Alexis Empire – v1-c4

Spring had passed, and summer had come, Admov army still continued their invasion, but their offensive was like an old donkey waiting to die, and could not penetrate Alexis military defense line. They didn’t withdraw probably due to their upper echelons obstinacy. Admov had spent a considerable amount of money to get the logistics for […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c3

Those two things had become flesh and blood of Leonard. Far from the imperial capital, no one had called him ‘crossbreed.’ With a thousand knight of Rozalia, he fought without getting tired. That was when he met Alan. The two of them who had studied at another territory, Eidonia Territory, absorbed the bravery and nobility […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c1

It was when he turned 15 years old when the eight princes of Claude Empire taste his first battle. It was a defeated battle. Countless enemy soldiers were holding their spears. Inside the forest dense with Alexis chestnuts big trees, running along the highways piercing roar of battle cry could be heard. Showing the economic […]

Flame Kingdom – 20.2

“… Fuuuh.” “Thank you for your hard work, Erika-sama.” “Thank you, Emily.” After she went back to her office room, I served some tea for her. Despite looking tired, Erika-sama drinks the tea while having a smile on her face. “As expected, that was really tiring…” “Please don’t overdo yourself…” Erika-sama, who smiled a little […]