Alexis Empire – v1-c43

” [The cradle of corpses] or [The river of blood]. [The mountain of skulls]. There is a reason why the land was named with such ominous names.” 

Shera explained to Leonard as she raised one of her fingers. The time was back to the 7th month, the 12th day. That was during the time that Alexis army marching toward Dravi’s territory, They were currently resting in the town of Baron Polve. 

“To be blunt, it was because the land was a former battlefield. Many people had died there, that was why, local people begin to call the land with such a name but, as time goes on, history was forgotten and only the name remained. Such a thing was common throughout the continent.” 

“That also among the so-called folklore huh?” 

“Yes, this also could be categorized as legendary folklore.” 

And based on that, they were planning to further. 

Ideally, everything in a war was determined based on one’s knowledge. Even more so if you were fighting against greater forces. Such as choosing an appropriate battlefield. 

To chose a place where many people had died, there must’ve been a reason for the battlefield being there. 

For example— The terrain might have been an easy place to fight as an army. 

“That is why, I believe we should challenge them for the decisive battle here, in the land that is called [The cradle of corpses.].” 

Shera smiled mischievously as she said there was a geographical advantage there. 

He takes a look at the map, but Leonard could not come up with anything. 

There were many rivers, but it was an almost completely open area, he could only think that the advantage here would be to win by the difference in military power. 

“With this alone, it would be hard to understand. That is why I would like to introduce outstanding talents…” With Shera’s guidance, Leonard went toward an estate “They are not an individual, but a group.” 

As they entered the estate, they saw many craftsmen working. 

Brushes, paints, and support boards— Those were art materials to produce art. 

“This is the home of a group of painters. Before, they had received Rozalia-sama’s patronage.” 

“Aunt is?!” 

“Indeed. But, after we escaped Alexis, they lost their patron, and since then, they had been wandering around. But then, they met Baron Polve who become their new good patron, which he also provided them with a mansion. 

“Still, painters huh?” He never looks down on them but, he never thought of them as a special gem in war either. 

“If you come here, you would understand.” 

Guided by Shera, Leonard entered the large room at the back. 

Board paintings lined up on the floor. All were landscape paintings. 

Certainly, he immediately understood. All of them were landscape paintings of Bororolos. The river running between the fields, and its appearance were depicted with realistic accuracy. 

As he admired those paintings, they heard someone’s voice from the back. 

“… We’ve been able to draw such wonderful scenery as we travel around the continent. The new Marquis Alexis-sama.” 

Standing there, was a woman around 30 years old, with short stature. Just by traveling they said, which means, they were not ordinary painters. Maybe it was because of her shy personality. 

She introduces herself by not saying much, she called herself ‘Amy’. She seems to be the boss of the party. 

Leonard nodded his head and continue to look at the paintings again. Then he thought deeply. With this, they should be able to grasp the topography of Bororolos. And if they could grasp it, they could easily benefit from the land. 

— Up until there he was being interrupted. 

“Yes. Rozalia-sama had come up with an idea of using their ability for military purpose, thus she ended up protecting them.” 

“… Are you guys fine with that?” 

As Leonard groaned, Amy answered with a cool voice(Although low in volume). 

“… We’re happy to just being able to draw. I do not care if the result were used for warfare. I was thankful that Rozalia had let me immerse myself with painting and let me travel as much as possible.” 

Her voice sounded shy, but he knew that she was a strong woman. 

Leonard then decided to borrows all the drawings of Bororolos. 

As he takes it in his hand, he realized that what he had obtained was just ‘a location advantage’. 

Amy also had sent them off the next morning. 

Then, suddenly she speaks like an artist for once. She said, “You have no flag?”. 

He had forgotten that the military should have a banner. 

Baron Polve who could not participate in the war due to his age but was known as a loyal retainer had offered to provide them with a banner, with the imperial crest on it, which the Empire’s army usually used. 

However, it had [Jet Black Sea Serpent] design which Leonard didn’t like. 

“… If that is being the case, then should I prepare for one?” Amy then took a brush and quickly draw on an empty white flag. “… I’m not really good at anything other than a landscape but…” 

As she said that, she draws a Jet Black Sea Serpent with Bat Wings added. 

“Ah! The bat wings indicate the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu, right? It’s really stylish.” 

The one who laughed was Tiki. 

‘What kind of practical joke is this?’ Leonard had thought but, he could not refuse Amy’s goodwill either. 

“But, don’t you think this looks like another living being?” 

Shera who was starring at it muttered. 

Just like that, a certain thing appeared inside Leonard, Garai, Tiki, Bauman, Frank’s mind. 

“”” A Dragon…””” 

In the future, that Alexis’ battle flag would be known as [Golden Fire Breathing Dragon]. 

The designer of that flag would serve Leonard during her lifetime with another nickname [Mother Earth Goddess, Kyuubei]. Little was known in regard to the wandering painter Amy. 

7th Month, 16yh Day. Alexis Army raised the [Black Dragon] banner as they joined with the 4th prince army. 

Leonard then arranged the landscape paintings during the war council. 

He proposed that the decisive battle should be done at Bororolos. 

Then he presented the strategy to [Coldblooded Prince, Boreas] Kirukus, and to [One-armed god of war, Nuaza] Augens. 

Of course, it goes without saying that the plan was something that Shera had formulated. 

“Night attack again? You seem to really like to do that huh?” 

“Leo is the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu. Under the moonlight, he shall show his true might.” 

Alan joked in response to Augens dissatisfaction. 

In any case, the veteran General still needs to ask the fourth prince’s opinion. 

Kirukus agreed in silence. Which means, the plan was good. 

When the prince show such a response, Augens didn’t show disagreement. The same also happens to the guard standing in line. 

Since in order to make the operation a success, they needed everyone’s cooperation. And to make preparations. 

There was no time to waste for Leonard and the others. 

Inside the tent, only Kirukus and Augens left. 

Kirukus then opened his mouth. The color of his eyes become indigo blue. 

“He might be the one who will stand against my supremacy.” 

The old veteran remembered the prince’s dissatisfaction, but he also could see the delight on the prince’s expression. 

7th month, 18th day. 

The rebel army, their enthusiasm during the night before the battle was as clear as day. 

They learned from their defeat at Eidonia, they were wary of Leonard’s night assault and lit a lot of fire. 

In addition, they also ordered 1500 soldiers, 10% of the total of their army to guard the camp. 

The number was well thought. As Chart had studied about military arts at the military academy. He had examined 200 years of history, there was no night assault happen by using more than 2,000 soldiers. The reason for that was because it was not easy to perform a surprise attack by using a large army. 

Therefore, if you set up 1,500 soldiers to guard, even if they were being attacked at night, the guard soldiers should be able to buy enough time for the other soldiers to prepare properly. 

If Leonard performed a night attack just like that. It would definitely become fatal. 

Which made the historian in the future write “The second prince, Chart was far from being incompetent”.