Alexis Empire – v1-c44

Night of the 19th day of the month. 

Two of Dinkwood soldiers who did night watch on the right-wing of the encampment were taking a piss along the riverbank. 

It was true that many of Dinkwood soldiers were good soldiers. They were serious even when doing a boring job, and also didn’t look nervous before the decisive battle, they could even afford to compete to see how far one could urinate. 

One of them even starts to brag about the woman he knew in his hometown. 

It was questionable whether he was actually confident or just being talkative but, suddenly, he was silent. 

The sounds of *basun* could be heard instead.

As his comrade took a look at him, why he was silent, he saw a long arrow penetrated his head. 

Followed by falling backward, blood, urine, and spinal fluid drenched his body. 

“A-An enemy att–!” 

He could not scream until the end. That was because, when he started to shout, he was struck by another long arrow. 

Along with the silent of the night, many rafts quietly getting close to the riverbank those two soldiers were previously standing. 

Above those rafts, 1,000 Line hunters were riding them. 

It was Garai who killed the two soldiers. 

He then nocks another arrow on his big bow that exceeds 180cm. 

His aim was the rebel army camp with a distance of around 200 meters. 

He then aimed at a soldier who was talking near the firecracker. 

This was one of the plans for this war. 

The Line hunters then rained their arrow all at once continuously. 

As the watchmen scream in one succession, their screams make the others aware of an enemy attack. 

“Release the arrows!” Garai issued the command. “There are many of them! If we don’t kill them fast enough, they would come to us!” As he continues to shout, he also nocks another arrow on his bow. 

In fact, the enemies who did the night watch reacted very quickly. Soon, knights appeared from inside of the camp, they immediately arranged themselves to intercept. 

But, Garai continues to shoot those knights. 

He ignored the distance and also the enemy’s armors. 

Those knights who ride the horses and stand still had become a sitting duck. 

He had a unique ability that causes his right eye to blur and increase his left view. No one could escape the [One-eyed giant, Cyclops] 

He shot dead the knights that give command around, one after another, destroying the enemy’s chain of command. 

In the meantime, the other Line hunters released their arrows to expand the confusion among the enemy and at the same time also slaughtering them. 

Even their night watchmen seem to be useless by now. The field, covered with screams. Due to the confusion, the enemy becomes a confused elephant that could only try to escape. 

Then, Alexis knights who drove down another river charged at them. They were the former bandits who now raised the banner of [Black Dragon]. 

They were not good enough to compete against Dinkwood soldiers and were also inferior when it comes to equipment. Even so, if they borrowed the element of surprise and also Garai’s ability, they should be able to at least destroy some enemies, which was quite fascinating. 

In addition, the obese knight, Frank, who took command of them was also a masterpiece. 

Every time he swung his candy shaped mace, a person’s body got crushed. 

He was once being praised as the third strongest among the Alexis knights after Leonard, and when it comes to herculean strength, he was equal to that of Leonard. 

They then use the surplus momentum they had to crush the tent, trampling over those men who haven’t woken up yet. 

Together with Garai and Frank’s timing, the 1,000 miners also begin to attack the left-wing of the rebel army, under Tiki’s command. 

Armed with a lumbering ax, and leather armors, they went and attacked the enemy ferociously. 

The [Black Dragon] banners they raised bring together their hearts. 

They advanced on the river using rafts quietly. One could only hear the sound of shaking water, and their whispering voice. 

The thing that makes it impossible for a night raid at Bororolos was due to the many streamlet and rivers, they need to use rafts if they wanted to cross them quietly. In the end, Leonard had used the entire army to make those rafts. Thanks to that, they had managed to finish the work and cross the rivers and streamlet without causing much noise. 

However, due to the many rivers and streamlets, it was difficult to read the flow of the rivers. It would be a disaster if they didn’t know which was the upstream, downstream, and how much the momentum. And due to the wide area, the task had become more difficult. They cannot rely on the low-accuracy map of this era. 

If they didn’t have the detailed and overly realistic landscape map made by Amy, they won’t be able to do something like this. 

Since the rebel army had a large army, they need large land to make an encampment. 

They need to divide their camps with rivers in between them. 

Particularly in the left-wing of the camp, the terrain there was quite remarkable. 

If they could exploit it, Tiki should be able to surprise attack the enemy using a small number of soldiers. 

The Line miners raised a war cry and charged with axes in both hands. 

They entered a tent after tent and mercilessly killed the people inside. 

They also knocked down torches that light the surroundings and used them to burn the goods they could find. 

The enemy located on the left wing was extremely slow when it comes to response. 

Because they were the soldiers sent by other nobles to join the rebel army. Chart had left them all together on the left-wing, avoiding mixing them together with the elite soldiers of Dinkwood. 

Even though those soldiers that come from the different provinces were separated with only small streamlets, they could not respond to the attack of Tiki’s unit, it was as if their night duty guard didn’t function at all. 

“Khu! Night attack is an act of cowardice! Who is your leader?!” 

Among the enemy, an old man with a small mustache shouted while riding his horse. 

“It’s me!” Tiki shouted back. 

“Umu! I never thought it would be a woman! But, whatever. This honorable hero, Baron Todglenbracket will face you head-on, come!” 

“I’ve never heard of you!” 

Tiki ordered her wolves to start attacking Tod. 

One of the wolves Fangs bites the front leg of the horse, causing the horse to suffer severe pain. 

Tod-whateverhisnamewas- fall down from his horse, break his neck, and died. 

“Uwaaah, Baron-sama have died!” “Wolves, there are wolves!” “Don’t come to me!” 

The wolves then chased the panicking soldiers. If any of them fell down, the wolves would come and bites at the enemy mercilessly. 

“I’m sorry for not giving you guys meats for a while. Now, I will let you guys eat as much as you guys want. This is an all-you-can-eat buffet da!”  

Seeing Tiki commanding the wolves easily with her chin, none of the enemies underestimate her anymore. 

In the darkness of the night, her figure lit by bonfire, making her looked like a witch. 

Two units attacked the center of the rebel army, which had the strongest defense. 

They went down the rivers using rafts from two sides. 

Attacking from the southwest, with 1,000 people, were soldiers led by Augens. 

With spear in his hand and a long sword on his back, he silently assaulted the enemy. 

When an enemy tried to get close to him, he would even use his foot to attack them and because they had to guard the border all this time, they were accustomed to any time of the day… And above all, Augens ability to command was very high. 

The frontier soldiers deliberately blow some horns to surprise and throw the enemy into a panic. 

Rather than killing, they were more focused to efficiently cause a disturbance. 

On the other hand, Eidonia’s soldiers led by Alan had attacked from the southeast. 

Alan had armed them with Pike and Shields. 

Because Dravi was close to Eidonia, it was quite easy for them to carry those arms. 

As soon as they land on the shore, they immediately form an orderly formation. 

They use horizontal square formation which emphasized attack power. 

Pikes with approximately 5,4 meters in length were aligned and arranged. Those who stand on the second and third line protruded their Pike in between the soldiers in front of them. It was indeed a line of spears held at the steady. Making them looked like a hedgehog. 

They then moved in order. 

The enemy who had started to become aware of enemy attacks trying to intercept them. 

But due to the chaotic situation, the enemy could not get the proper formation and got skewered 

If they were going head to head, Alan force would lose, but since they divided the enemy into pockets, they could defeat the enemy. 

In that situation, Alan soldiers could defeat the enemy just by walking while holding their Pike. 

After they moved past, only corpses left after their wake. 

Augens disturbing the enemy from the southwest, and Alan destroying them from the southeast, while not letting any of them to properly collect themselves. The reason why these two could cooperate perfectly despite the sudden mission was that they were excellent commanders. Alan could only click his tongue. 

As he saw no one could stop his army of marching pike.