I’m sorry, for not posting the seiju tsukai series daily for the past 1 weeks, I’m planning to move the website/blog hosting… thus, I want to calm the traffic first… the moving will be done this weekend. After I’m done moving the web/blog, I will update all the chapter worth 2 weeks. I’m sorry for […]

Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 73

TLN: the chapters will automatically being released every 06.00 america time(Pacific), I’ve prepared around 20 chapters.. so for a whole month, you will have a new chapter everyday. Chapter 73 (Visitors) The Greatest Failure.  Being too naive.  With such expressionー miscalculation, that is what the person thought.  Although the original purpose was being achieved, the […]

I have no excuse! But anyway this an explanation… And JLPT Test result!XD

“Where are you!” “Where my release!”… that was probably your question… Well these past months was filled with many unexpected events for me… which cause me a lot of mental fatigue. I’m very sorry. I’m going to release all chapter that I’ve finished translated before the end of the months. As for my JLPT test […]

Reformation of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord – v1 – c3

Chapter 3 (Things that being instructed to Mana) Mana opened the door and went out to the corridor.  “Well then, please excuse me.”  After bowing toward the feudal lord couple inside the room, she closed the door.  I had serve Klienselt family for the past three years. It has been one year since the inexperience […]