Demon Army Staff Officer – v0-c1

Editor: Starbuck11


0-1 (Rites of Summoning)


In this room, there were no windows, only one woman and some number of followers were standing in the hall, illuminated by a small light coming from the ceiling.


In the center of the hall, Magic Arts formula were being drawn geometrically, and shadows of people surrounding it.


“—Far away life, from a faraway land. With all of our power, we hold this sacred ritual…”


A woman quietly cites some words.

As if in response to her words, the magic arts formula glows gently.


“The faithful one…”


“The savior that shall bring us salvation…”


“The one who shall bring the world’s revolution…”


“I summon thy…”


Words were spoken by the woman and her attendants.

With more words being spoken, the magic arts glow becomes brighter.


The light’s intensity increased every time they spoke their words.


Eventually, the light was bright enough to cause people to close one’s eyes…


“My name is Hell Arche…”


The woman gives her name.

With this, the ceremony was completed.


The one who will bring them salvation.

The one who’s faithful towards her.

The summoned one who will save the world.

A new savior…


“With my name, I summon thy…”


For the sake of salvation, they summoned a savior…


Along with Hell Arche’s words, the light turns into a torrent…Then, within the light, she saw a shadow.

At the same time the brightness disappeared, the figure appears before them… <TLN: “ヘル・アーチェ” Her name…>


It was a success…

Hell Arche was delighted by what had happened in front of her.


A new savior had been born from sacred ritual…

A sacred hero was born to save the world.


We will be saved…


That was what everyone had thought inside their minds.


Then, the shadow emits some words…


What kind of words will the savior say?

Powerful words appropriate for the existence that will save the world, or Words promising loyalty towards Hell Arche…


Everyone waited with great anticipation…


And that person finally opened his mouth, his trembling vocal cords shakes the air as the person spoke the language of this world…






The summoners tilt their heads all at once…

Something was wrong. That was not a word that a savior would usually say, or rather than something, everything was wrong.


The summoners looked bewildered and confused, the shadows that appeared like an ordinary human with an unusual uniform finally continue his words.


“—Emm, Who’s calling ? Where is this ? Kyan yusupiku ingurisshu ? <TLN: Can you speak English ?… Yes, the author uses Hiragana here…”




“They can’t understand English, huh ?”


Like this, the simple “human” who was supposed to live in a normal modern Japan had been summoned to answer many people’s desires and betrayed their expectation the moment he appeared.


This was a story of a man who carried a little bit of a disappointing destiny…