “I see, it seems much better if I killed you faster”…

“I see, it need 10 years to finish huh?”

No no, I didn’t say that I could finish it in 10 years? I said the minimum…

I think the more appropriate time needed would be around 30 years…

“Unexpected, fast!  Since you said for a long-term, I thought you’re going to say 100 years or something!”


Wait, 100 years you said?

“Y-Your Majesty… As expected, I won’t be able to live for 100 years you know?”

“Hnnn? Oh, Relax… Except for some, when I took someone as my subject, their lifespan would be frozen due to my magic… Until I die, you won’t grow old Akira!”

Wait, oi, I never heard of that…

“I did not say anything about it after all…”

Don’t read my mind!

“The demon kind had a long life expectancy from the start, so you don’t have to worry. Goblins and Orcs and sometimes I do make an exception for humans such as you…”

“I-I see…”

Now that I think about it, I glanced at Sofia-san.

However noticing my gaze, she answered my doubt.

“Akira-sama, I didn’t have her majesty magic that freezes lifespan. From the start, Beastmen have a long life expectancy.”

Like I said, don’t read my mind!

What is it, were you guys saying that the demon kind and demi-humans generally could read someone’s mind?

“Well, it was more because Akira expression is easy to read…”

No really, your majesty, you could read my mind, didn’t you?

“Well, that aside… I can understand the importance of documents you said… Rather than 10 years, you can take your time to create the organization in 100 years. Since the humans won’t give up, they won’t go anywhere anyway…”

Also, don’t forget about the matter of the alcohol.

As she said that, her majesty left the room.

… For now, let us start to think about increasing our staff…


Formal documents or documents for short were necessary for anything in the modern era. People call it, documentation principle.

If there were no official documents, nothing will be done, and if the documents incorrect, one need to correct them, or even recreate them.

It sounded troublesome, but leaving behind evidence was very important.

However, because it cannot be stored digitally, it was hard to keep them. There was the need to appropriately dispose of them by setting storage deadline.

“Well then anyway, we need to make a formal example for the official document related to the supplies… Sofia-san, do you have any question?”

This world was not medieval Europe, in this world, we have magic arts, we could create paper and ink in mass production as long we overlook the quality…

However, Sofia-san question made me realize of a more serious problem…

“Then, I do have one question, is it alright?”

“Yes, please ask anything…”

The moment I realize it, I was amazed at how long the road the people of my world had gone to achieve what we had…

“What should we do regarding those who cannot write and read?”

“… Oh…”

I didn’t think about that…

In contemporary Japan, only a few people couldn’t read or write…

Thus the idea that the people of this world mostly could not read and write never crossed my mind. I guess that was the disadvantages of documentation principle. No rather, it feels strange that people held officer status when they could not read or write…

As expected, educations were very important.

“How many people that could not write and read?”

“The majority of the general soldiers bellow that of the noncommissioned officer could not write or read. Even in the officer rank, I think only half are capable of doing so…”

What can I say…

I guess for now I need to inform Her Majesty Hell Arche to think about education for the future and do some temporary measures…

“Well then, how about this… For the start, we will adopt the documentation policy when making logistics request only for the higher ranked officer, then we will gradually adopt it to everyone according to the degree of the education progress…”

“I understand… I will tell every department regarding that…”

Good good… This was the small step for the logistics department, but for the demon army, this would be a big step… But there was something that worries me which prevent me to feel happy.

Just now, I noticed, she said ‘tell’…

“Sofia-san… How are you going to ‘tell’ them?”

“Of course, I will tell them verbally via thought waves or communication magic, or with a magic tool for communication if it is necessary…”

“Please do use formal official documents…”

The journey of this logistics departments seems long… I wonder, will 10 years be enough?