Alexis Empire – v1-c32

The mining town was enveloped in a heavy tension. 

The suns already set. 

The miners carried pickaxes with them, and the hunters carried bows and arrows. 

Men were sent off by their wife and children. 

“To think they would attack in the middle of the night…” “The government force is no different than bandits huh?” “Rather than that, about us… Are we going to be fine, I wonder? I don’t know what I’m going to do…” 

Everyone had an anxious expression on their face. 

They seem to have accustomed to working in the darkness. 

It was not unusual for hunters to go hunt in the middle of the night, that was why the hunters didn’t look agitated. 

“If it’s Anju-san, he should know the method to fight in the middle of the night right?” 

“That’s right, call Anju-san.” 

“A-About that, I went to the inn to greet him before but, I didn’t see him there…” 

“What did you say?” 

The men’s confusion who gathered in the front gate was getting bigger and bigger. 

Everyone looked down with pale expression. 

From their place, they could see the government force advancing slowly. 

The fire of the numerous torch in their hands could be seen flickering. 

Seeing from above, more than a thousand enemies lined up and climbed along the mountain path, making them looked like a red snake. It was such a chilling scene. 

Garai also hurriedly gathered at the front gate, his body shakes when he saw the advance of the government forces.

Perhaps, right now he actually feels the most fear. 

But, he was not allowed to escape. 

He then nodded toward Tiki who stand next to him. Tiki pats the head of the two wolves at her feet. Immediately, the two of them howled toward the moon. When hearing it close by, it was indeed giving off a dreadful feeling. Jolting people sense of danger. 

They were about to perform night battle, for the men who looked down looking confused, the two wolves howls were making them more hesitating. 

Seeing the men behavior, this time it was Garai who speaks his voice loudly. 

While hiding his trembling body. He forcibly puffed his chest. 

“Let us do as usual. No, this may be easier than usual.” 

“Why is that, Garai?” 

“They have torches after all. It may be dark, but we could make the torches as a mark.” 

“OOOH… You’re right.” 

“Let us get closer without bringing any light with us. They won’t see us easily, while it should be easy for us…” 

“Good idea!” 

“Rather, it is amazing that you noticed that. While I could only feel my body shivered…” 

“As expected of the ‘one-eyed giant, Cyclops’. To say such a bold plan!” 

His comrades praised him. 

In addition, willpowers also seems to have returned to them. 

“As usual, I will shot the commander. Then we will win.” 

Garai continued to encourage everyone, taking care not to let his voice shake. 

Tiki who hold his hand since earlier secretly seems to work as his encouragement. 

“Alright then, let us do it!” “To protect our livelihood!” “We don’t need anything else!” 

A lot of courageous voice was spoken by the men, then they departed. 

Many of them who pass through the main gate touched the pillars. It was for a good luck charm, it was believed that touching the pillars will let them come back alive. 

Garai pushes his way through and also touch the gate pillars. 

Five thousand Line’s men descended straight at a fast pace. 

It was a path they knew very well. Since there was no cloud tonight, they didn’t need light. 

“It’s a massacre!” “Bloodbath!” “I’m not afraid of government force!” 

Brave words come out from their mouth. 

That was how they lifted their spirits. 

This was the difference between them and standing army, for the soldiers, if they were told to be silent, they would refrain to converse entirely. Such detail showed the overwhelming strength of regular soldiers. 

However, that was if they fought under the same terms. 

In this battle, the Line’s men had an absolute ground advantage. 

It was faster to go down than to climb the mountain— The men were the first who arrived at the halfway of the mountain. 

The place was what they call ‘the usual spot’. The road slope here was steep, reducing the government army climbing momentum. If they want to ambush the enemy, they should do it from here, that was what Anju told them. 

It was a rough path that usually causes a problem to the carriages that bring grains but, right now it had become their reliable ally. There were even people who pray to the god of land to descend there. 

On the right side, there was a tall elm tree in which Garai and Tiki should already there… From there, they could aim at the enemy’s commander. 

Some of the men were concerned if they could do it in the middle of the night, but they had told them something before they departed. 

“You guys should know that I have good eyes, right? Even during the night, it should be fine.” 

“Since I also have some plan, you guys don’t have to worry.” 

As expected, Garai who was touted as the Hero needs to look confident, while Tiki puffed out her thin chest. 

Believing in the two of them, the miners waited while blocking the path. 

There were no formation or anything like that, they just stand randomly, but in such a narrow path, 4,000 men could function as a wall perfectly. In order for them to protect their wives, children, parents, sisters, they raised their spirits to an absolute maximum. While a thousand hunters were scattered to the left and right, ready to ambush the government forces. 

Looking down, they could see the red snakes that come to attack them. 

Seeing the spectacle, less and less people opened their mouth.  Instead, the atmosphere was filled with ice-cold tension. Soon enough, silent ruled over the surrounding. 

And in such a heavy atmosphere, high pitch sound made by whistling through one’s fingers could be heard. 

It was a signal from Garai. 

The best hunter in town never misses his target. It was instruction by the hero that they should shot from this distance. 

“Release the arrow!” Replacing the quiet forest, such a voice could be heard over and over. 

The hunters released their arrow toward the torches that they had aim as the target. 

It was a fantastic scene which they looked like they were hunting a big flame snake. 

A thousand arrows flew, making wind noise that break the silence. 

Countless arrows pierced the fiery snake. 

Then the men made a commotion. 

Everyone leaked a groan while looking puzzled and confused. Out of the hundreds of torchlights they had been attacked, it was hardly decreased. Only one or two falls. 

The first shot, it was as if there was no effect at all. 

In the past, the government forces would have fallen into a panic by now. 

This time, the enemy was different. 

They had comes in an orderly manner, and in silent. 

“Anyway, let us try it again! Don’t stop!” 

After someone says that, the hunters immediately shot another arrow toward the target. They fired the arrow continuously. 

In the darkness they could not aim to another target, to begin with, that was why they keep using the torchlights as the target. 

And yet, the numbers of torches hardly reduced. 

The most it could do was to slow down the government forces. 

They were slowly but steadily getting closer and closer… 

“J-Just what the heck we’re fighting against?” 

Someone asked such a stupid question. It was dark, and they could not confirm the enemy, but they were sure that they were fighting against a human. 

However, no one could not laugh at him. That was because mouth had stiffened. 

In their eyes, a large snake was coming after them. 

The men unconsciously retreated back— The eerie silence and the spectacle had created pressure had made them do so. 


“Proceed with calmly! No need to hurry!”  

Leonard raised his voice giving a command to the soldiers. The long line created by the 1,500 foot soldiers, making them looked like a snake.  One man was riding Zanzas. 

Of course, even for Leonard, he didn’t dare to charge alone, that was why this time he was not running at the front but more focusing giving order to the soldiers. Using his prided glaive as command baton… 

It was easier for him to do that while riding a horse, and his figure also makes the soldiers calmer. 

The ono who guard Leonard’s surrounding was the Alexis Knights who took the role as the vanguard. 

Due to the slope, their horses practically became useless, that was why right now they participated as foot soldiers. 

However, even though they walked on foot, their splendor as knights did disappear at all. 

They no longer doubted the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu, who was their General was actually the heaven-sent child of darkness. They advanced through the dark forest without fear. This was also due to the effect of legendary folklore. 

If they showed that they were not afraid, the Eidonia soldiers would also follow. 

“Keep the formation, don’t rush! Keep the shields in order!” Leonard’s precise command was transmitted all the way to the back by Bauman and Alan. 

The army was carrying large shields. 

They held their spear straight up, and use the shields as umbrellas. 

One out of five soldiers didn’t hold spears but torches instead. 

It was a special torch with a handle length of 7.2 meters. 

It was Shera idea, the torches were made using the 300 trees they had cut during the daytime. 

Such tactic was used to make the enemy hunters who will shot the arrow and use the light as target marks make a wrong eye measurement…