Alexis Empire – v1-c41

Dravi territory was located approximately halfway between the imperial capital and Dinkwood territory. 

The courtiers had designated the place as the gathering place for the government forces, they must’ve chosen the place hastily while thinking ‘We need to buy time as much as possible but, we also don’t want the rebel force get close to the imperial capital as much as possible.’ 

Since the feudal lord, Earl Dravi had quickly took the banner and run to the rebel army, it seems they didn’t have to mind about the territory that was going to turn into the battlefield. 

Anyway, there were a lot of plains between the imperial capital and Dinkwood territory, thus it didn’t change much even if they changed their battlefield. In the end, those who could deploy a large army would have an overwhelming advantage. 

It was what generally being thought. 

7th day, 7th month. 

Alexis army of 3,500 men, led by Leonard had arrived in Dravi a little bit sooner than the rebel army. 

Several days before Leonard had arrived, 2,000 Imperial Guards, 4,000 border army led by the fourth prince, and 1,000 Eidonia army led by Alan were already in the place. 

The 10,500 men army (Not including logistics) met up at the encampment near the highway path. 

The difference in number was still far compared to the rebel army which had 15,000 men but, thanks to the people of Line town, they had managed to reduce the gap considerably. 

Inside a large tent, seven people had a meeting, those people were Leonard, Alan, Bauman, the commander of the imperial guard army and the adjutant, the 4th prince and his staff. 

“Long time no see, older brother(aniue)” Leonard bowed first. 

Since he didn’t think he hates or likes him, he at least needs to pay proper respect in term of seniority. 

The fourth prince, Kirukus, responded with a silent assent. 

His not so tall stature sit on the seat of honor. His black-haired black-eyed appearance brings the exquisite and gorgeous look, it was hard to believe such a person belonged to the martial arts world. However, people said that the fourth prince that would be 21 years old was a strict commander, the figure that sat on the chair gives off the feeling of a drawn-out blade. 

He was known as 【The Coldblooded Prince, Boreas.】 

The one that looked calm other than him was only his chief of staff and Leonard. 

“Elder brother, do you know them? These are Alan of Eidonia, and my adjutant Bauman.” 

Leonard introduced the two people who could not hide their anxiety. 

Kirukus also responded silently with a slight nod. The difference was he nodded 2 times this time. 

(This elder brother still the same huh?) That was what crossed Leonard’s mind, causing him to smile bitterly. 

Kirukus was an extremely quiet man that even Leonard feel amazed. 

Not much people even know how his voice sounded like. Even those who lived in the imperial palace would reply ‘I don’t remember’ whenever they asked such a question. 

Furthermore, he would oftentimes let his chief of staff to voice his ideas instead. 

“Since we’ve already had our introduction, let us begin the war council immediately.” 

A rusty voice of a man that had gone through many things in life. He possessed a crisp and pleasant tone. 

A military man that have a warrior-like body. His figure made people hardly believed that he was a man past 50 years old. 

His right-hand cloth’s sleeve fluttered as it had no content. It was proof that he was a veteran military man. 

In fact,  he was a knight of Tsarland with great achievement in which eventually made him a young general. But after he had lost his right arm in a battle 30 years ago, he took a step back from the military and become the fifth Queen advisor (Kirukus’ mother) and come with her to this country. 

He had accomplished being the mediator of this country and his homeland, and after Kirukus born, he personally becomes his guardian and helped to set up an army and went to the frontier with him. He then returned to the military as chief of staff, assisting Kirukus, winning multiple skirmishes against Parideida Empire that occurred frequently. 

Leonard couldn’t help but respect his amazing military career. 

Although he had no territory, Claude had given him an honorary peerage of Earl. 

His name was Augens. People called him 【The one-armed god of war, Nuaza】. 

Having such a veteran general in front of him, Leonard waited for a bit before decided to open his mouth. 

“Before the war council, may I say something?” 

“Hmm? What is it, your Excellency, Leonard?” 

Augens asked back with a friendly attitude despite being formal. 

He didn’t show any ugly expression when he called Leonard ‘your excellency’. 

“I want to clarify the chain of command.” 

“I see, that is indeed important.” 

Augens was still smiling but his eyes were glaring. 

If Leonard demanded the position of the supreme commander, he would definitely object, that was what his face tells. 

“Don’t get me wrong” Leonard immediately interjected. “I myself think that my elder brother is the supreme commander.” 

He was Leonard’s senior in term of age, and there was also no complaint either when it comes to experience. 

Leonard who had a complicated feeling toward this war didn’t have the intention to cause discord before the war even started. 

Alan who was his neighbor mustered his courage and voiced his opinion. “It just, when it comes to tactics I also want us to hear Sir Alexis’ proposal.” He voiced a logical opinion. 

“Fumu” Augens deliberately looked doubtful. “Come to think of it, your excellency Leonard had used a clever scheme to overcome military inferiority during the battle in Eidonia and Line huh?” 

It seems the bards that Shera had employ didn’t reach the frontier remote region. In other words, there was the possibility they knew everything after investigating themselves. It was as expected. 

“I understand if both of you feels confident. But, both, His Highness Kirukus and I like a straight method instead.” 

As expected of a veteran, even when he said that bluntly, he didn’t look impolite. 

He was completely different compared to the pigs in the imperial palace. 

Augens stand out like a huge rock, despite not wanting to take the right to command and substantial control over the army. 


Kirukus who had been silent for a long time tapped the desk. Using the back of his hand. As if chiding both of them. 

As soon as he heard that, Augens back down immediately. 

“It would be discourteous to suppress others’ opinion before even hearing it first.” 

As Augens apologized, Kikurus accepted in silent. 

It because of the fourth prince had such personality that a veteran general like him followed the prince like a loyal dog. 

(As expected, this elder brother of mine is completely different than the others…) 

Leonard groaned inside his mind. It was making him admire his brother’s ability. 

At the same time, Leonard exchanged a gaze with Bauman. Bauman then respectfully lined up the things wrapped in his hands on top of the veneer table. 

“What are these, I wonder?” Augens gazed at the table. The guards also looked with a doubtful expression. 

Other than Leonard and the others who know the situation, only Kirukus who looked calm. 

Everyone knew what was the things on the table. 

However, they could not understand why Leonard showed them here. 

The things that Bauman had placed on the table was known commonly as ‘landscape paintings’.