Alexis Empire – v1-c45

More than 5,000 soldiers had attacked the rebel army that night.  It was a successful surprise attack by a large army that would usually be regarded as impossible to do.  In fact, they had managed to pull off the surprise attack more than Chart had expected.  In reality, he was not underestimating his enemy at […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c42

7th Month, 18th Day. On paper, Chart was leading the army, and General Raffle provided the assistance, the [Dinkwood rebel army] had arrived in Dravi territory. (They had called themselves as the ‘the legitimate imperial army’ and called Leonard’s side as ‘private army alliance’, but as time goes on, in the history, people begin to […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c41

Dravi territory was located approximately halfway between the imperial capital and Dinkwood territory.  The courtiers had designated the place as the gathering place for the government forces, they must’ve chosen the place hastily while thinking ‘We need to buy time as much as possible but, we also don’t want the rebel force get close to […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c40

And five days later, Duke Dinkwood swiftly move his army.  Torame looked back, the army made a long line in the highway as they were heading toward the Imperial Capital.  The number was around 15,000 men.  That number was not included the soldiers defending the Duke Dinkwood territory. Furthermore, the number was still growing. The […]