Demon Army Staff Officer – v0-c4

Editor: Starbuck11


Demon Lord Hell Arche leads the allied forces filled with demonic beings and also demi-humans, waging a never-ending war against the humans, the humans call the enemy’s army as “Demon Lord Army or Demon Army”


The war specifically started around 1,000 years ago.


I’m a human, you sure you were fine with it ?


“Akira-sama, you’re summoned under the pretext of “The one who is faithful to me”. So there’s no problem, I think…”

“Does that pretext mean I’m Her Majesty slave or servant ?”

“Almost, is there any problem with it ?”

“N-No, there’s none…”


I didn’t have the courage to deny it up front, saying that being Her Majesty’s servant was a problem.

Demon Lord from fantasy word, please take care of me, also, I guess the fact that she was a strong being explain how she managed to attract so many faithful followers.


“… Well then, may I tell you the rest ?”

“Please go ahead…”


*Uhum*, after clearing her throat, Sofia-san resumes her storytelling.


In this world, there were magical and mysterious powers.

Miraculous powers that defy the physical law, which includes magic arts, spirit arts, and summoning arts.

Because the Demon Lord Army is predominantly filled with magic users, they managed to dominate the battlefield against the humans in the first few hundred years.


However, the human forces had reduced the difference in power using science, and eventually they managed to dominate the Demon Lord Army in the last few decades.


“To reverse the situation like that, just how advanced is the human’s science ?”


If their science was really developed, then there should be guns and cannons.

Had I known this beforehand, I would not have applied for office work, and instead, I should’ve sent an application into the technology department, with my previous world knowledge I could be able to create cheat items.


“The human army have ships made using steel. Moreover, it could sail across the ocean without using any sails, crushing our wooden boat into dust. In the sky, the human creates iron dragon knights, that dance and drop an object filled with explosive magic. From beyond the horizon, they would rain us with steel, even if we took advantage of the night and bring it to a close quarter combat, the same still happens…” <TLN: So, modern battleship, fighter, and artillery ?>


“Ah, I see, somehow I can understand…”


It seems the humans here have undergone the industrial revolution, and their scientific power was the same as the First World War in my previous world.


“You’re doing great, to be able to face against that kind of human onslaught…”


“I think the breakthrough of the situation would be, when Her Majesty and the regiment under her halted the human advance using large firepower magic, then forced them back with human-wave tactics using mass-produced golem.”




I held my head. It seemed they only did things hastily without much thoughts.

However, Her Majesty Hell Arche, being able to maintain such a front line, as expected of the Demon Lord. On Earth, there was also a pilot called The Devil, but the scale was different. <TLN: Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, Japanese Pilot, Ace of Ace, 102 aerial victory against USAF. Ref:>


But in this situation, the Demons also understood that they were in a dangerous predicament, that was why they tried to find breakthroughs by using summoning magic that needs 30 years to prepare …


Then the savior that appeared … was me…


“… Turn out to be some useless one…”

“I’m really sorry…”


I’m sorry for being a powerless Japanese boy.