Alexis Empire – v1-c31

10th days, 4th month. Leonard accompanied by Shera left the Imperial capital with the Alexis Knights. 

And Alan as well, he said that he would lead a thousand men infantry himself. 

17th day, 4th month. Halfway toward the silver mine, Line, they link up with Alan. 

“Are you sure you’re okay to bring a thousand men with you?” 

“I’ve properly left around 500 in Eidonia.” 

Alan said something that didn’t make sense. Eidonia should only have a thousand soldiers. Thus where did the remaining 500 comes from? Alan revealed the answer while he laughs like a mischievous kid. 

“I hired a new one. Thanks to someone’s mouth, Carmelia gave me a territory as war damage compensation, and I think it was a good opportunity for it. With that being the case, don’t expect too much, because half that I’ve brought with me still recruits… After all, I want to use this chance as their training…” 

Nevertheless, for Leonard, he was a great help, and as for Alan, he needed to thanks you-know-who. 

Then the two young men said unanimously… 

“”As always, sorry for the trouble…”” 

Leonard and Alan keep looking at each other while showing bitter smiles. 

“”Don’t worry. We’re friends, yes?”” 

For these two people, it was enough just by saying those words… 

After all, if they say more than that, it would only turn boorish. 

Shera who was near them gazed enviously at them and said ‘Somehow, you guys look heated…’ 

Leonard then took the command of 1,500 men and head toward the Line tSilver mine as the fourth recapture commander. 

23rd day, 4th month. They arrived at the nearest post town.

From there, one could get a panoramic view of the silver mine. 

Immediately after consulting with Shera, they sent a messenger to the mining town. 

They had no intention of fighting against the people. If possible, they wanted to find a way for peace. The messenger returned with a representative of the town that day. The person was a man with a gorgeous appearance that may cause people to mistake him as a girl but, being in the middle of the enemy’s army alone, he was indeed a courageous one. In a time like these such an act remind people not to judge someone by their appearance. 

After introducing each other’s name, the man whose name was Anju gives a complete response. 

“I’m sorry, Your Highness Leonard. We have no intention for peace.” 

“… Are you saying that fighting is your desire?” 

“Yes. Your Highness should’ve also heard about our consecutive victories right? Please come and try and take it. I’m not going to offer anything to the government forces that would become corpses.” 

“… What are you keep fighting for?” 

“Here we will create our own Kingdom. With the silver mine economic power, it is not something impossible.” 

“How stupid…” Leonard groaned. He didn’t think something like that was possible. 

However, Anju said, ‘I will show you, not by words. But by action. Your Highness.” then, he showed a distorted smile. 

And laughed. If he was that unapproachable, then it would be impossible for discussion. 

After they let Anju go back without harm, Alan complained… 

“Those guys seem to get carried away huh?” 

‘Do you think so?’ Leonard somehow feels uncomfortable. Shera as well showed an unconvinced expression. 

However, as expected, there was not much information, and he could not grasp the reason why he feels uncomfortable. 

As a matter of fact–… 

After Anju returned, he was being surrounded by Garai and the Elders. 

“How is it? Is there room for negotiation?” 

“It’s impossible. They are going to massacre everyone…” 

He told them a lie. 

“Was the bloodsucking prince, Nosferatu infamy actually the truth?” “They killed all the bandits I heard…” “Despite I heard they are people who tried to save the country…” “Save the country? In the end, he is just the Emperor’s guardian dog who protect the aristocrats…” 

The Line townspeople were naturally discouraged, as they had no choice but to prepare for a fight. 

Leonard and Shera were not an omnipotent God. There was no way for them to know Anju’s scheme and proceed with war preparation. 24th day, the following day. 

“I will go cut through the forest. Bauman, I could leave the rest to you, yes?” 

“Yes, sir.” He immediately replied with a stern expression. 

Bauman ability when it comes to giving direction toward soldiers outside war was outstanding. With full trust in him, Leonard then took an ax and engaged in logging. 

In the middle of his work, he took rest to have some lunch. 

“Leonard was accompanied by Shera, Alan, and Bauman, in the forest, they spread a sheet and open their lunch boxes prepared in the inn. 

“So? What are we going to use this logs for?” 

“Just for a little prep, Alan-sama. After lunch, we will start manufacturing work…” 

Shera then outlined the strategy they will use in this war. 

Leonard had heard the plan before their departure from the Imperial Capital, but for Alan, this was the first time. 

“Hahaa… You seem to have devised another interesting plan huh?” 

Alan was half impressed, half in shock. 

“Among Rozalia’s lady attendants, Shera was known for her ingenuity…” 

Bauman said those words proudly as if he was praising his own daughter. 

“That is too much of a compliment. “There are many other more amazing people in this world…” Shera shyly said those words, her appearance was very appropriate for her age. “As a matter of fact, even if I think that I am a bit smarter than others, all of my plan still depending on Leo-sama…” 

“The usual… Magic bullet hero huh?” Alan shrugged his shoulders while folding his arms. 

All three recapture force had been defeated with both, their commander and deputy commander ended up dead. 

They would definitely aim at Leonard this time. 

If such a strong arrow hits Leonard, it would become the fourth defeat–

In other words, if Leonard manages to deal with the archer, this battle could be won. That man was the heart of the rebel army, if that man loses, the people of Line would surely surrender. 

Leonard was enthusiastic about this plan because he didn’t have to kill civilians. 

However, Leonard, who received the attention of Shera and the other two was… 

“If we don’t try, we won’t know.” 

He stuffed his mouth with hard-backed bread while saying those words… 

“Your enthusiasm is showing, Leo. We just want to see you at ease. Understand?” 

“If we don’t try, we won’t know…” 

Leonard simply repeated those words curtly toward Alan who made fun of him. 

“That’s the usual Leo.” Alan burst into laughter. “If it’s like this then everything will be fine…” 

Seeing them like that, Shera and Bauman also started to laugh. 

Leonard wanted to protest to them but, he thought it would be too troublesome to correct them. Thus he decided to keep silent and continue to munch his bread.