Alexis Empire – v1-c33

Before they went to war, at the imperial capital, when Leonard had a discussion he asked… 

“… Is that effective?” 

His expression was as if he had just heard that in a certain nation named Nantara island, there was a cat with a long neck. 

“Who knows? I’ve never tried it yet.” She answered while closing one of her eyes. 

“At least say it as uncertain… So, it is only a temporary peace of mind huh?” 

“You’re right, Leo-sama.” 

“Which part?” 

“The temporary peace of mind, Leo-sama.” 

Leonard was stunned because Shera had said something awful with a cheerful smile. 

“Or rather, in the first place, bow and arrow during night battles are not that scary you know? All we have to do is to arrange large shields neatly to make a barrier. It would be impossible for them to shot an arrow aiming at the gap between the shield during the night time, no?” 

“That’s true…” Leonard nodded his head in agreement. He had never heard someone got injured during the night battle against Admov or the bandits subjugations  

“Then, here is the question. Between the long torches tactic and the theory, that night battle against bow and arrow are not scary, which one the soldiers would believe the most? Will courage well up when they heard the plan?” 

“… The former.” Leonard responded after thinking for a while. “It is a tactic never head before, that is why you think like that.” 

Furthermore, the latter seems to be a theory from an irresponsible commander who lacks any other means… 

“Right?! Right?!” Shera pumped her fist up happily. “It is easier for people to believe a fictional story full of Kerenmi rather than a simple theory based on plain truth. Until they prove it themselves…” -=TLN: I honestly don’t know what Kerenmi is, it is written using Katakana, so I translated it as it is… 

“Folklore huh?” 

“Folklore indeed…” 

It makes them sound like bewitching fox trying to bewitch the soldiers but, if that would raise the soldiers’ morale, then they were fine with it. After all, this time, they had to push the troops into a rain of arrows that had repelled the government force three times. 

“Furthermore, Leo-sama, imagine if you win using this strategy. It would be extremely dramatic! It would become a great war chronicle that will make the people enthusiastically talked about it from mouth to mouth…” 

“People would call us sly fox you know?” 

“That is just proverb that common people who don’t know the concept of a future plan.” 

Not only Shera words were kind of sly, but even her expression also looked sly… 

Such expression was a bit vulgar but somehow she looked cute. 

At any rate, that was the origin of their strategy, and now was the time for the demonstration. 

Rain of arrows poured toward the knights, who carefully lined up the shields. 

It was weak volley arrows. Moreover, the enemy aim was random. 

Even if large numbers were falling from the sky, the knights were not afraid. The big shields would protect them. 

Leonard was not sure whether it was thanks to the torches or it was thanks to the darkness of the night that they manage to obtain this kind of result. 

The most important thing was that they manage to advance even though they sustain some minor injuries. 

If their formation was tight, even if the miners charge at them, they should be able to block them. On the other side, the enemy barely managed to form a formation. Even if they had different in numbers,  it won’t matter much, because of the difference in ability. 

(Until we reach them, be patient… We can do it) 

Leonard glanced at the soldiers from atop his horse. 

Of course, the arrows were pouring down on him too. But none hit him. 

An arrow could only pierce its target if the arrow was facing the target in certain angle— If the angle was not right, the penetrating power of the arrow would disappear, that was a knowledge Leonard himself picked up during the time he had a hellish battle against Admov. 

Just by shifting the arrow axis line by a little was enough for that. 

Three arrows had its trajectory aimed at Leonard. 

Leonard them looked at the arrows using his exceptional dynamic vision. 

He then holds up his left hand that wore gauntlet over his head, then he twists his body and right foot slightly. With just such a minimum movement, the arrows that should’ve pierced straight at his forehead, flank and right foot got deflected. 

Leonard armors had a unique design 

It had streamline design from the front to the back. 

With his movement, the arrows would just slide along his armors and flew away. 

“Those who have suffered arrow wounds calm down, go to the side, get treatment at the back! The next person closes the gap immediately!” 

Leonard continued to command and inspire the soldiers as if nothing had happened. 

(A little bit more) 

He had estimated the time the enemy’s archer needed to pull back the bow, and the distance between him and his opponent. 

As his troops advanced, the enemy need to perform the difficult well-timed arrow shots continuously. Leonard could not let the war situation becomes like that. That was one of the most difficult arts of war. In which he thinks that hunters without proper training won’t be able to pull it off. 

As they drew closer, the miners would not be able to withstand the ‘fear of waiting’ and they will definitely charge, which would lead to disorder and chaos. There, Leonard would make them see the horror of an orderly battle backed by skills, and force them to throw their weapon as fast as possible. 

The enemy were civilians, while on the other hand Leonard’s side was filled with professionals. Leonard had strictly ordered his soldiers not to attack those who had lost the will to fight. 

Leonard braces himself as he hopes that only a little blood would be spilled. 

It was then when a strange light ran across the edge of his sight. 

It was pale jack-o-lantern. It was floating in the sky. However, it had a considerable speed. 

Leonard doubted what he had seen. As he concentrates his eyes, he found out what was the nature of ‘that’ 

It was an owl. The owl weaves its way through the rain of arrows without getting any injury. Then the owl circles above Leonard’s head without making any sounds. Both of its legs were holding on a lamp. That was what made the impression of jack-o-lantern. A spooky pale blue light. If one burned lead fine power, it would create such color. 

And the owl seemed to have intelligence as if sending some signal to someone. 

Leonard could not laugh off that thought of his. 

One of the soldiers who survived the third recapture army had told him that he witnessed Galatini’s helmet being taken by a big bird. 

Soon enough, Leonard instinct kicked it. 

A magic bullet is coming–!