Alexis Empire – v1-c26

Line was a territory under the direct control of the Emperor, located the northernmost from the imperial capital, there was a silver mine there. The vein was quite thick, and it could also produce iron at the same time, thus it was famous as one of the main that supported the finance of the Empire and the imperial family. 

During the second month of this year, an incident occurred where the mine revolted. 

Stopping the silver and iron supplied from Line had become a major blow to the Empire finance Why a revolt happens at such an important place? Was it because it was an important place? 

Holding his head, enduring a headache, the Emperor had given Leonard a command to suppress the revolt. 

The recapture troops and the commander had been decided at the time. Which honestly he felt impressed. He then asked the commander to meet and offered cooperation. 

“Your Highness, are you going to steal my achievement?” The man rejected outright. “Unfortunately I don’t need anyone’s help. After all, if I manage to take it back with my own effort, I would be appointed as the new governor!” Every single one of them thinks that Leonard as a cunning person that would steal their achievements… 

“That person has failed to recapture the territory, you know?” 

“… That is terrible…” 

“The second and third person also have failed.” 


Leonard didn’t say anything. 

“Ne? Don’t you think this is our chance?” Shera smiled like a villain while saying those words. 

“I will take the command myself this time…” Leonard cleared his throat. 

“However… Your Majesty is fine, but the other nobles would definitely intervene…” 

“Don’t think about it too much.” 

‘Don’t tell me, he wants the silver mine?’ Such suspicion would raise. For them, it would be already more than enough if they give Leonard a territory which had no value for them. 

“That’s it. It might be not a good plan but, I do have a plan…” 

“Tell me…” 

“Please become a clown, Leo-sama.” 

Leonard could not hide his bitter smile. 

This military strategist, she told him to become a hero and now a clown… 

“I will do it then…” 

Leonard readily takes it. 

For him, if that could gain Alexis back, he would do it. 

“Alright, listen to me. Tomorrow, at once—…” 

Shera clings from behind of him and leans closely, making her lips almost touching his ears. 

At the same time, she traced Leonard back with ‘So cool’, ‘Love you’ but of course, Leonard didn’t realize that. 

The next day, Leonard visited the imperial palace. 

It was a meeting for discussing the reason why Leonard, an outsider, participated in the war between Eidonia and Carmelia. Though the imperial nobles won’t be able to brand him with treason with that alone, at least Leonard needs to prepare just in case some punishment befall him. 

But since he didn’t feel doing any wrongdoing, he comes to the imperial palace while puffing his chest up and wearing a prince formal dress. 

However, the atmosphere was heavy. Since he had to meet with many people he didn’t want to meet. 

All official from the military and civil servants had come and lined up on both sides. 

They were foolish people that were there just because there were born. 

Pigs who sit in this glamorous and magnificent hall which boast 200 years history looked very disproportionate. 

The throne was at the very back. A huge flag was hung on the wall. It was the emblem of the Empire where a Dark Black Sea Snake was drawn on it. 

The one who sat on the throne who carried the flag and supreme position was more seedy-looking than anyone present here. 

He sits like a dead tree, leaning against his whole body. 

This man was Emperor Samaras the third. 

He was not yet 40 years old, but he looked 10 years older than that. He was just a pitiful stallion who was being tasked to only make offspring by alternating between the five Queen. 

He was a man who could not resist the pressure of the backer of the Queens who was the four dukes household and the Kingdom of Tourland, located on the northernmost. – 

For this miserable man, he only once insisted to have his own way. 

And that was when he 21 years old. 

It was during the time he had an imperial visit to Alexis territory, he was being invited by Rozalia there, where he saw a beautiful girl serving the table. It seems he had pushed the surrounding back and bring her back to the imperial palace. 

Thus, Leonard was born. 

He didn’t know, whether his mother was loved by the emperor or not. 

For Leonard, what was certain was that the Emperor never tried to protect his mother, in a place full of enemies, and he didn’t take responsibility for the action he takes. 

But for Leonard, this miserable man didn’t even have enough value for him to feel complete resentment toward the man. 

For Leonard, he just dislike the Emperor.