Alexis Empire – v1-c5

When he heard the scream, it was as if time had become slower.

He looked at all the arrows coming at him with his concentration raised to the limit.

It was something that could be said as a war intuition.

It was not easy to break armor and helmet with a sword. However, it was not uncommon for arrows to penetrate them.


That because the power of an arrow was concentrated on one point.

But, if that was the case, then, what he needs to do to avoid certain death was by shifting the point aimed.

Leonard faced the rain of arrows, and slightly move his whole body.

With that, he managed to shift the arrow aim that was supposedly fell on his arms, or chest and let it slip over the armor.

“It can’t be. Impossible…”

The enemy looked at the spectacle in amazement.

“Leo!” “Your Highness!”

Seeing the spectacle, Alan and his fellow knights shouted in delight.

Leonard, seeing the enemy become stunted due to the spectacle, began to attack them again.

He threw his spears and pierced a soldier, then the spear continues to fly toward an archer.

In the blink of an eye, he had killed another five enemy soldiers.

“It’s demon ogre…”

Murmur the enemy soldiers appalled.

“A demon ogre has appeared!”

Someone shouted that words and threw away his weapon and run away from the place.

No one dared to say that his words were exaggerated. After all, whenever Leonard swung his weapon, an Admov soldier lost their life. Even when he only had a broken blade on his hand. His body had bathed in blood, causing his armor to turn red as if it was being painted. No one could stop his assault. Even arrows were deflected by his armors.

In the eyes of the enemy soldiers, a crimson demon was standing in front of them.

And just like the legend said, those who stand before him lost their life.

Because of him, the Admov soldiers fell into a state of panic. Due to the spectacle that didn’t make any sense, they finally scattered away in fear. Even after they joined again with the main unit, they had become useless due to the trauma.

“Hurry up, we need to catch up with aunt…”

Leonard immediately heads to his main unit without thinking further.

He runs along the road as if chasing after his aunt’s back.

Alan and his comrades were exhausted, but no one raised a complaint.

Then, when they caught up with the main unit, they witnessed a disastrous sight.

Corpses of soldiers were rolling on the highway…

There were more of allies soldiers than Admov…

Leonard bites his lips.

But, as expected of Rozalia with her returning to the main unit alone could drive away the Admov surprise attack, he then saw some allied soldiers taking a break in front of him.

“Aunt! where’s aunt?!”

Leonard was searching for Rozalia figure.

“That, voice… Leonard?”

He heard his aunt replied.

He immediately went toward the voice direction…

“I’m glad that you’re safe, Aunty!”

Leonard was happy when he headed toward her.

But when he saw her, he stood stock still…

He saw Rozalia resting her head on the silver-haired maiden, Shera’s lap.

“Hahaha, I wonder if I’m safe…”

The lips that were smiling like a bandit was wet in blood red.

An arrow stuck in her right chest.

Shera, who had tears falling from her eyes, shook her head.

She indicated that the arrow could not be pulled out. If the arrow was forcefully being pulled out, blood would spill out, and it cannot be stopped.

In other words, it was a fatal wound.

“Leonard… Listen…”

She called him without looking at him. Due to the loss of blood, her eyes could not see anymore…

“Yes, aunty. … I’m here…”

Leonard was kneeling on her side.

Despite having an arrow in her right chest, his aunt still tried to speak with a loud voice.

“This past year, you have been learning the art of war. From my point of view, you’re still only a half-man. As with the martial arts, you should not neglect your studies…”

Even with her condition, she was still strict.

“If you could move your armies, and make use of your allies, you will know how to make use your bravery, when that time comes… You will become peerless…”

Her voice was tender.

Leonard responded with a trembling voice.

“From aunt point of view, I am still half of a man, but at least I could protect myself. I’m not a child anymore that need to be protected by his aunt all the time…”

“Is that so… Then that is good…”

Rozalia smiled once again…

Satisfied. And proud.

“… I want to see Lint for the last time…”

Leonard gasped for a moment. Then he closed his eyes and replied, ‘Yes…’…

Shera then helped him to raise his aunt head to face toward Lint city.

While holding tears, she directed her body to face the north.

From there, they could only see the road and forest.

“Do you see it?”

Leonard asked while holding back his tears.

“Indeed… It’s looked good,”, His aunt exclaimed. “It’s beautiful, my city.”

“Yes. Yes… Khu… It is more beautiful than the imperial capital. Far more…”

“… I want to eat Matthew’s stew…”

“Yes, aunty… Me as well… Let me accompany you.”

“… Lastly, lastly… … Haha, it seems like I still have many wishes. Even though I am about to die, how shameful of me, damn it…”

“What do you mean by shameful. For me… You are… Khu. … No matter where…”

“Hahaha… I don’t need you guys to cry for this old lady…”

“It’s impossible…”

“I told you, didn’t I? Tears would only seedling misfortune?”

“… It’s… Impossible…”

“Is that so? Then, only this time, alright?”

“… Yes.”

“… Leo, nard.”

His aunt tried to touch Leonard’s chest.

“… You don’t be like her, alright?”

But her hand was exhausted before reaching him.

Leonard then grabbed her hand.

It was a thin arm. With this arm, she had defended her homeland.

“Yes… Aunty…”

“Looking… Back… I am happy… To have… Meet… You–…”

Finally, his aunt breathed her last breath…