Demon Army Staff Officer – v0-c3

Editor: Starbuck11


The fantasy world that I saw in my dream.

I don’t know if this world was like that of old medieval Europe, but with the existence of magic alone no more proof was needed that this was a fantasy world.

The fantasy that everyone admires… I’ve come !


Alright !

But, there’s also a reason to be sad…


“… Emm, Your Majesty hell Arche… Is this really alright ?”


“What are you worried about Akira ? You said you can do office work…”


“Well I did say that but…”


The problem was that somehow I ended up becoming an administrative officer… No, that was not the biggest problem here…


Because they don’t seem too shocked when they found out that I was a just ordinary person.


Oh Goddess, why did you sent me to another world ? For what reason ? Why wouldn’t you send a more capable person ? There were those such as Edison, Einstein, or Napoleon who would’ve been better, you know ? I seriously could not understand this situation.


After the summoning ceremony, I was actually working a paperwork… Although her vessels seemed to object it, Her Majesty said…


“This is Akira who we’ve spent 30 years to summon, no ? If we killed him now, isn’t that going to be a waste ?!”


That seemed to be the conclusion…

If I think about it, she seemed to be quite a tolerant Demon Lord.

I was not trying to speak poorly of her, but she looked pathetic…


“Did you say something ?”


“No, nothing…”


After some brief exchange, I was being guided by a woman with dog ears and tail wearing a one-piece military uniform towards my exclusive use office. The new living space or maybe a prison that was given to me.


The nameplate was written on the door with rough letters, it was reading as “Logistics Office”. Moreover, it was written in Japanese.


The reason was simple… When we talked about military office work, I suggested being placed in the Logistics department.


“What is Logistics ?”

“Yes ?”


It seems I have to begin from there…


The director of the Demon Lord’s army logistics department. That would be my official title.

Compared to my previous flat work, this can be considered a huge success in life, but  I can’t be completely happy because of it.


… Well, at least I have to break down the paperwork… Or else, Her Majesty might find me useless and decide to cut my head in a single swing of her sword.


“This is Akira-sama room… Please feel free to use the bedroom however you like, it is located on the other side of the right door. The left door is the drawing room. These rooms have not been used for the past 50 years, but it should be okay…”


The beautiful dog-eared woman give me the explanation.

Somehow I felt she had a great ability when it comes to office work. A-At least, I should not lose against this girl.


I wonder, how should I start the conversation with her… What should I say ? I’m anxious…


“Well, being given a room is already great enough… I should thank her Majesty for this…”


“Of course you do…”


… Err, aren’t you a bit too cold ? Am I being hated somehow ?


“Also, from today onwards, I’ve been appointed as Akira-sama attendant. You may order me however you want, as long it has no problem with legality and morality and is during the working hours, I shall do everything…”


“No, it’s fine… I might be a man, but that didn’t mean I’m a man without integrity…”


I knew it, She hated me…

After all, I’m a human being…


“For now, I would like you to tell me your name, dog-eared-san…”

“D-Dog-eared ?”


She frowned…

No no, you do have canine… If I had to say, her ears and tails looked like the one belonged to the Siberian Husky. What else other than a dog ? Ah, I guess saying that to a woman I just met was no good, eh ?

And she looked younger, am I wrong ?


“Ah, I guess it was rude for me to call you dog-eared out of the blue, isn’t it ? Please forgive me.”


“That’s right ! That is rude of you, are you trying to insult me ?!”


She shouted at me… Is it something to get so much angry about ? But then I guess that was natural… Since I called her a dog suddenly… That was my mistake…


“I’m not a dog… My name is Sofia Wolff ! I’m from the proud Wolff family ! Don’t lump me together with dogs !”


That was your problem ?!


“… I’m sorry…”


Well… Even westerners sometimes mistook Japanese as Chinese people too… Maybe that was how she felt… Although I don’t mind about such thing, many people still care…


After bowing to her as an apology, she forgave me after giving me a long lecture…


She says…


“It is fine because I’m a kind one… But those who care about that kind of things will definitely peel your skin off…”


That was what she said…

Let us be careful next time….


“Well then, Wolff-san… I would like to talk about my work at once…”


“… Understood… Although you seem to be in high spirit, to be honest, there is not much to do… Before that, Akira-sama is person from another world, wouldn’t it be better for me to talk about this world first ?”


“If it is not long, then fine…”


“Please be relieved… Because I will make it short. Also, you can call me “Sofia”… Because Wolff represents my tribe name, thus most Wolff tribespeople have the same surname…”


“… I see… Then, Sofia-san, from now on, I’m looking forward to work with you…”


After saying that, I held out my right hand.

But Sofia-san who was still angry ignored my hand brilliantly.


It broke my heart a little…