Alexis Empire – v1-c9

Leonard and his knights left the Earl’s residence with the representative seeing them off. 

The representative who didn’t know about the battle didn’t realize. Leonard was supposedly brought two hundred knights with him, but now less than 100. 

They were assigned a different task. 

it was post-processing of the four hundred people who surrendered. 

Yes, they were alive. He had just misled the representative officer that they were all killed. 

Leonard had been doing this every time they defeated bandits group for the past two years. Even if they were bandits, those who still have room for redemption and had good physics were given a place where they could redeem their sins. 

Of course, it was part of their ‘masterplan’ to get back Alexis. 

Leonard and the knights were marching quietly on the main streets of Krador, the province capital, while receiving fervent cheers by the citizen. 

The bandits had harmed the logistics distribution and also affected the lives of many people. Thus Leonard and the others who defeated them were being viewed as heroes by the people of Zaan. 

The town ladies come to the streets altogether, they consulted with each other which knights looked cool. It was obvious to say that some even throw a handkerchief with a kiss mark on it. 

Leonard was no exception for being the talk of the town. 

“I thought he would be a scary man since he is called the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu!” 

“Look at that profile! Dignified and cool!” 

“Rumors cannot be believed after all!” 

Leonard sour face might make it hard to call him handsome but, in the eyes of the young ladies he was a prince on a white horse, despite the one he rode was a black horse. 

Then, men who love to talk about politics also chimed in. 

“I don’t see the personage of a person who escaped alone after being defeated by Admov.” 

“Maybe it was a nickname the enemy bestowed upon him?” 

“I see! So it was not the blood of his comrades but theirs huh?” 

“To only understand that now, you guys are nothing. He had been going around subduing bandits you know? So, of course, I know from the start that he is a real hero.” 

“Definitely. He is a great man.” 

“He can’t be compared to those imperial nobles who only know how to lie on one’s back with legs outstretched.” 

— And others topics. 

Of course, their voice also reached Leonard’s ears. 

Thanks to that, he was trying his best to look forward. 

Though his mouth was distorted into a strange shape. 

“Fufufu… Just what kind of a face is that?” 

Someone pointed it out and laughed. 

It was a girl that he knows who spoke with him… 

Before Leonard noticed she had ridden a horse and appeared from the side road and then ride beside him. 

On her blue eyes, mischievous lights can be seen. 

Her long silver hair was swept by the wind and was shining, reflecting the sunlight. Even the town girls who come to see the knights off could not help themselves but gasped when seeing her. 

She was a fascinating beautiful girl who had gathered the favor of all heavenly gods. Her swelling breast, which swayed according to the horse’s stride, was also extremely bewitching, not only beautiful but also have a nice body, such an unfair disposition. 

Of course, she was not a town girl. 

Leonard then replied to her teasing words… 

“Please don’t laugh, Strategist-dono.” 

Hearing that, the girl became sullen immediately. 

“Please call me Shera, Leo-sama. I don’t like such a distant way of calling…” 

Her sulky look was really suitable for her 16 years old age. 

However, Leonard know, that inside her head was full of wisdom— 

It was during the time when they got defeated by Admov and went to the capital. 

Leonard, who had vowed to recapture Alexis, went to the surviving Alexis knights, reiterated their will and asked them for cooperation. 

They were all agreed. 

And other than them, some even applied for cooperation. 

And among them, it was Rozalia’s lady attendant, Shera. 

“Let me help as well! Please let me fight as well! I also want to take back Alexis… I want to take back Lint! Above all, Rozalia-sama must have hoped the same thing if she is here!” 

Shera, who was still fourteen at the time, appealed desperately while holding Rozalia’s hairs. 

No one present at the time said ‘what a little girl could do?’ 

Because Leonard and the Alexis knights know… 

Because she was someone who Rozalia had made into lady attendant after looking around Alexis, a talented person. 

If her status of lady attendant were being taken, then what left would be a bureaucrat, staff officer. Basically, she was someone whom the lady marquess train to be one of the wise men. 

Especially Shera, Rozelia had set her eyes on Shera’s natural talent. 

If Rozalia educates Leonard, the heaven-sent child in Military Arts. 

In Shera case, Rozalia found her, the heaven-sent child of wisdom. 

“I have an idea.” 

Shera put her hand on her chest and declared. 

She didn’t appear to be frightened in front of adults and knights. 

Leonard had brought the important knights to the Alexis state residence in the imperial capital. Inside the conference room that Rozalia usually used during her stay– The interior and furniture had her strong taste- Twenty men attentively listening to the lecture of a fourteen years old girl. 

“Admov invasion would stop after they took control Alexis.” 

Leonard nodded his head in agreement. 

Although they were defeated, they had made Admov army suffered heavy losses. 

“They won’t be able to move until they recover their military power and soldiers…” 

“Yes. And based on my prediction, it will take them five years before they resumed their invasion.” 

That was a reasonable point. There was no objection from the other knights up until here. 

“On the other hand, there will be no move from Claude to recapture Alexis.” 

Leonard also agrees to that. 

Claude was an empire with strong feudal system. Alexis was part of Claude, but it had the strong character as Rozalia’s personal territory. Unless they were loyal people who screamed ‘Claude’s prestige has been damaged by this incident!’, No imperial nobles would think they lost something even when they had been robbed a territory. At least when it comes to short term profit and loss calculation… 

Of course, the story would change in term of long term, but the nobility on Emperor’s side were only those who want to fill their own desire, and most of them didn’t care something that would happen far in the future as long they could enjoy something today. 

Therefore, they believe that the nobles won’t make an effort to take back Alexis. Just to remind, if they had been willing to throw their funds and private soldiers, they should be able to retake Alexis. But no one had the confidence that they could win against Admov and added Alexis into their territory. 

And above all, the present Emperor was a weak-willed one, always living by peeking at the expression of the majority of the nobles. He had no courage to give out imperial command toward the nobles. 

“But, if Admov is invading again, the nobles won’t be able to stay silent.” 

Bauman raised his hand and expressed his opinion. 

“The imperial nobles can only fight them as one. At that time, the country should be able to drive back Admov, and defeat them, while we retaking Alexis in the process. Right?” 

Bauman’s words were a representation of Leonard idea. 

The knights also thought ‘That is the only way, isn’t it?’ 

“We can’t win.” 

However, Shera shook her head with regret.