Alexis Empire – v1-c42

7th Month, 18th Day. On paper, Chart was leading the army, and General Raffle provided the assistance, the [Dinkwood rebel army] had arrived in Dravi territory. (They had called themselves as the ‘the legitimate imperial army’ and called Leonard’s side as ‘private army alliance’, but as time goes on, in the history, people begin to refer to them as ‘the rebel army’ and ‘government loyalist army’.) 

That evening, the rebel army had encamped themselves in the plain area located in the north of the territory. 

The terrain had countless narrow rivers, but it was wide enough to provide the army who took a rest. 

Beyond this point, in the center of Dravi territory, there was some small forest here and there, and a huge open plain, in which the information said that the government forces had waited. They might be able to face them now but, if they forced themselves to march, they would face the opponents while feeling worn out. 

Chart was not someone that would do such a stupid move. 

The rebel army who was going to face a decisive battle tomorrow looked enthusiastic. 

Not only the soldiers’ morale was high. Their army leaders also had a feast in the great tent. 

The reason why such luxury could be done during a march was not only because Duke Dinkwood had tremendous wealth, but also because there were more than ten aristocrats families joined them and also provided financial resources. 

And the fact that they didn’t doubt their victory was also contributed to encourage such merrymaking. 

They had a larger army. Their commanders were also excellent. 

The rebel army had both of them. Duke Dinkwood had one virtue that no one could copy. It was his ability when it comes to gathering human resources, even though he was third highest when it comes to imperial court rank, he had many glittering stars on his side. 

The reason why Dinkwood had loved Chart was not just because he was his grandchild. Among the princes, he was known as an excellent and genius prince, he loved Chart’s ability. 

It was also due to such virtue that Duke Dinkwood could pull the [uncatchable fox, Teumessian] Torame and given him an important post. 

And Torame believed that he won’t meet someone more generous in the future. 

Therefore Torame thought he needed to give some advice even if he incurs his displeasure. 

–Inside the large tent where the smell of liquor drifts. 

Torame was looking for Duke Dinkwood and Chart. 

He finds them in no time. The aristocrats were intoxicated, exposing their vulgar behaviors, their silk attire that showed their status as aristocrats were untidy, Chart who sit among them looked dignified and stood out. Duke Dinkwood who was next to him was also different compared to the other aristocrats. 

The two of them was drinking but didn’t talk much. 

“Are you sure with this, your highness?” Torame kneeled by Chart’s side and speak to him in a whisper. “When I sent my subordinates to investigate, as expected, it seems Leonard’s force was among them…” 

“… So?” Chart didn’t hide his displeasure attitude. 

“That guy is dangerous.” Torame bluntly opened his mouth. The scene of the battle at Eidonia was burned on the back of his eyelids. The black knight slaughtering the soldiers like a demon fire, just by remembering Leonard, the skin of the Teumessian fox shivered. 

“It would be better for your highness to win him over and make him an ally.” 

“Are you saying that I should share heaven with the crossbreed?” 

“I understand your discomfort, your highness! However, since ancient times, sometimes one needs to get one’s feet dirty to achieve one’s goal—.” 

“Wait, Sir Torame.” 

Suddenly his persuasion was disturbed, and Torame was also familiar with the voice. 

It was fine if it was Duke Dinkwood. However, like a good-natured old man, he was just listening to Torame and Chart conversation in silent. The one who disturbed them was another person. 

And that person was a man with a beautiful appearance, Anju, who smiled at them. 

“His highness don’t have any desire to become a supreme ruler who rules over with military might, yes? His highness wishes to become a king that rule over with virtue, no? But, since time immemorial, I believe no King need to pick up trash you know?” 

He proudly advocates his principle. 

Torame then stared with anger and that beautiful face. 

“As Anju said…” Chart also agreed. “Leonard’s heroism is indeed incredible. I will admit it. However, that was just coarse man heroism. I do not want to have such a man as my vassal.” 

“Besides, did you forget, Sir Torame? If you ask for a Hero, then the Duke already have two of them, no? The two stars, Graole and Bagun!” 

Seemed by influenced by Anju, the prince pointed at the two warriors who stand near the Duke as guards in a playful manner. 

A great spear user, Graole, and a long sword user, Bagun. 

The two big men stand with dignity. 

If Torame was to be asked to fight against those two, he would definitely choose to run away. 

“In the first place, when it comes to military power, I have the upper hand! Won’t we be viewed as a coward if we are scared of Alexis despite having such military force?” 

Although it was not his, Anju speaks of it as if it was his own exploit. 

And as if the timing was bad for Torame, a messenger rushed into the tent. 

“Lord Einham, leading 2,000 Kursand soldiers would join in haste within a day or two!” 

When the news was heard, even the nobles who drunk shouted. 

“This war is over with our victory!” Two thousand soldiers!” 

Voices of joy fills up the tent. 

It was also rare for Chart to show excitement and laughed. 

“Are you still worried even with this?” Anju provoked him. 

“I’m anxious. I don’t mind being called a coward.” Torame said without hesitation. “Please, consider it, your highness. For me, I also wish for victory, that is why I said this…” 

“It is fine, Sir Torame…” Chart brushed over his plead. “If you’re so scared of Leonard then I will let you take command of the reserve at the end.” 

His eyes when he said that looked disappointed. 

“Listen to him.” Even Duke Dinkwood also said that with a smile on his face. If he said something white, even black would become white. And if Torame still didn’t listen, his head would fly. 

“… I understand… But, before that, may I ask one more thing?” 

“Is there any problem?” 

“Is your highness hate Leonard?” 

As soon as he asked that question, Chart’s mood exploded. 

“I’m not someone who judge things just by like and dislike! After all, I aim to become a king.” 

“You’re being rude you know, Sir Torame!” 

Reminded by Anju, Torame apologized while prostrating. 

“I’ll give the order once again. Anyway, it’s fine. go back, Sir Torame.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

“By the way, since ancient times, in the case of a war. A great commander won’t win with reserving the soldiers alone. And besides, in my army, I don’t believe there’s a work for a reserve corps.” 

What Chart said was that there won’t be any opportunity for him to get any war merits. 

As Torame leave the tent, the nobles voiced their scorn at him by saying “That is indeed suitable treatment for a fox”, “As expected of his highness tolerance.” 

Torame left with his face down without saying any words. 

As he went outside, one of his followers come at him. 

“How is it, leader?” 

“Let’s go. This sucks…” 

Torame looked like he was chewing a bug. “I guess, our last hope would be Lord EInham.” 

“Indeed. Who is he again?” 

“If you don’t know, say it first…” 

Lord Einham was said to appear in the Kursand territory two years ago. 

Even though he had a slim body, his military art’s ability was high, which made him immediately being taken as a knight. 

Furthermore, Einham was not just a great warrior, he was also a skilled person when it comes to commanding soldiers. 

In Kursand, many bandits had run rampant for many years. 

But Einham had managed to wipe them out in less than half a year. 

It was to the extent that Marquis Kursand was so impressed that he adopted Einham as his son. 

“Marquis Leonard of Alexis and Einham of Kursand. Who would win, it would be a sight to behold…” 

Torame was that in monologues. As if it was somebody else problem. 

At that time, a refreshing breeze passed his neck. 

Torame then stopped his feet, looked back at the scenery and said to his followers, “This place is indeed great for an encampment.” 

It was the time when hot heat would become unbearable, but because of the open plains area, and the rivers, making the wind cooler. 

“Indeed. I’ve asked Dravi soldiers before but, it seems this area is called Bororolos.” 

“That is an interesting name.” 

“The story behind this area is more interesting, you know?” The man laughed and smiled, then continued… “It seems that this land was known as ‘The cradle of corpses’ in the old times.” 

Torame eyes flickered and looked at the scenery once again. 

Empty plains field as far as eyes could see. With many streamlets. An idyllic land with a cool breeze. 

“I can’t understand. With that naming sense…” 

Torame said that but somewhere his instinct was convinced.