Announcement : Wortenia Senki LN ver, Kuro no Senki, And The Girl and The War.

First of all, thank you for those who keep reading my website, and passionate reader who even spare their time to email me whenever I’m late to release.
As you might realize(or not), I’ve translated Wortenia Senki Web Novel Version up to the latest one.
When that happens, I was struck with, “What should I do now.”
But then, I realize I have some abandoned Novels (Such as Kuro no Senki or Seiju Tsukai), and I need to get back to that.

Meanwhile, we have Wortenia Senki Light Novel Version which can be regarded as a story of its own, because the story differs so significantly between the Light Novel and Web Novel.
For example, in the Web Novel, we got introduced with The Organization late into the story, but in the Light Novel, we got The Organization introduced to us very early(the prolog of volume 1 to be precise)

With that, I decided, to take Kuro no Senki back, and Wortenia Senki light Novel version as an active project, also, Welcome to the new project The Girl and The War.

About The Girl and The War, it was similar to Youjo Senki(if you were familiar with the series), but more light and the war was in a medieval setting…

The Web Novel Series will have a regular schedule. (Yes from now on I will try to release them as mentioned in Status)

But for Wortenia Senki Light Novel Version, it will only be released whenever A CHAPTER was done being translated, as you might know, in Light Novel, a chapter might contain 50-100 pages, this is where Patreon users come in, those who subscribe as Patron could read the On Going translation 5-10 page per week.
And also, you may read ahead Demon Lord army 5 to 10 chapters ahead.

Currently working for the Flame Kingdom, and Kuro no Senki read-ahead system.