Alexis Empire – v1-c45

More than 5,000 soldiers had attacked the rebel army that night. 

It was a successful surprise attack by a large army that would usually be regarded as impossible to do. 

In fact, they had managed to pull off the surprise attack more than Chart had expected. 

In reality, he was not underestimating his enemy at all. 

However, Shera’s vision was just too great. 

It was as if the goddess of night, Nyx herself had drawn death on the battlefield from above. 

Chart was exceptional but, Shera also exceptional. 

Shera didn’t stand on the frontline of the battlefield, but she controls the battlefield. 

She had complete controls of the movement of the army. Where she draw the conclusion. 

However, Duke Dinkwood soldiers were not an ordinary one. 

General Raffle, who was asleep in one of the tents on the headquarter camp(the center of the encampment) had acted earlier than anyone else when he woke up after hearing the commotion. 

Soon enough Dinkwood knights straddling their warhorse without even wearing their armor, they immediately formed a group of 500 knights that could move freely. 

Amid the camp that was dominated by darkness, confusion, and screams, Raffle displayed an excellent tactical mind and grasped the situation immediately, he even manages to broke through the enemy’s encirclement. 

Those who hold the momentum on the battlefield would have an overwhelming advantage. If he keeps letting the enemy held the momentum forever, the situation would turn irretrievable. First of all, he needs to kill the enemy momentum by counterattacking. 

Raffle led the 500 knights and rush toward Alan and his army. 

As the enemy’s knights approach, Alan’s spine becomes tense. 

(This one is dangerous…) 

It was clear to him that Raffle’s knights would circle his army and attack him and his army from the back by using cavalry mobility. 

Pike soldiers might be formidable if being faced from the front but, if they could sneak to the back of such soldiers, it was surprisingly fragile. Because of the Pike being pointed forward, it was hard for a large number of Pike soldiers to turn direction at the same time. If being left alone, a sneaking army to the back would destroy such pike soldiers. 

It was beyond what Alan had expected. Raffle’s counterattack was so fast and accurate. 

The enemy knights circle the long square formation from the right side. 

Their method to spread fear was also great, causing morale to drop. 

As he fixed his gaze at the enemy knights, Alan wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. Searched for a good workaround. If he gave up now, it would be a disaster. It was not just for a show that he had survived that hell two years ago with Leonard. 

(… They are not wearing any armors… … I see! They did that to not wasting time after waking up.) 

As he understands that, he becomes optimistic that he could respond to Raffle’s counterattack. What he needed to do was to order the soldiers to throw away their Pike and pull out their swords If the flanking army was not fully armed then their chance of winning was not zero. It was better than being destroyed without being able to fight back. 

Alan made his decision and took a big breath and give his command. 

But then, something unexpected which even Raffle didn’t expect happen. 

“A-Alan-sama… Another enemy is closing in from behind!” 

“That can be?! Where are they hiding all this time?!” 

“The military banner indicates, they are Kursand soldiers!” 

“They are coming as a reinforcement?!” 

How much tenacity they had?! To march well into the night like this! 

Such thought crossed Alan’s mind as he saw the unbelievable sight. 

If it comes to this. He was sure he would be annihilated. 

In contrast to them, Raffle’s knights’ morale rose. 

“I can’t believe it! Einham Kursand had marched his army toward here throughout the night!” 

Raffle shouted to raise his allies’ fighting spirits. 

Luck seems to be on their side he thought. They had been attacked by a spectacular night raid. Kursand 2,000 soldiers reinforcement was akin to a rising sun illuminating the darkness. If it was like that, they should be able to successfully perform a counterattack despite their inferior numbers. 

Due to their frequent battle against the bandits, Kursand soldiers were well trained on the battlefield. 

Raffle was happy to see their reliable ally. 

Kursand Knights, using their momentum thrust into the enemy formation while holding their spears. 

To Raffle soldiers that is… 


Alan and Raffle were so surprised that their mind stops thinking. 

It was not a mistake. 

Kursand soldiers were attacking Raffle soldiers vigorously. 

The knights were angry at the sudden betrayal. 

“Lord Einham! Where is Lord Einham!” 

As Raffle shouted around, one horseman appeared from inside the chaos battlefield. 

He didn’t wear his helmet, his unkempt hair swayed by the wind like a lion mane. 

In his right hand, he held a battle ax. And a torch on his left hand. 

His bad mischievous smile was very clear to see even in the dead of the night. Thick dark circles around his eyes making him looked like a bear. 

“Lord Einham! What are you doing?!” 

“Of course…” Einham stopped talking for a moment before continuing… “For revenge.” 

Two years ago, Einham was one of Alexis Knights who served Marquis Rozalia. 

After Leonard, he was one of three most distinguished knights together with Frank. 

He had lived happily with his wife and child in the provincial capital of Lint. 

However, Lint ended up burned in a fire, while the four Duke households remained silent and didn’t send any reinforcement. 

The day when Rozalia decided to abandon Lint, it was the day Einham had decided to return home for the last time. He had told his wife and child to run away first. 

As he thought he had arrived at his unattended home. 

Her wife and child had died, starving. 

Because they possessed a strong sense of justice, and as the wife and daughter of “a wonderful knight best in the world”, they didn’t want to eat the distributed food and given them to the weaker people, in the end, they died while embracing each other while sleeping. 

After seeing that, it was because of the thought there were many maggots to kill, Einham had managed to keep his mind sane.