Alexis Empire – v1-c7

Five days later, knights group headed by the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu attacked. 

The great chief waited on the mountainside. 

The cavalry boasts an ability to breakthrough using the power of the horses. However, the horses unexpectedly had weak physical strength. If one were to keep going up the hill at full speed, the horses would collapse immediately. The mountain was not a place to demonstrate cavalry breakthrough power. 

That was why they would need to dismount the horses and walked on foot. 

Knight was someone who boasts defense power due to their armors. However, heavy armors were something disadvantageous to use when climbing a mountain. Even if they were to wear it, they would get exhausted first before fighting. 

Therefore, they would attack wearing light armors. 

And in battle, one would have a better winning chance if one were to get the momentum. When two forces collided at the same time, the moment seeing their own comrade get slain, the others would falter. It was not a place for an indecisive person. One person hesitation could spread to the whole group, and the only thought that would remain would be running away. 

(One who attack from above, and one who attack from bellow. No need for further thinking which one is stronger…) 

The great chief, even though he was coarse, he did learn one or two tactics. 

According to the report of his followers, the knights had appeared around an hour ago. Thus they would have arrived soon. 

To take advantage of his numerical superiority, they had gathered at the open mountain road. 

Even so… 

The mountain forest was sparsely filled with Zaan camphor trees. the bandits pulled their weapons while disorderly made a line, and waited for the knight to come– But, the knight never come. 

Because of waiting too long, one after another feels their feet become numb. 

The last one who did was the great chief. 

He was wondering, with an adult foot, how come those knights took so long. ‘Was it because they were coming from the city and not used with mountain climbing?’ Such complaint was raised by his followers in the surrounding. 

It was only an hour later that the knights were finally visible on their view. 

Just like the information, there were 200 men. 

And everyone was on foot just like Great chief had predicted. And they didn’t wear any armors at all. 

But, his prediction missed one thing. 

All the knights had brought their horses. But not riding on it, they had climbed with the horses by holding their reins. 

Then, when the knights noticed their position, the knights climbed their horses calmly. 

Then slowly, they advanced their horses. 

“G-Great chief?” 

One of his aides called to him with a pale face. 

The others were started to look pale because he was looking pale. 

There was a feeling of intimidation despite the knights advanced their horses slowly as if telling them, ‘This is an example of war.’ 

Due to the knights’ behavior, Great chief was unsure how to act. There was still some distance between them, and this was the first time he was uncertain whether or not they should charge. 

That was the limit of a crude man with a little wisdom. 

While being confused, the distance with the knights narrowed. 

Their distance was less than one cho(109.9m). 

At that moment, the man in the center of the front row of the knights raised one of his hand. 

He was the only man who wore armors all over his body. It was all black armors with scary design, making him look like a demon. 

Moreover, the horse he was riding also had the same all-black armors. 

The great chief intuition kicked in after seeing him. ‘So he is the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu, Leonard?’. 

Then at the signal of the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu, his deputy officer who was next to him, shouted. 

“The god of war known in heaven and earth, looking over us! Charge!” 

The knights then kicked the horses’ belly all at once. 

In response, the warhorse rushed all at once. 

That intensity was beyond description. 

The sounds of warhorse kicking the earth were like a landslide. 

Indeed, they looked like a landslide, except it come from bellow to the top. It was indeed scary when a creature with a bigger body than humans rush in a flock. 

‘To think they would use cavalry charge up in the mountain!’, was what the great chief thought. 

“I-Impossible…” The great chief looked puzzled. 

His followers who had weak-heart immediately run away. ‘Stop! Or I will kill you later!’ The great chief shouted, but nobody listens to him. 

“If you value your life, surrender!” The enemy adjutant advised. “Gentlemen, we know some of you have no choice but to become bandits! Thus listen, we give you a chance to redeem yourself! That is why drop your weapons and surrender!” 

At the critical moment, such words were being shouted. 

One after another, the great chief followers threw their weapon. 

This time, it was the great chief and his close aides who become pale. The other guys aside, they realize that if they surrendered here, they would get beheaded due to all the crimes and outrageous things they had committed. 

(The government army, I thought they are just a bunch of a coward…) 

Inside the great chief mind, he was dismayed. 

(… No. Why did I think of such a thing? It’s all his fault!) 

He tried to change his mind, and something comes to mind. 

An arms dealers who could be mistaken as a girl. 

He was not afraid of the government army. In reality, those who work dripping with sweats were fools. Those who earn as bandits were the winner. That was how he coaxed him. 

He taught the great chief how to solicited the others carefully, and he even gave the great chief weapons. 

At that time, the great chief didn’t know the purpose but– 

(Did, Did he deceived me?!) 

It was too late when he noticed. 

The great chief was screaming in desperation. 

“I told you all to stop running away!” 

The followers who had dropped the weapons and those who were about to run away stopped in their track. 

“If you don’t want to die, follow me!” 

He managed to regain controls of the other follower by fear. Although he managed to get about one-fourth out of 400, he cannot expect more in this confusion. He hurried charged with all of them. 

Then, among the knights, there was someone who stood out. 

It was the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu. 

He was riding a ridiculous horse. Despite wearing full armors, including his horse, his horse runs faster compared to his comrade. 

The man who rides such a horse must be a true monster. 

Without pulling out his sword, without carrying a spear, he was simply holding a stick in his hand. 

It was a beautiful wooden quarterstaff made out of evergreen oak. 

When he arrived in front of his followers, he would hit them with the stick very hard. He accurately hit only the right arm holding the weapons. When he hit them, they ended up paralyzed and incapacitated. He didn’t take anyone’s life. Even when he was surrounded by more than ten men, he still manages to did that. 

He could be described as a dreadful military man. 

Had he held a spear in his hand, even the great chief would run away unhesitatingly. 

However, he only held a stick! Even if one gets hit, it won’t kill!, That was what the great chief thought. 

Without fear, the great chief assaulted the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu with his sword. 

Soon, the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu’s eyes glared red at him. 

‘What bad luck!’ That was the last spectacle the great chief saw with his eyes. 

Since as soon as he swung his sword, the quarterstaff fell into his head, and his skull broke. 

It was deathly. He left toward the underworld without being able to understand that if it was the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu power, even a wooden stick could be dangerous. 

When the bloodsucking prince of Nosferatu hit the great chief follower, he was holding back. 

After the great chief who ruled the others with fear being subjugated, no one had the courage to resist anymore. 

At the end of the day, the rampage of bandits in the province of Zaan come to an end.