Alexis Empire – v1-c10

“Five years later, this country will be destroyed by Admov.”  Such a horrible fact was stunned, even Leonard.  Since no one could immediately rebuke her words.  That was how intense Shera words were…  “… No way, right?”  Leonard, who quick to recover confirmed that she might not be wrong.  Bauman then tried to argue…  “Rozalia […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c9

Leonard and his knights left the Earl’s residence with the representative seeing them off.  The representative who didn’t know about the battle didn’t realize. Leonard was supposedly brought two hundred knights with him, but now less than 100.  They were assigned a different task.  it was post-processing of the four hundred people who surrendered.  Yes, […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c7

Five days later, knights group headed by the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu attacked.  The great chief waited on the mountainside.  The cavalry boasts an ability to breakthrough using the power of the horses. However, the horses unexpectedly had weak physical strength. If one were to keep going up the hill at full speed, the horses would […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c6

Out of Alexis 10,000 troops, only 2,000 reached Kursand.  There was no time to rest. In order to report on the matter, Leonard takes some knights with him and travels to the imperial capital.  The crowd roared, welcoming them at the northern gate of the imperial capital.  It was not the kind of warm cheers. […]

Flame Kingdom – 21.2

“….” “…” “…” “… Emm… Erika-san?” “… What?” Inside private Erika’s room, Kota was sitting on the chair facing each other. She looked mad. Erika-san is definitely angry!… “E-Emm… I’m sorry for taking Sonia with me without permission. I know it might turn into an international problem if I took Sonia-san without the lord, Erika-san’s […]