Alexis Empire – v1-c40

And five days later, Duke Dinkwood swiftly move his army. 

Torame looked back, the army made a long line in the highway as they were heading toward the Imperial Capital. 

The number was around 15,000 men. 

That number was not included the soldiers defending the Duke Dinkwood territory. Furthermore, the number was still growing. The aristocrats that had been supporting him and prince Chart joined their force one after another. 

As expected, the effect of him securing the silver mine was outstanding. 

Even though it was a few years ahead of time, it seems it was the correct answer that they moved now. 

Such a big rebellion was unprecedented even in the 200 years of Claude’s history. 

Torame looked at the front once again… 

He saw the General who led them majestically. 

He was called Raffle, the dagger of the Duke. He was a man overflowed with brilliance. He was a martial arts expert and also a professor at the military school in the Imperial Capital. Furthermore, he had a lot of experience in term of war. He was also in the prime of his age, 36. Having both wisdom and courage, Duke Dinkwood made him his second-in-command. 

Currently, not only Raffle present. Famous commanders and heroes lined up with him, making them looked like glittering stars. 

It was because Duke Dinkwood didn’t like incompetency that such people gathered under him. 

It was also due to such ability he manages to gather such an army. 

Torame as his escort knight turned his head toward the old man. 

The old man was riding on the carriage being pulled by six horses. 

The person he talked with was the General of this army. 

In other words the second Prince, Chart. 

Duke Dinkwood had used his grandson as a ‘just cause’. It was known that Prince Chart was born on the same day as the Crown Prince, but the truth was he had born earlier… Duke Morren and the previous Prime Minister had worked a plan to alter the record– And since they were the center figure of the current system, they manage to execute it and pushed Chart aside… 

Thus, the Duke wants to correct the succession right. 

With such cause, Duke Dinkwood raised his banner and heading toward the Imperial Capital. 

“Be happy, your highness. I will take the Emperor’s throne for your sake…” 

The old man voice was so lively that even leaked to the outside of the carriage. 

Chart then responded… 

“Thank you, grandfather. Let us share this country between the two of us…” 

No matter what he thinks in his mind, he had no other choice but to answer that. 

If he didn’t answer like that, no one knew what would happen to Chart. 

(I wonder, should I feel jealous, or should I pity his situation?) 

Torame could not come to an answer as he looked at Chart from the carriage window. 

— At the same time… He had another thought that he could not answer… 

Leonard, and the other prince, how are they going to respond to this? 

In the long line, Carmelia flag could not be seen. It was natural, after all, they were made to held responsible for the defeat against Eidonia. It seems they didn’t have the courage to openly go against Chart or Duke Dinkwood. If Earl Carmelia and his close associates joined this army, another 3,000 men would have joined. Had Chart didn’t lose against Eidonia— Had Leonard didn’t win, that would’ve been the reality. 

The current fact had stuck in Torame’s throat like a fish’s bone. 

Duke Dinkwood rebellion army was currently on the way… 

That was what Leonard and the others understood from the messenger. The messenger then returned with an arrogant command, saying “All northern aristocrats with territories should gather in Dravi territory to defeat the rebellion army”. 

Following that, a letter arrived from Alan. 

That noisy young man seems to have investigated the present condition around the current regime. 

According to his letter, there was no interception army gathered in Dravi. The aristocrats who had received the imperial command, all of them had decided to wait and see first… 

And the Imperial Guard had only sent 2,000 men. 

It seems they had thought that that amount was enough for now, they also expected the participation of the Northern aristocrats, and if they could win with just that, they would be able to keep the rest of the imperial guard–… 

On the other hand, the northern nobility also thought that they should join the war during the critical moment. Even the diligent aristocrats thought that if they come to the Dravi territory and no one was there, it would be embarrassing showing their eagerness. 

Furthermore, it seems that Duke Morren (And his Grandson, the crown prince) who was the main target of Duke Dinkwood haven’t yet made any move. 

The rumors said that he was waiting for the rebel army and the aristocrats’ army to exhaust themselves and reap the benefits. For him being able to think leisurely like that this late in the game, it was unknown whether he was a short-sighted man or a despicable man. 

Despite having one of the four Duke household raising the banner of rebellion and made the future of the Empire hang in the balance, they still had the room for such drama. 

As expected, the future of the Claude Empire looks bleak. 

The only bright news was that a frontier army deployed at the border of the Central Empire Parideida, led by the 4th Prince was heading toward Dravi, numbered around 4,000 men. 

“What are you going to do, Leo-sama? The situation is difficult, should we wait and see as well?” 

“No, we go…” 

There’s no hesitation from Leonard’s mouth. 

The problem was the enemy rebel army was numbered around 15,000 men. 

“With our house alone, there are only 1,000 men, you know?” 

The overweight knight, Frank, reported. It was his idea that they should train the former bandits to become half farmer-half soldiers. He was worthy of trust. 

And there was also 500 Alexis Knights. Alan will also provide around 1,000 men. With that, there were also 2,000 imperial guards. 

Expecting other nobles to participate was no use. 

The 4,000 frontier army was honestly reliable. The relationship between Leonard and the 4th prince was not good or bad. It can be said as a relationship of no interference. But even with that, it didn’t mean that Leonard should look down on him. In fact, he needs more consideration than mere a glance. 

He was always calm, but when necessary he would turn violent. His mother was the fifth Queen, she was from the northernmost country, Empire Tourland. As a result, he was early when it comes to leaving the Imperial Palace, with the backing of Tourland, he was given an army, and since then he was diligently defended the country’s border. He seems to poses a soldier heart. 

However, with all of them combined, the number of their army would still less than 10,000 men. 

It seems once again they had to fight a battle against an enemy twice their numbers… 

“I wish we have more soldiers…” Even Shera looked dejected… 

However, there was no magic exist that could spawn soldiers— 

That was when someone interrupted… 

“I’ve heard the story, your excellency!” 

“Shera too, come here!” 

Garai and Tiki came and beckoned them… 

They went outside the villages without being able to refuse, and when they arrived… 

There stood Line town’s men. Around, 2,000 men. 

They were the daredevil miners… Among them also the hunters holding their bows… 

“Please let us fight as well!” 

“This life was saved by your excellency. If it is for your excellency, then I will entrust this life!” 

“Besides, if we win, we will get a lot of money, right?” 

“Hahaha… That’s sounds good. This feels like working away from home, Hahahaha…” 

They said those words one by one and offered their cooperation. 

“I really wanted to go with his excellency and the others but, I can’t leave the field behind…” 

“It’s fine. …” 

Seeing Garai who looked apologetic, Leonard responded with short words. 

Slowly, Leonard looked around the whole group. If time permits, he wanted to see each person face properly. 

And talk with everyone. 

“If this war lasts longer, I don’t know how bad Claude situation would end up…” 

Worst case scenario, Claude might lose all power to resist Admov. Leonard wishes to regain Alexis would turn into a bubble… It was no joke. Therefore, it was a self-evident truth that they had to defeat Dinkwood. 

“But, that is not the only reason why I’m joining this war.” 

For a moment, Leonard hesitant to continue… 

“My aunt was killed by the four Duke’s betrayal…” 

His tone when he spoke that story was naturally low and intense. 

He spits those words out from the bottom of his heart. 

The men also listened to him seriously. 

“I have never once forgotten the anger at that time, the grudge…” 

Shera who stood beside him also nodded her head. Her eyes also turn gloomy. 

“My elder brother, Chart, and Duke Dinkwood, along with the other Duke aristocrats, I will haunt them all. They are the enemy of my aunt. I will not overlook this situation where they could gain profits… To be honest. For me, this is a private fight. It is a war to clear my personal grudge…” 

Leonard once again glanced all the men in front of him. 

“But even with all of that, will you all still follow me?” 

Far from using clever words like Shera, he spoke frankly. 

He only feels uneasy that his poor communication ability might cause his words to not reach them. 

But then, Leonard was struck with shock. 

It was a sudden roar. The roar of 2,000 men struck Leonard’s body like lightning. 

It seems he didn’t have to worry about anything.. Leonard realizes, they responded to him sincerely because he had spoken to them sincerely as well. Was there any better response than these? 

Their spirits seem to have ignited Leonard’s burning will further… 

“Thank you.” His words of gratitude were drowned by the men’s roar. 

But, surely, they knew… 

At that moment, Leonard was connected with the men heart. 

Claude History, year 211, 7th month, 5th day. The Alexis Army rising—… 

He was a man who always inside a dark room. The window remained closed, and there was no light inside the room. 

There was almost no furniture inside the room, inside such a dark room, one could hear a humming. 

The humming sounded bright, but the truth was the tone was a funeral march. 

If someone listened to it properly, they would likely to notice the nature of the tune and get frightened. 

And no one would want to approach him in this creepy room. 

He had also ordered the housekeeper not to come carelessly. 

That was why, the reason why someone knocked on the room’s door must be because of important business. 

“Excuse me, Einham-sama.” It was the voice of his adjutant. He was a talented knight but, one could see the relationship between the two from how he didn’t step into the room. 

The light then entered inside the room from the door. His figure lying on the sofa rises in the middle of the darkness. 

He would be 29 years old by now… His gorgeous blonde hair was left unkept, making it looked like a lion hair. Despite having a tall body height, his body weight was very skinny. His skin color was also abnormally pale. Under his eyes, a thick shadow could be seen. 

He, Einham Kursand, continued his humming, he then jerked his chin signaling his adjutant to continue his report… 

“His Highness Chart and Duke Dinkwood have raised their army…” 


Einham unintentionally raised the volume of his humming… 

“This family was asked to join the battle, and Marquis-sama wants Einham to lead as the house representative.” 

“I understand. Prepare, 2,000. Fast.” 

“Yes, sir.”His adjutant went immediately… 

Then the door was closed once again, and the room was enveloped by the darkness again… 

Einham then stood up like a ghost while humming a funeral song… 

He then walked toward the wall, there was no light, but he was already accustomed to it. 

There was one painting on the wall. 

It was a religious painting with two angels looking down… 

As Einham put his hands on the wall, he stopped humming and stick out his tongue, then he licked the painting. 

Not just once or twice. He continues to lick it relentlessly… 

If the housekeepers saw him like that, they would without a doubt collapsed due to fear. 

(Please wait for me…) 

Einham heart was running toward the battlefield that he hasn’t seen yet. 

What appeared inside his mind was the figure of Leonard who fights like a Shura.