Alexis Empire – v1-c28

Duke Glenkeith shake his body while giving advice. 

“Your highness, you should learn about history and classic.” 

Malicious gossips can be heard from the side once again. 

“As expected of crossbreed, very uneducated!” 

Leonard ignored all of the abusive words. Of course, Leonard knows that it was a quoted line since he heard it from Shera when she makes the proposal. 

Then, Duke Morren continued the talk while in a state where he could not even wipe his tears due to the laughter. 

“I’m impressed with your feeling for this country. With that being the case, I would like your highness to remove one of the troubles that plagued the Empire…” 

“Of course…” 

“Does your highness know the Line silver mine?” 

“Yes. I heard the problem was not yet being settled.” 

“We’ve sent soldiers three times there. However, the miners were unexpectedly powerful. Because of that, our force had been repelled three times now. Which had caused a problem.” 

Then since it was seen as a formidable enemy, nobody tried to raise their hand and volunteer to suppress them. 

“Are you saying I should take care of it?” 

“Indeed. How many soldiers can you provide his highness, Great General-dono?” 

“I can’t even provide a single soldier. If we lose any more soldiers, the protection of the imperial city would be jeopardized.” 

Duke Morren and Duke Glenkeith exchanged such farce as if understand each other intention. 

“With that being the case, your highness should have a private army, yes?” 

“I don’t mind if you move the Alexis Knights as before you know?” 

He seems to say such sarcastic words to harass Leonard. While the two of them have a smile on their face as if they were twins. 

“… If it is impossible, you may decline, Leonard.” 

Knowing the intention of the two, the emperor speak with a low voice. 

But Leonard response was clear. 

He took out his sword from the sheath and tap the crimson carpet with it. 

Proudly he boasts. 

“I will accept it!” 

Hearing Leonard reports who had returned, Shera hopping around as if making the sound ‘pyon-pyon’. 

“It’s gone according to plan isn’t it, Leo-sama?” 

He could understand that she was happy that her plan was successful, but he feels more intrigued about how she sometimes shows such behavior that suits her age more despite being ‘strategist’. 

“The Frontier Earl Garron story had worked…” 

In their eyes, Leonard must’ve looked like an idiot. 

“For those guys who were easily being tricked by us, let them make light of us… Making light of other is the start of carelessness. It would be too late for them to notice their mistake! Now then, we should win and get back Line silver mine, then asked for the reward. Let us ask for a territory.” 

“… I guess so.” 

“You seems not enthusiastic about it? Are you worried about the war? Shera will always by your side you know?” 

“I think this battle would be quite a difficult one.” He thought that the opponent had already repelled the government force three times. 

And he hardly had the number of soldiers he needed. Though he didn’t feel any misgiving in regard to that. 

“I just don’t feel good pointing my weapon toward the people?” 

It cannot be helped if it was to protect the country and regain the silver mine. 

But this was not the same as fighting against Admov, bandits, or Chart army. 

“Am I too naive?” 

“No! No!”  Shera shakes her head. “That’s why you’re my ideal person.” She said that with a smile on her whole face. 

“… I don’t need your flattery.” 

“Ah. You don’t have to feel shy you know?” 

As Leonard tried to avert his gaze away from her, Shera instead chases after him. 

“I’m not shy.” 

“Even Rozalia-sama would be happy to know this you know?” 

As he tried to avoid her gaze further, she chases him further. 

“… To mention aunt’s name, isn’t that sly?” 

‘Of course! Shera is a sly woman. That’s why you can count on me?” 

Toward the girl who said those words with ease, he could not hate her. 

“A difficult opponent. An opponent in which we don’t want to aim the weapon. But still, we have to do it and make a good name for ourself. This is the start of the new chapter of Leo-sama’s legend.” 

“Do you have a plan?” 

“Of course!” Shera’s faces turn serious. “That was what I wanted to say but, let us gather more information first.” And her serious expression collapsed, instead she put her tongue out and went ‘Tehe~’. 

Honestly, he really can’t hate her. 

There were 210,000 soldiers in Claude Empire. 

Among them, there were about 30,000 men under Emperor direct control. The rest were private soldiers owned by each noble families. 

They scattered all over the vast land, protecting the Empire’s land and its lords. 

Of the troops under the Emperor direct command, 15,000 were stationed in the imperial city. The rest were deployed in various place to protect the Emperor’s direct control land, which includes Silver mine Line. 

The 15,000 men stationed in the imperial capital was known as the Imperial Guard army corps. 

Its main mission was of course to protect the imperial capital, but if there was an emergency, they may be sent to any other territory or even abroad. 

For example, they had been deployed three times to recapture the silver mine Line. 

As for their daily routine, they usually take a turn in three-shift to guard the imperial capital. 

During their free time, they usually use it for training. There was a training ground in the north of the central district. 

Riding Zanzas, Leonard and Shera on his back went there. 

They went there to ask some question toward the survivor of the previous three attempts. 

‘I’m there…’ Soon enough they found someone happy to talk with them. 

It seems his home was in Eidonia. 

“I’ve received a letter that both, my father and mother are safe. Thanks to your highness, Leonard.” 

He seems moved to meet Leonard in person. 

Then, some people from Eidonia begin to gather around them, not just one. 

And then, they told him the story politely… 

The Imperial Guards Galatini was a knight with an excellent physique. 

He was over forty but didn’t look like it. He was a man who never neglected his martial arts training. In fact, he was a rather diligent one. And also filled with valor. 

He was the second son of an ancient Earl household. 

The emperor bestows him an imperial command as the commander of the third attempt to recapture the silver mine. He was a valorous man, who had the family status and also a member of imperial guard— an obvious reason to choose him. 

Galatini himself was the son-in-law of Duke Morren. If the Duke recommended him, the Emperor won’t be able to resist him. Furthermore, as someone who responsible for the recapture, if he succeeded he would be appointed as the new governor. 

Even if he only takes a profit of 10% from the products, it was a delicious post that no one would dare to reject. Though there was other secret agreement with Duke Morren, it was still possible to enjoy a richer life than his older brother who succeeds his family peerage. 

In the first place, the former governor was also someone who had the support of Duke Morran. Though Line silver mine was under the Emperor’s direct control, it had been exploited by the prime minister faction for a long time. 

There was a rumor that the previous governor had killed the miners, but for Galatini, he was grateful for the opportunity to replace the previous governor, 

and also toward the stupid miners who got killed. He was a model for corrupt aristocrats.